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ReVamped #(2022)



  • Title: ReVamped
  • Author: Ada Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
ReVamped By Ada Adams,

[PDF] ReVamped | by ✓ Ada Adams - ReVamped, ReVamped A simple mission turned deadly Nineteen year old vampire Dawn has led a sheltered life within the confines of her father s presidential headquarters Upon being sent on a mission to revamp four goofy m

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Rating 4.5 beautiful purple stars out of 5 Vampire books are usually bloody and dark and nightmare inducing But ReVamped focuses on the fun side of vampires, which is one reason why I adored it so much ReVamped takes place in a world where vampires coexist peacefully together with humans, who idolize vampires rather than fear them There are TV shows like Next Vamp Idol and Transylvania Shore, as well as drinks like Blood Cola They even have a Scarlet House for a vampire president next to the hu [...]

Sometimes I see a book tweeted about, or mentioned somewhere, and on the spur of the moment I ll buy it Randomly, I ll neglect my careful pile of TBR ARCs that I m supposed to be reading, deviate from my schedule and try something completely left wing Sometimes this turns out really great Sometimes it doesn t.This was one of those times where it doesn t Ever been in a dream that you kind of liked, though couldn t help but notice that it made absolutely no sense If you don t, ReVamped is a great [...]

ReVamped by Ada Adams is not your typical vampire story Ada Adams took the idea of vampires and built her own story around it with added fun and flare that is completely engrossing and highly entertaining I fell completely head over heels in love with this book from the moment I read it The world that Ada has built up in ReVamped is originally unique, downright amazing and possibly even better than the world we live in now In ReVamped, vampires live peacefully side by side with humans Not only d [...]

ReVamped Angel Creek 1 by Ada AdamsAda Adams bring us a new and fresh look into the lives of vampires, it is refreshing, funny at times and well written The words flowed easily, character descriptions were excellent, and you got to know each character well All in all I would say this was an excellent read We are introduced to Dawn she is the daughter of the President of the Vampires In this novel Vampires are out and almost treated like we treat movie stars today They are sought after, respected [...]

Quick reviewCover Love it RatingPG Thumbs Up3.5 starsOverall Not sure what I think about it.Characters Pretty GoodPlot Cross from Sci Fi and Paranormal.Page Turner Maybe Series Cont Not sure RecommendMaybeBook Boyfriend SebastianSUMMARY 50 word or less Well, I m not sure how I feel about this book I m a little confused with the angle for it The writing wasn t bad, but I didn t know if this was a parody or if this was suppose to be a humorous book I guess you could say I m speechless.To see my fu [...]

4.5 StarsAfter reading the synopsis on this book I was pretty excited to start it It sounded right up my alley Vampires, action, romance, conspiracies.Yep, that has me written all over it If I had any doubt after reading the synopsis that this was going to be the book for me, the cover alone would have lured me right in It is gorgeous and begs for you to pick it up and give it a try.This is not your typical YA vampire book Not at all This is something different and fresh and new Completely origi [...]

Brilliantly plotted, inventive, and outrageously fun to read, ReVamped is a book that rocked my socks off, made me shiver with excitement, and sent me into dangerous fits of laughter It s deliciously geeky, potent, beautifully imagined, emotionally engaging, and incredibly and I mean INCREDIBLY compelling This is not your usual sucky vampire story This is easily one of the most original, totally badass takes on the vampire world ever Dawn is a vampire, and not just any vampire but a Born She s t [...]

Sent to the small town of Angel Creek to train four new vampires to become guardians of the town, Dawn thinks she has been given a pretty easy assignment Her assignment, however, turns out to be not so simple when she meets her trainees, and the longer Dawn is in Angel Creek, the she realizes she is in for than she bargained for.Revamped gives us a different take on vampires from the usual I enjoyed the way they were portrayed in this book and loved the humor throughout the story The descripti [...]

If you think that this is just another vampire story you are sadly mistaken This book was so much It had all you could want in a book and then some We start out this book by meeting Dawn who is in the middle of training We learn she is a vampire and about to be sent on a mission We learn that she is a Born vampire which makes her special than an average vampire I love the way this book showed vampires out in the open and living normal lives It was a different well deserved take on vampires than [...]

