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Clickety Clack #(2021)

Clickety Clack

Clickety Clack

  • Title: Clickety Clack
  • Author: Rob Spence Amy Spence Margaret Spengler
  • ISBN: 9780670879465
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
Clickety Clack By Rob Spence Amy Spence Margaret Spengler,

Clickety Clack Best Download || [Rob Spence Amy Spence Margaret Spengler] - Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack As the little black train goes from station to station Driver Zach picks up and silly passengers Everything s fine when the cars are just full of talking yaks and singing acrobats but adding two pac

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Clickety Clack is a great rhyming book for young readers It is the story of a traveling circus on a train, and the animals and actors are hyper as they drive along the track All of the illustrations are in solid colors, and the animals are given human characteristics The book continues to add on each phrase to the next, until the conductor Zach yells for the animals and actors to be quiet Then, all they can hear is the clickety clack against the track The facial expressions given by all of the c [...]

I picked this up for my son because of his train obsession and it was funny because as soon as he saw the cover, he yells out Clickety Clack and I was like Wow, can he read that he s only 2 Then I realized he probably has listened to it at daycare, and he said some of the repeating phrases along with me as I was reading the book Needless to say, it was a huge hit with him I enjoyed it too I mean how can you not love a book with talking yaks, quacking ducks and mice who use fireworks As I said e [...]

Summary A train gets noisier and crowded as quacking ducks, dancing acrobats, talking yaks, and packs of elephants board Good for Toddler and Preschool Story Classes for train theme It is a cumulative tale with a nice repetitive line at the end Clickety clack, clickety clack The text is short and has a nice rhythm to it which sounds like a song when read Also has many rhymes with ack sound I like the end in which the engineer yells at all the animals to keep the noise down The reader can then r [...]

Clickety Clack by Rob and Amy Spence is a story about a train packed full of animal passengers who are going down the track, clickety clack, clickety clack The book s rhythm and rhyme makes this story a fun read aloud for students Students will also like looking at the colorful pages This story is recommended by Barnes and Noble for children ages four to eight however, I think younger children might even like listening to the story and looking at this colorful picture book.

September 2016 train books, the world where nothing needs to make sense because your child only wants to look at trains Yaks Acrobats Flat cars of unrestrained elephants Bring it on A nice rhythm for reading aloud, but your logical brain will cry.

Engaging illustrations accompany the silly text in Clickety, Clack As and animals board the train, the train gets noisier and noisier until the two mischievous culprits learn to tone it down.Used for No More Noise Storytime July, 2011.

A fun book We made it into a chant would yell out the quack quack quack clickety clack Then we would chant real quiet when the conductor wanted everyone to quiet down, but then we d still yell out the quacks clickety clacks Will have to add to our collection.

I wish there had been a bit substance to this story, as I was really enjoying the clickety clack sounds as I read Told in rhyme, it s a very bouncy, rhythmic read aloud that I plan to use this week in my preschool story time.

Awesome book for repetition and rhyme And if your kid loves trains as much as mine does, you ll want this book

I really can relate to Driver Zach.

Rhythmic read, fun pictures.

It rhymes, it repeats, there s animals, there s a train Nothing to dislike.

This is one of my favorite stories of all times It is such a good book for teaching rhyming to young learners.

My favorite train read aloud

Absolutely no point and no morals to this book, but I love the rhythm It s just pure fun

The illustration of bears and animals will keep young kids 4 8 entertained Rhyming pattern is fun and helps with phonics Great

Solid train book for toddler story time.

I love this book It s got a great rhythm to it for reading aloud And it s perfect for a kiddo who is obsessed with trains.

Great rhyming book with awesome, colorful illustrations.

A train gets noisier and crowded as quacking ducks, dancing acrobats, talking yaks, and packs of elephants board.Story time FC

SL Skills Print motivation, print awareness, vocabulary Activities Read, talk, play.

  • Clickety Clack Best Download || [Rob Spence Amy Spence Margaret Spengler]
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Clickety Clack