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Blood Crime #(2022)

Blood Crime

Blood Crime

  • Title: Blood Crime
  • Author: Kim Harrison Gemma Magno
  • ISBN: 9780345521026
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
Blood Crime By Kim Harrison Gemma Magno,

ï Blood Crime » Kim Harrison Gemma Magno - Blood Crime, Blood Crime You can t tell the story of how it all began for supernatural cops Ivy Tamwood and Rachel Morgan without telling how it all nearly ended The fiery living vampire and erstwhile earth witch never asked

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This novel was a much better experience than Blood Work The story is comprehensive and comprehensible The artwork is crisper, stronger, vibrant.I also felt a connection between this prequel and the first primary novel of the series, Dead Witch Walking, that was missing from the previous entry While I was ready to pass on further graphic novels after the first one, I would now consider buying another, especially if Gemma Mango is the artist I wonder if Harrison has additional graphic novels in [...]

Felt Like Familiar TerritoryI.S cops Ivy Tamwood and Rachel Morgan were having a pretty good week, working their beat, busting brimstone street dealers left and right That is until they realize someone may be gunning for them directly That ll put a damper on anyone s week Fortunately dodging risky attempts on their lives, it s up to Ivy to figure out whose targeting them and why Could it be Piscary Does he want to eliminate Rachel to get Ivy back in his clutches faster Or could it be a new big b [...]

I ve read seven of The Hollows books and I was lost many times as I read this prequel to the series Several important plot points had no explanation, either in the text or in the art This is especially annoying when a short caption or a couple of extra panels on the page could have made things so much clearer.For example, Ivy and Rachel are checking out a warehouse On the page, in panel 1 is Rachel chastising Ivy, panel 2 is Ivy looking chastened, panel 3 is Rachel throwing Ivy to the ground and [...]

This was an improvement over the previous graphic novel adaptation of The Hollows, but just barely The story is a bit fleshed out and polished for this edition, yet it still comes across as stilted and wooden.This edition once again is told from Ivy s perspective in the early days of working with Rachel Someone is trying to kill Rachel or Ivy, or maybe both Ivy suspects Piscary is involved, so that main emphasis for the story is the dynamic between Piscary and Ivy Once again, the novels from th [...]

Rachel, Ivy Piscary, and Kisten all looked so ugly The faces drawn so rough with ugly features Where was Jenks How is it possible that Jenks would miss any of this This aaas a failure for me as a huge fan of the series It was the art that was wrong, it took me out of the story and into some world that I didn t relate to.

Crime fighting vampire and witch duo.Pretty good story line.

The second graphic novel in this series features a lot of the Hollows lead vampire Ivy Though Rachel is still involved and still her feisty partner, she s not as frequent in this one as she is in the first, which is sad because her humor would have really uplifted the dark vibes of this one The plot is about Ivy and her relationship with Piscary, but I did enjoy the fact that Art came back and the foreshadowing of his involvement later in the series White Witch, Black Curse especially and that [...]

I wasn t impressed with Blood Work An Original Hollows Graphic Novel but enh Rachel and Ivy Who knows, I might be in the mood at some point.

Great graphic novella, showing you of the dynamics between Ivy, Piscary Rachel Love seeing from the Hollows

Piscary seems to be nuts I wonder if Ivy will figure out that Piscary had tried to have Rachel killed Will Ivy go back to being a detective

Look, I love me some Kim Harrison and some Hollows, but her graphic novels fail me in two ways Ms Harrison is not a skilled comic book writer It shows because she has little knowledge of the medium pacing and design, although the second GN is better than the first So the story is boring in one spot dragging like crazy, then it rushes in others New characters have barely any characterization and let s not even talk about the motivation of the main villain While I didn t notice that in Ivy s short [...]

3.5 stars

Kim Harrison and Gemma Magno come together again in the second Hollows Graphic Novel, Blood Crime So continues the tale of Ivy and Rachel while they were still working for the I.S.This is definitely one of my favorite graphic novel series as I loooove the Hollows Seeing Rachel and Ivy and other characters, like Kistenghl colorful on the page is astounding I am hoping this graphic novel series continues, but there isn t any available info for a continuance I keep hoping we see how when Jenks gets [...]

I won this book from a book bloggers site, and I think I was excited to win the autographed book from Kim Harrison than anything else Of course with Canada Post being what it is it took over 7 weeks to get here from the time I won it to actually getting to read it Blood Crime is a graphic novel, which is basically a short story of characters we know from the series of books, done with graphics like a hard covered comic book While some of the art was fantastic some of it for me wasn t what I exp [...]

I think the timing is just bad, I m kind of irritated with Harrison and her tendency to write self hating want to be lovers for Rachel If I hadn t just finished Into the Woods Tales from the Hollows and Beyond I would have been looking at this with fresh eyes and it wouldn t have bothered me as much, but seeing it as a part of the whole story arc of the series, it just bugged me I can see why so many self haters would be drawn to a woman who likes herself so much, but the theme is getting old b [...]

