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Allegiance Sworn #(2022)

Allegiance Sworn

Allegiance Sworn

  • Title: Allegiance Sworn
  • Author: Kylie Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780425256022
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Trade Paperback
Allegiance Sworn By Kylie Griffin,

Unlimited Allegiance Sworn - by Kylie Griffin - Allegiance Sworn, Allegiance Sworn There is no mercy in the demon realm No escape In this place of desperation and conflict anyone who is not purebred is virtually powerless Until a demon leader seeks to unify the races With the allia

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EDIT This is not the end of the series The author intends on writing atleast 3 books in the series Let s hope they get released soon Can t wait to read of this world Thankfully the books don t end on cliffhangersORIGINAL REVIEWWait.at was the end Of the entire series What I m feeling so stumped right now I fully turned the page expecting to go to the next chapter and the book justended THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN T READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS Well anyway The book was certain [...]

this cannot be possibly the end for the Light Blade series Kylie Griffin you have to do a follow up story For the sake of humanity for the sanity of us hooked here I mean, what happens to the war at hand I want to see Savyr s head on a spear If you ever tell us the Light Blade is doneThe end of this book was a cliff hanger Okay, although there s consolation with the fact that there s a happy resolution of Arek and Ihmara, I can t dismiss the fact that there is a war and their truce is wobby X I [...]

This was my favourite of the series, which is saying something, because I loved the other two But I found that both Arek and Imhara were fantastic characters and Imhara is one of my favourite types of heroines For a woman in a patriarchal society she is so strong bowing her head when she needs to, manipulating, plotting, thinking a couple of steps ahead of her enemy As for Arek, he stole the show for me the second he walked into the room in Alliance Forged And his story delivered Some smoking ho [...]

I thought I knew what was going to happen in this, the third instalment of The Light Blade series I thought I knew where this story was going, where the twists and turns would take me oh how wrong was I Forget all you think you know when reading Allegiance Sworn, because Kylie Griffin has changed it up her characters take a direction that I didn t see coming and it s an adventurous ride indeed From start to finish, I experienced the gamut of emotions, my preconceived ideas of this book obliterat [...]

Patiently waiting for this book to be published.Okay, maybe NOT so patiently.

I loved this book, I think it s my favourite in the series Imhara is such a strong and amazing character I want

Allegiance Sworn by Kylie Griffin is the third book in her Light Blade series For those of you who may not have read my reviews on the first two books, this is Urban Fantasy Romance In this world created by Griffin, we have Humans, Na Reish demons , and Na Chi half demons The series premise is built around the Light Blade warriors, and their battle against the Na Reish demons In the first two books, Kalan, the Light Blade Chosen, and his sister, Kymora, who is the Priestess, had their stories to [...]

Wow I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, but this one took it to a whole new level It s dark, edgy, and oh so hot I love this couple Arek has been a favorite from the beginning Oddly enough, I had it in my head that Liselle was the lucky girl in this book I was several chapters in before I realized that couldn t be the case Had to go look it up Glad I was wrong Imhara is hands down my favorite heroine yet in the Light Blade series I suspect one of my favorites in any series.This book, bei [...]

Allegiance sworn is my most favourite Light Blade book so far and that s why, I give it all my five stars I didn t really enjoy Vengeance Born that much, though I carried on with it as the ending promised the much awaited story that I now love I was on the edge all along while reading this book, with possibilities, usually dreadful ones right around the corner in almost every situation The last few pages of the book made my heart pound wildly Just like the previous two Light Blade books, this st [...]

This is a very enjoyable read It may be the third book in a series, but it s perfectly readable as a standalone As far as I understand it these books are connected because of the overall storylines, but each book is focused on a different couple The world building was very intriguing The idea of the different demon clans and castes was interesting and lend itself well for a suspenseful story The setting alone would have been enough to keep me reading to find out , luckily the story and romance w [...]

I ve enjoyed every novel in the Light Blade series and this one didn t leave me hanging It was an easy read that pulled you along for the ride I was never bored, and if I didn t have to work I would have been able to finish it even faster Imhara was an incredibly strong female lead Her character was straight awesome Her attitude, decisions, beliefs, she was well created and easy to sympathize with Her situation is terrible and she takes it with a stunning amount of grace Arek was an equally stro [...]

I think that there is a clear pattern in series books Either Book One or Book Two get bogged down in world building Fortunately, by Book Three everything is usually full steam ahead Allegiance Sworn is the third book in the Light Blade series full steam Arek Barrial has had a rough year He found out he had a demon half sister, his grandfather tried to kill said half sister who is together with his best friend , he was part of a botched rescue mission where many of his friends were hurt, and to t [...]

I enjoyed the first book, the second one dragged a bit, but this one From the get go it held my attention with multiple things going on I adored Imhara She was smart, strong when she needed to be, and gave a little when she needed too Arek was another strong, enjoyable character I enjoyed seeing his transformation from angry and bitter to someone loving and trusting Imhara and Arek s relationship is believable and very well done I liked several of the side characters and am curious if they will [...]

I was very keen to get this latest installment in the Light Blade series and I wasn t disappointed It s all go in this one, with danger at every turn and a sizzling central relationship The only reason it didn t get five stars is that the middle one is still my favourite And because there is something that the bloodthirsty part of me wanted to happen in this one that didn t Can t say for fear of spoilers, but you d better sort that in the next one, Griffin, or there will be words

I love this series, I just want to state how much I enjoyed this instalment Well handled characters and an overarching plot, it was well handled and well written A really enjoyable book, with some well thought out characters.

