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Powerful Alpha #(2022)

Powerful Alpha

Powerful Alpha

  • Title: Powerful Alpha
  • Author: Anitra Lynn McLeod
  • ISBN: 9781622411245
  • Page: 305
  • Format: ebook
Powerful Alpha By Anitra Lynn McLeod,

[PDF] Powerful Alpha | by ✓ Anitra Lynn McLeod - Powerful Alpha, Powerful Alpha Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M shape shifters HEA The power of two Shy loner Danny Jones lives in a world of vivid dreams mostly kinky sexual fantasies

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I was curious about this book from the moment I read the blurb There is no hint about a link to shapeshifters, and yet, the publisher s category description says it is a paranormal with shifters This one, I had to figure out Much like the blurb, most of the story reads like any other contemporary So, if you expect the paranormal element to play a major role, you might be disappointed.When the paranormal stuff did finally appear it was so out of the blue I had forgotten all about it and was immer [...]

well, this is a first a siren book that does not suck big yellow chunks through a small straw not even the cover is as hideous as usual, though the text treatment reminds one that this is still siren.i really enjoyed danny and the contrast between his meek exterior and his super smutty day dreams his romance with matthew is sweet matthew being a genuinely good guy who brings danny out of his shell the shifter concept here is something new too i laughed out loud at what happened on the bus the bo [...]

The created plot in this new series was strange one, and to be clear, all those daydreams from Danny side, were just off As characters both Danny and Matthew weren t well developed All we got was two young students who fell in love at first sight And from this point of view it was boring.

Gay football players who are also bear shifters this I had to read I was hoping this would be like one of those cheesy, bad movies that shows up in the wee hours of the morning, on a cable channel you ve never heard of, but you thoroughly enjoy So, props to the author for trying such a wacky idea even if it didn t really work The characters were one dimensional I expected from a story about gay, bear shifting, football players than what I got here I wanted a story that matched the audacious pre [...]

I was pleasantly surprised with this The first part is contemporary and very sweet I was a fan of Michael as soon as he met Danny There were only a few paranormal clues in the beginning and they were left by the wayside as Michael and Danny build their relationship Past that point then the paranormal activity picks back up quickly I like both aspects very much and though they could have been blended , I enjoyed the surprise as well as the unique shifter twist I really look forward to Quarterback [...]

Really should be 3 stars, but got an extra star for original shifter concept.

2012 Review Oh Wow.Okay, this was simultaneously very sweet and really, really weird The whole college football aspect of the story had a realistic if idealized feel to it, at least in the interactions between characters Not in a gritty way No gritty here Which later made the view spoiler sudden violence and temporary death hide spoiler even shocking But just the way the guys talked to one another and their inner workings, such as Danny s years of smutty fantasies about the locker rooms and how [...]

Waterboy is the first book in Anitra Lynn McLeod s Gridiron God s series To be honest, the initial pull of this book was its football theme and the fact that it is M M How much hotter can you get The dedication of this book even states This one is for everyone who has ever watched football just to enjoy the tight pants This made me smile I loved both the main characters Danny is the shy, waterboy for the football team of Twin Pines who tries to hide behind his longish hair, slouching and baggy c [...]

3.5 Stars I liked the uniqueness of how shifting works in this series It is very different which is hard to find in this genre I had all the markings of shifter fluff, but it was done well I am looking forward to the other books in the series.

Part of me kind of wanted to rate this two stars but overall it isn t that bad of a book It is a standard type college story through out most of it Shy unpopular boy finds out that he is hot thanks to a hot jock that likes him Hot monkey or in this case bear sex ensues For than 75% of it that is the story Then the paranormal stuff comes in the end of the book and this is where I feel let down but kind of intrigued at the same time It is a different spin on the shifter trope but it just isn t de [...]

This is marketed under the title Powerful Alpha at.Re reading this one wasn t a chore at all in fact, it became a solid read this time around I found the whole story a nice smexy romp it s not brilliant, but given some of the books I ve slogged through recently, it s a reasonably good read if you like power bottoms and ber Alphas hot smex with a dash of kink and a good series premise, you ll probably enjoy this book and the series I m definitely adding this series to my already teetering TBR pil [...]