This review was posted at Under the CoversIf you had the chance to read the first graphic novel for The Hollows, BLOOD WORK, you will know that these glimpses into the series are told from Ivy s POV Also an important point is that they are telling of their early days as partners working for the IS I find that I can just eat these up They are full of an emotional and conflicted side of Ivy, when she wasn t as in control and comfortable with herself.In BLOOD CRIME she is still very much under Pisc [...]

I enjoyed the previous Hollow s graphic novel Blood Work, if only for the pretty artwork and the enjoyment of seeing the novel characters come to life on the page.Blood Crime however flopped My first criticism is the lack of true story telling As narrator Ivy essentially just tells us everything thats going on both with the action, and with her emotions telling, rather than showing is surely even of a literary crime in graphic novels Ivy flip flops throughout the story, rather than presenting a [...]

I suppose I should have known I would not be the biggest fan of the graphic novels of this series Being that it is Ivy s POV I should have known Basically, I see Ivy as a little one note It is always the same thing with her She struggles to maintain but gains no insight or real strength by doing that She NEEDS Rachel, blah blah, and WANTS her I found that tiring in the books It was endless and always seemed to be the same problem I have no issue with the author having the two ladies hook up, may [...]

Another prequel graphic novel in the Hollows series This book gives us further insight into the thoughts of living and dead vampires how their twisted minds really work I appreciated the opportunity to explore Ivy s desires and temptations from her POV, and watch her growing realization of how Piscary s been manipulating her all this time Got my first glimpse of my most DETESTED Hollows character as well I really wish Ivy would had finished him completely, not just put him in jail, the bastard T [...]

A must read for any Hollows fan.This is the second prequel to the Hollows series telling the story of Rachel and Ivy as partners in the I.S before Jinks The point of view is from Ivy, which gives a nice insight into her that s not as clear in the novels The story is well presented and ties into the novels quite nicely The art work is good, although I expect this is where Hollows fans will complain Everyone has their own idea of what the characters in the novels should look like so not everyone w [...]

I loved this novel from start to finish The story gave a depth look at Ivy and how she felt about Rachel who is completely ablivious to Ivy s affections.I loved the art work and thought Gemma Magno had got Ivy and Rachel just right but Ivy s hair was longer than all the books but maybe she had long hair.As usual Rachel was her quirky self with Ivy been her usual shut of self who is trying to break away from Piscary.My only issue was there was no Jenks in this novel and I would have loved that.A [...]

I think I would have enjoyed this had there not been such a huge gap inbetween my reading this and the previous book Or even if there had been a quick refresher on what had happened and who was who in book one While Rachel, Ivy, Kisten and the like don t need backstories if you re a Hollows fan some of the other characters like Art I had no memory of who they were and why they were importany Not bad on the whole, art was acceptable I m really picky about art involving characters that weren t bi [...]

I love seeing Ivy and Rachel s back story come to life in drawings This is such a rich way to see how their relationship was formed before Rachel s books started We get of a foundation about Ivy with Piscary too which is important to understanding what happens to Ivy throughout the Hollows books and how what unfolds is so important to who Ivy becomes Another great installment and great drawings, the hunger shadows were belivable and scary in this one, I can t wait for the next enstallment

The story was super simple, a couple pages of a short story if it hadn t been illustrated Not bad, but not awesome.The art, though It just did not fit the characters and their world at all Too cartoon ish, too round edged and inconsistent just not the right flavor at all.Also, I know the hunger shadows were the author s idea, but for me they really distracted from the story I had to read the artist s notes at the back to know what they were.I love the world of the Hollows, but I m not sure I lov [...]

This was my first time ever reading a graphic novel I think this particular graphic novel needed a lot of character development The story itself was poo The strength of this book lied in its graphics, un fortunately It had a luscious coloring and the drawings were fine But since I love a good character and read stories in order to discover them and follow their journeys this book just couldn t deliver It failed miserably.

I m not a huge fan of this comic art since I do sometimes read the husband s comic books and have seen some pretty amazing graphic novels Putting that aside, I love the story It s fun to learn the back stories of some favorite fictional characters A definite MUST for those who love the Hollows series

Repeat Okay was SO looking forward to reading the beginning of Ivy s and Rachael s start And was SO disappointed Graphic novels are great but it didn t work for me in this setting Had nothing to do the the artist or the writing well some wanted of a story it just did not work with the rest of the series.

It s interesting to read about Rachel and Ivy s partnership from Ivy s point of view She s a little too mope and pine for my liking, but she s still pretty kick ass when she needs to be I really like artist Gemma Magno s portrayal of the vampires within Ivy and Piscary I d never considered them in that sense before.

Blood Crime delves into Ivy s relationships with Piscary and Rachel while she attempts to discover who is responsible for the attempts on her life It was an okay story Piscary was a very creepy, stalker ish presence in the story The most interesting part of the stoy was the allusions to how Ivy s mom died which was never mentioned in the main series.

I wanted to like Blood Crime than I did As it was, the story wasn t bad and I think if it had been in a short story collection I d have liked it It just seemed kind of a waste to use this story in a graphic novel form, you know There wasn t anything in it that worked better with visuals and in fact the artwork works against the story here often than not.

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Blood Crime