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Martuk... the Holy #(2021)

Martuk... the Holy

Martuk... the Holy

  • Title: Martuk... the Holy
  • Author: Jonathan Winn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Martuk... the Holy By Jonathan Winn,

[PDF] Martuk... the Holy | by ↠ Jonathan Winn - Martuk... the Holy, Martuk the Holy I am Martuk Remember it s Martuk as in too Or two with that hard k at the end Martuk The Holy The audacity of it still makes me smile In a crowded Left Bank cafe an immortal man sits the phantoms c

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I just finished reading Martuk after starting in on it just 17 hours ago I did sleep 4 hours before hungrily snatching it up again to finish it That is how much I enjoyed this book.I was so pleasantly surprised with this novel, not really knowing anything about it when I made the purchase I simply bought it because it was recommended to me and Jonathan Winn is a new author so I wanted to give him a chance, and I am so happy that I did.I ll start with what little negative I could find because I w [...]

I remember thinking, when I read the description, Mmmm this sounds yummy If I m not mistaken, I do believe I said as much to the author in an email that Martuk the Holy sounded like a yummy read Man oh man, was I right about that What a lovely treat to sink my teeth into Yum.I don t want to give spoilers, nor offer yet another description when that s already available I just want to say that if your personal reading preferences mean you like a book with some meat to it now and then, even if not [...]

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Cross posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews papyruslebblake 2012 11 06 martuk the holy by jonathan winn Doomed to walk this earth forever, Martuk is the chosen the damned He is immortal, powerful, but don t mistake him to be holy.Martuk the Holy is a blend of a few different genres I would probably categorise it as a quasi historical literary fantasy horror It tells the story of Martuk, born in an ancient past, into a culture I had trouble placing specifically, and sacrificed into immor [...]

Martuk is immortal He s had visions since he could speak His mother is one who Calls The Rain Martuk begins to have nightmares about events in the future He isn t sure what they mean to him, but he knows the time is drawing near for them to take place In on nightmare, he sees a Golden God give him the kiss of the damned Martuk knows his future will be difficult at best He worries for his mother Then the Priests come They ask his mother to choose Martuk or herself, to go to the King Martuk makes [...]

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review When Martuk was a child, he was unknowingly cursed by a golden god with immortality He has a gift of seeing through the veil, having visions, and seeing ones soul His land is ruled by a sickly king and he is called to speak with him After the king s demise, Martuk is forced to drink from the golden cup, he s supposed to die He sees his ancestors reaching for him then He finds himself alive This is how his journey begins.Althou [...]

Readers first thoughts when they encounter Winn s debut novel, would be something along the lines of, Where has this guy been hiding for so long MartukThe Holy is a dark fantasy that is comprised of angels, demons, phantoms and beastly combat It s a gripping, nail biter of a tale that will lure readers in straight from the beginning, and won t release them until the frightening finish The complex characters are unlike anything one has ever encountered within a full length novel before, and altho [...]

I was given a free copy of this book for a thorough and honest review Read my review here, at online book club forumsinebookclub view

too bizarre, good premise but never really went anywhere

  • [PDF] Martuk... the Holy | by ↠ Jonathan Winn
    265 Jonathan Winn
Martuk... the Holy