I loved both the main characters Danny is the shy, waterboy for the football team of Twin Pines who tries to hide behind his longish hair, slouching and baggy clothes Matthew is the new kid on the team, a big linebacker who s HOT, outgoing and genuinely a nice guy Matthew helps Danny come out of his shell and come to terms with some abuse in his past as they are holed up alone in the dorms during a couple of snow storms.This book ends with many questions than answers, but it has an HEA for our [...]

Okay, I admit, I wasn t sure about this book I love shifters, but sports aren t my favorite thing This story had a LOT of things going for it, though A hot football player has feelings for the waterboy He doesn t understand them, but he knows there to the young man than it seems.This book surprised me on many levels The story is strong, the characters are engaging, and the set up is definitely unique.When a tragedy occurs, everything begins to fall into place Secrets are revealed and are future [...]

3.5 starsI enjoyed this a lot than I was expecting I really liked the relatively slow dominance submission within the relationship So OK, the relationship was insta lust love really instant like on day 1 , but it was clear that the alpha was giving his mate plenty of time to mature being a virgin etc before they took the next step This was much than I expected, and I appreciated that aspect.The shifting was pretty left of centre, and some the characters were a bit underdeveloped, but I guess t [...]

This book was reviewed for musings of a bookwormThis book was a real suprise, I read this just because it sounded good and boy was it Not only was it sexy but it was also a really good start to a series I loved the idea that it took two people to make a whole shifter, one alpha and one omega, each pair just waiting for that connection to snap into place I am so looking forward to reading of these stories and learning about this world the author has painted and most importantly the hot men that [...]

The PNR element didn t come in until the end.Very interesting take on shifters I like when there is a twist to the standard shifter rules.I m not so sure how well I like this particular twist, because there haven t been enough details.but I m interested in finding out.I had low expectations going into this story, and turned out to be better than I thought it would be With the twist on shifters, I wouldn t mind learning about how that plays out.

This was an interesting start to a series I do believe there could have been a little detail to the paranormal facets of the story though The sex scenes were good, charachterization was good, editing was better than a lot of Siren releases I ve seen I will be looking forward to reading book 2.

Start of Bear Clan This is a case of me being in the mood for some brain bleach after a few heavy reads This is nowhere the quality of McLeod s SOLD series but it was fun and if the sequels are not too expensive I ll read them This is the beginning of a clan of bears Ridiculous Cover

okay I liked this a lot It s one of those books that s so bad it s good Danny was so loveable and the heat factor was blazing Now the drawbacks For a pnr the paranormal was just sad I get the whole shapeshifter mated pair thing That could turn into a interesting concept but the author just left to many unanswered questions It s still worth reading though.

Very unique start to a series that I think has great potential and one that I might really love The paranormal aspect came into the story pretty late, but I thought the idea was different and interesting I really liked the characters, especially Danny, and I m looking forward to the next stories in this series

3.5I had a little trouble at the beginning, trying to figure out what the paranormal element s might be and how it fit into the story But eventually I just got into the story and enjoyed it.

Nothing very spectacular, but both main characters were likeable

This was a really cute story and a great beginning for the series, I enjoyed the 2nd half a lot since thats when the paranormal stuff began looking forward to reading in this series.

Reviewed by KevinGenre M M Paranormal Rated 3.5 Hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

The dialogue was a little cheesy at times, I m not a huge insta love fan, but it s shifters the shifter part is a little weird , but I loved it anyway.

I really enjoyed this book, looking forward to the next one.

started a bit slowly but half the book, I was hooked

3.25 rating

In the beginning I thought the book was only a plot about a waterboy but towards the end the book made you want and leaves you hanging, but it was good.

Interesting take on bear shifters I liked the characters and plot building Looking forward to the next book.

  • [PDF] Powerful Alpha | by ✓ Anitra Lynn McLeod
    305 Anitra Lynn McLeod
Powerful Alpha