4.5 stars This series is getting better each book I think the author is definitely in her groove with this one A real shame there is NO news on when the next Light Blade book is out.

A good book though the first one is still my favorite Though the romance wasn t as satisfying, it was still good and the world building was excellent Hope the writer continues with the series as I d love to find out how it all turns out.

I hope Kylie writes of this series someday I love it

I was delighted when I discovered Kylie Griffin to be an Australian author writing in the paranormal fantasy genre Published by Berkley in the US and distributed by Penguin in Australia , Allegiance Sworn is the third book in Griffin s Light Blade series featuring the conflict between a brutal demonkind called the Na Reish and the Light Blade warriors who protect the human race.In Vengeance Born we were introduced to Annika, the half blood daughter of the Na Reish king desperate to escape her fa [...]

Posted At Riverina RomanticsRating 5 out of 5 Romance Rating 4 out of 5 3 To say I was blown away by this book is an understatement This was everything I love about a romance novel and All the necessities were there captivating story, amazing characters, hot sex but what I wasn t expecting was the depth and entrancement of the world this book took place in I felt like I was in a completely different existence where I not only feared for the characters, but I feared for myself as a human being I [...]

I think 4.3 stars so the story begins with Arek captured as a prisoner for the Na reisch but he was captured with them not knowing he was a light blade, rather a normal human with no giftArek i LOved his character from the 1st book he is stubborn, loyal and soooooo cute loved loved LOVED him and he have a huge prejudice he was raised to hate the Na reisch, seeing that his mother was captured and killed by them and his father suicidal after her death and to make it worse, Annika appeared after al [...]

Series Light Blade 3This is such a complex world Griffin has created and when I started it I thought it would be a simple human vs Na Reish plot line But it s so much than that and I commend Griffin for the varying personalities and species she offers I can t fully express how much I love this series and everything it offers.Arek was a great hero and I m glad to finally have his story Finding out his grandfather raised him on hatred and lies has been hard for Arek but I like that he knows he ha [...]

Arek Barial is a Light Blade warrior, sworn by the Lady to defend humanity and kill all the demon Na Reish who prey on them for slaves and food When Arek is captured, he hides his abilities and masquerades as a farmer, attempting to penetrate the Na Reish strongholds as a slave and kill as many highborn as possible.Imhara Kaal is the only female Na Reishi leader, of a clan which secretly follows the Old Ways of the Lady, with humans, half breeds and Na Reish living together peacefully However he [...]

The Light Blade has been a solid fantasy romance series The world building is interesting and I like the fact that each subsequent book has built on the main conflict between the humans and their new allies, the Na Chi and the Na Reish What I ve liked so far about this series is the world building in it Griffin creates a fairly unique world with two races that are constantly clashing with one another This long standing war has been complicated by the appearance of the Na Chi who are part human a [...]

5 stars And totally stoked that Ms.Kylie Griffin followed and discussed this book along with me.WOW, I loved this series and this 3rd book is no exceptiont The series touched so many facets of life, from dealing truths, lies and betrayals overcame fears, prejudice the strength in loyalty, love and trust in one s faith Astounding Arek s true journey started as a prisoner and lived behind enemy lines Not all Na Reish were the same but can he surpass his life long hatred, vengeance, survive the bet [...]

3 stars Meet my Arek Meet my Imhara Uhmmm, well I was really excited about this book since Arek was a male who HATED the Na Reish and couldn t accept the idea of co existing with the Na Chi We got his hatred and animosity towards Imhara and her people I really liked Imhara as a character She was insanely strong and woah I really liked her I also enjoyed learning about the Old Ways and how the people of the Lady used to live and how they should live to prosper However, I felt like this book dealt [...]

Na Chi human relationships continue to develop, but now the story follows Arek, a man who detests the Na Reish and must learn to deal with his prejudice and hatred.This book turns the corner in the series from fantasy with a romance element to romance set in fantay view spoiler I would have enjoyed this had it not fallen prey to the slave master love lust theme that is too prevalent in certain types of novel hide spoiler The advantage, or drawback, depending on your viewpoint, is that certain p [...]

Lost in the last battle and thought to be dead, Arek Barial is still mourned by his Light Blade brethren Another s sacrifice prevented Arek s death but not his capture Enroute to a Na Reish stronghold to be a blood slave, Arek leads an impromptu coup that is soon thwarted But the sudden turn in battle leaves Arek with a choice of trusting a Na Reish or die battling them This entire review and others can be found at ireadthatbookOriginally Read June 5, 2014Rating 4 stars actually

This is the third book in the light blades series I ve read all three now Thoroughly enjoyed each one This book and the other two had me up till all hours of the night totally engrossed Kylie has you hooked and feeling like you know the characters If I was a writer I m sure I would give this review justice I just can t verbalise how much I loved reading her books All three I had high expectations for allegiance sworn all were met Looking forward to from Kylie griffon.

I think Kylie Griffin s books have grown stronger each time There s so much keeping Arek and Imhara apart Arek s hatred and distrust, Imhara s fierce independence and desire to put her clan first and the story weaves around these two characters as they fight their attraction, grow, change and develop I thought it was very clever and realistic A truly remarkable story, set in a fantasy world but with so many themes relevant to my life.

  • Unlimited Allegiance Sworn - by Kylie Griffin
    487 Kylie Griffin
Allegiance Sworn