There have been several good Vampire books which I really enjoyed this year But none of them compare to ReVamped This book really gives me hope that the Vampire genre can come back from the brink and be a great genre in Young Adult like it has the potential to be Out of all the books I have read this year 117 ReVamped has easily taken the spot as my second favorite book this year It is that great of a book Ada s writing is amazing and I just honestly couldn t find any faults with this book You h [...]

ReVamped Review on K Books I was falling for the one guy in the world I had never expected to fall for and I was falling hard I really don t know what to say when thinking about this book I had heard great things about this book but after reading so many vampire books I was completely prepared for this to be just another vampire book I was completely surprised and ended up loving this book.Vampire Dawn has always been trained to be her father s second in command So when an important mission come [...]

ReVamped was an exciting debut novel for author Ada Adams You have an endearing heroine, a couple of sexy potential book boyfriends, and a great urban fantasy stage set.Dawn, a vampire, has been training all her life and never been allowed to put her training to use When her father finally decides to give her a safe assignment she is sent to a small town to train four misfit vampires to be the towns new guardians But not all is at it seams in Angel Creek and must figure out who to trust and exac [...]

I loved this book, completely loved it I think that I enjoyed it so much because it just seemed so different from the normal vampire book Normally, vampires are made out to be super hot, strong, seductive and suave In Ada Adam s novel, they are pretty good looking still, but not all are strong and agile, or seductive In fact, the misfit vampires seem about as far as you can go from what s normal for vampires And that cover I love it In Adams world, the vampires are coexisting with humans quite p [...]

The remarkable world that Ada Adams has brilliantly created in ReVamped is absolutely unique and amazing It is a world where humans and vampires peacefully coexist to the extent that vampires are admired by humans At first, it sounds over the top but Ada knew what she was getting into She provides readers with rich and bold descriptive text that her creative world becomes interesting and admirable.Nineteen year old Dawn, a stern vampire born warrior, is assigned a mission by her father, the Vamp [...]

Adams has created a wonderful world that s full of suspense, danger, and romance ReVamped is an intelligent alternative to many of the YA books out there today, and it is a refreshing and unique take on vampire lore It did remind me a tiny bit of the Sookie series, but I love that series, so I am okay with that The characters in this book are well developed, the plot is intriguing, and there is plenty of action This book flies by I read it all in one sitting, and I cannot wait for the sequel Daw [...]

Fast paced and well written, ReVamped takes a new twist in Vampire story ReVamped set in time when humans have accepted vampires in their daily life and vampires have became some kind of idol Imagine One Direction with fangs or Hugh Grant who bites There are even shows like Next Vamp Idol or a charitable organization named Vamps Without Borders.Dawn is the daughter of current vampire president She is smart, beautiful, and determined She wants to prove her father that she is capable of being his [...]

I was instantly drawn to ReVamped because of it s stunningly beautiful cover So when I got the opportunity to read the book as part of the ReVamped relay I jumped at the chance I can safely say that ReVamped is not just a pretty cover, it has one of the most genuinely interesting story lines I have read in a long time Not to mention the most truly likeable, relate able and delicious characters, that were a joy to get to know There is tons of kick butt action, lots of shockers and a whirlwind of [...]

Taken from my original review gothicangelbookreviewsspoI m not sure how I first came across ReVamped, what I do know is I loved what I saw From the amazingly gorgeous purple cover my favourite colour with the beautiful model, to the enticing blurb, I knew that this would be something I wanted to read The day after I looked this up, I was surprised to have an email in my inbox from Ada asking if I would like to review it Spooky coincidence I told her that I d only been looking it up the previous [...]

Thank you to the awesome Ada Adams for sending me a PDF of ReVamped as a post exam treat Ada, you are awesome and I love you totally not creepy, ok rubs hands THE COVER I have a thing for this cover It is beautiful Isn t it captivating Yes, yes it is The simpleness of it is amazing The font of the title and the author is awesome The spider web type thing behind the title looks like someone punched a window and it cracked By someone, I mean the girl on the cover We don t see all of her face but I [...]

Also on kissedbittenbybooks.cImagine vampires coming out of the coffins and walking amongst us, with us knowing and accepting themFrom the prologue I could feel myself falling in love with this book I m not exaggerating from the very first line I was hooked Here s the first line of the book A sharp, searing pain pierced through my chest as I watched the guy I liked the guy I was falling in love with kiss another girl What did I tell you Amazing And did I mention how much I love this quote The bo [...]

