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A Train Goes Clickety-Clack #(2021)

A Train Goes Clickety-Clack

A Train Goes Clickety-Clack

  • Title: A Train Goes Clickety-Clack
  • Author: Jonathan London Denis Roche
  • ISBN: 9780805079722
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
A Train Goes Clickety-Clack By Jonathan London Denis Roche,

[PDF] Read ☆ A Train Goes Clickety-Clack : by Jonathan London Denis Roche - A Train Goes Clickety-Clack, A Train Goes Clickety Clack Trains are fast Trains are sleek Trains make wonderful sounds as the wheels clatter boilers hiss and couplings clang This playful picture book captures the excitement of trains through evocative lan

Recent Comments "A Train Goes Clickety-Clack"

Okay, it sucks that all the train personnel are men, except for a stewardess Why can t I find a train book featuring trains for toddlers with female trains or women conductors or engineers Trains are big with toddlers Anyway It did have babywearing in the book on multiple pages, and there were women in the book as passengers.

Not bad not my favorite, but perfectly adequate as far as train books go.

An introductory picture book on trains with sound effects and London s colorful palette.

My almost two year old enjoyed this train book The primary colors are appealing, and the train clearly looks like a train which is important for a toddler who doesn t really grasp abstract illustrations The rhythm doesn t always flow perfectly for me when I am reading it out loud, but the sound effects seemed to please my son We discovered that there is a little yellow bird somewhere on every page, so looking for that bird as we read is a fun side game.

I was excited to find this one at the library because A Truck Goes Rattley Bumpa is one of Santi s all time favorites, and the one he continues to recite every single time we go over a bump on the road, enter a parking lot, cross railroad tracks, etc But this one Not as good for either of us, even though it involves ZOMG TRAINS.

My five year old son picked out this book from the library this week This book has a red spine and he wanted to check out red books Because of how this book is illustrated, I thought the all the action was taking place on a model train table That would have improved this not very exciting story.

My 2 year old loved this book since about 16 months old or so and still really enjoys reading it It is my favorite train book for the fact that it has bright colors and fun sounds for you to read along with the story.

I really enjoyed reading this book The rhyming text describe the sounds of, and uses for, different kinds of trains I recommend this book because it is easy to read and the illustrations are in bright colors.

If you have a little boy you will love this book It is perfect lot s of pictures of trains, not too many words, and onomatopoeia yep I looked that one up for spelling accuracy for making sound effects

A rhyming read aloud that includes train specific vocabulary and vibrant gouache illustrations to showcase the different features of trains.All of the sound words make this a fun read that informs Overall, a great introductory picture book about trains that incites interest in the subject.

This is a wonderful book of train opposites Some trains go fast and others go slow Children enjoy learning differences and what better way than a book about trains I really think with brilliant colors in the illustrations this book is sure to have any child interested.

Many kinds of trains are in this book.

This book is a great read aloud story book complete with all the train noises.

I liked the mix of modern and vintage trains used in this story Simple rhyming text with lots of great sounds and bright illustrations make this a great choice for toddlers.

Used this book for transportation storytime.

Another good book for a baby storytime with a train theme Deals with opposites Although the ending is a bit sudden.

About the noises of the train The pictures tell a story, but not so much the words.

storytime trains

My son loves this book so I had to give it at least 4 stars I love the onomatopoeia in it, but twice the rhyming seemed forcedcluding the last page.

A simple rhyming train book I used this with an On the Move story time for preschoolers kids love making train noises

One to One review Too simple Better for the very young

  • [PDF] Read ☆ A Train Goes Clickety-Clack : by Jonathan London Denis Roche
    116 Jonathan London Denis Roche
A Train Goes Clickety-Clack