When I found ReVamped on Bloggerdise a website which offers companies authors a place to list products and bloggers a chance to find neat things to review , I was immediately intrigued by the cover design the aforementioned description was just an enthralling addition ReVamped definitely delivered It is an atypical vampire novel, so if you are sick of the hype surrounding the creatures, you will enjoy Adams refreshing perspective In ReVamped , vampires live openly alongside humans and have their [...]

Well I certainly wish I had picked up this book sooner I didn t start it until about 7pm and I was up until about 2 3am reading it My reading ability slowed with the late hour but my interest only intensified as I read on and I was not ready to put this wonderful book down Even after the last page was turned, I was still finding myself wanting Not because it was a cliff hanger ending but because I simply loved everything about this book The story itself seemed simple enough to start Vamps as we [...]

ReVamped is a nice change of pace from the traditionalist approach to vampires The vamps in Ms Adams novel come in 2 varieties The Made and The Born.The Made vampires ones that were once human then turned into a vampire These vampires stop aging.The Born vampires are actually conceived by another Born vampire The children produced are always female and they grow up and age just as humans do One difference, in that aspect, is that if a Born vampire conceives a child of her own, she stops growing [...]

4 1 2 out of 5 starsMore of my reviews obsessionwithbooksReVamped is the first book in the Angel Creek series by Ada Adams and was kindly provided to me by the author for Bewitching book tours.19 year old Dawn Fairchild is the daughter of the US Vampire President, she is a vampire born rather than made and has trained her whole life to be her fathers second in command When she is given an opportunity or her first mission to travel to Angel Creek and recruit new vampires as Guardians she didn t r [...]

ReVamped Thanks to the lovely Ada Adams for the e copy which has no effect on my honest review What if vampires and humans coexisted peacefully What if vampires had their own U.S President and their own house called the Scarlet House Mix in some concoctions like Blood Vodka, Blood Beer and even Blood Cola and you get an amazing debut from Ada Adams Dawn is a nineteen year old BORN vampire, who lives with her overly protective Father ReVamped is where we see Dawn finally able to spread her wings [...]

My Gosh, I love it when Debut authors just come out Shining D Fun, Quirky, action filled, with just enough swooning Full review below I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own It s books like this that make me remember why I accept review requests from smaller Self published and Indie Authors You get the ones that you regret accepting, the ones that show potential, and then Ones like this Ones that come out shining and [...]

First things first, check out the amazing cover Isn t it freaking beautiful That is was actually drew me to the book in the first place, just how stunning it was.Ada Adams did not write your typical vampire book no glittering vampires, no hiding from the sun, no hiding from humans, and no garlic repels vamps actually garlic makes them able to walk in the sunlight they actually EAT it ReVamped is a book filled with humour, romance and adventure.Filled with quirky characters, like Brooke the vampi [...]

ReVamped was given to me by the author herself and I am eternally grateful This book is ONE OF A KIND I just finished it and I m sad and happy I m sad because I want to read SO MUCH about beautiful Dawn, mesmerizing Sebastian, cute Ethan and the Fab Four or now five I m happy because finally Dawn gets to learn the truth about the dark secrets and she gets her first with Sebastian First lets begin how this cover is completely GORGEOUS and your just drawn to it The characters are completely fabul [...]

Title ReVampedBy Ada AdamsSeries Angel Creek Book 1 Published on February 20,20125 starsReviewed by AngelsFormat KindlePublished Ada AdamsSource Author copy Gene Young Adult Paranormal Romanceangelswithattitudebookreviews About BookA simple mission turned deadly.Nineteen year old vampire Dawn has led a sheltered life within the confines of her father s presidential headquarters Upon being sent on a mission to revamp four goofy misfits into guardians of a peaceful little town of Angel Creek, Dawn [...]

Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3 1 2 Review Revamped is the story about 19 year old Dawn Fairchild the only daughter of the US Vampire President Alastair Fairchild She is a born vampire which makes her unique and extremely strong and able to hold her own against a slew of vampires.Dawn has been trained since she was a toddler in the martial arts, the use of katana and crossbows, foreign languages and the ability, if necessary, to be Alastair s second in command or lead a vampire army against the res [...]

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