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The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language #(2021)

The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language

The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language

  • Title: The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language
  • Author: Kendall King Alison Mackey
  • ISBN: 9780061246562
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language By Kendall King Alison Mackey,

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[PDF] The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language | by ✓ Kendall King Alison Mackey - The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language, The Bilingual Edge Why When and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language It s no secret that parents want their children to have the lifelong cultural and intellectual advantages that come from being bilingual Parents spend millions of dollars every year on classes comput

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So far this is the best book I ve read regarding raising a child to be bilingual All the info on the advantages of doing this, as well as the myths associated with it, is the same in this book as the others I skimmed through that part However, this book answered so many questions I had, such as if you are speaking the target language to your child, how to approach this when speaking in public or in playgroups how to handle your child rebelling the role of birth order and gender in the ability t [...]

This book not only gives the many reasons for raising a child to have than one language, but provides encouragement and support for many different situations and environments.

Five stars means that there are absolutely no flawsd while that isn t true, I am not going to be nit picky enough to flip through the pages just to find something wrong to comment about I loved this book For over three years I have been researching bilingual parenting, bilingualism, how to raise a bilingual family, etc I have way knowledge than I need in order to actbut my perfectionistic side has kept me procrastinating a dream I ve had for a very long time Long story short, I m giving the boo [...]

If you are interested in reading this book, perhaps you are already convinced about the advantages for your child to learn a second language The authors present interesting facts and research about bilingual and multilingualism, as well as perspectives from their own experiences raising their children An interesting section in this book is the one about myths in learning a second language If you are already sold on the idea of second language learning, this might not be a must read book for you [...]

This is a comprehensive book about raising multilingual children that takes into account research and parents experiences It counters the myths of bilingualism even the myth that if you didn t start from babyhood, it s too late and thereby gives validation and inspiration to families who are in any stage or configuration of bilingualism Instead of feeling discouraged that maybe I wasn t doing enough to promote my own baby s bilingualism, I felt gently encouraged to do .

Clear, encouraging, debunked a lot of myths I had heard about raising your kids to be bilingual I found it a bit slow at the start where they took time to convince the reader why bilingualism was good, because they were already preaching to the choir That s my only gripe I like how the chapters have summaries at the end of the important points tackled in each Has some references and resources at the back for further reading.

A lot of stuff in the book are common sense Things like, spend time with the language, interact with native speakers, etc One interesting point watching foreign TV won t help much.

not bad for total beginners to the idea wondering whether it s worth the investment to add a second language to their child s life or as an introduction to the topic to share with skeptical family members if you have already decided to do the bilingual thing however, a little fluffy compared to Raising a Bilingual Child, which i thought was better for already committed parents looking for practical solutions and real life information.

This book annoyed me SO MUCH because it was trying really hard to be friendly to everyone, no matter what It was all like, Don t speak a word of a second language Your kid is already 50 years old No problem It s never too late And yes, there really were that many exclamation points But there was a review of some actual, scientific research, which was useful, and they did have good tips and pointers I definitely took away a good overall message from it too Still, I ordered another book on raising [...]

This is a good book to keep for reference I read the first third very carefully The book talks about children of all ages, so I skipped the older children sections I was such a know it all about language acquisition, but this book proved me wrong It s written by two Georgetown linguists who are also parents, and it draws on current research One thing this book addresses nicely is the need for real human interaction in language learning, so passive activities like watching TV programs or listenin [...]

Good book if you re really, really interested in raising your children bilingually I was reading it out of an interest in language and, while I like the idea of children or anyone being fluent in than one language it seemed a little over the top like speaking several languages is THE skill to ensure the success of your children in today s world There is some good research and the authors are definitely passionate about their subject I just can t agree that hiring a bilingual nanny to give a ch [...]

Although it is an informative book, full of research data, authors have explained every simple fact too much that sometimes I felt as a dummy who can t recognize things easily I guess the main problem of this book is explaining every thing too much SPOTLIGHT ON RESEARCH is a very interesting part which provide the reader with the latest data in bilingualism science I love this part.WHAT IF is another part which is really helpful for parents, I guess.

This book was a readable somewhat academic treatment of raising a bilingual kid I appreciated King s insistance that languages can be learned at every age and that every age has its own advantage to learning a specific component to language I skimmed about 20 pages near the end, but overall I would recommend this to individual considering raising their kid bilingual I think I d like to review it again if I ever get serious about raising my kids to be bilingual.

Has some interesting tid bits and a few good to know facts, but as a city dweller in a diverse area, it s nothing too new exposure and respect of culture is good and fostered by second language development, bilingualism doesn t funk up intellectual development or delay other skills One thing that s good to know according to research a child must have at least 20% of their language exposure be in another language in order to attain a general proficiency.Booyah.

Very interesting book It gives lots of evidence on why teaching your child a second language is important and all the benefits that can come from knowing than one language All in all, it s a bit daunting to think about, especially because I know very little Spanish, but I think it s one of the many things I can do for my child to help him later in life SoSpanish songs, books, nursery rhymes we come

I read this not as a parent but as a future foreign language teacher I think the book really drives home the importance of meaningful exposure to a language and how language learning then occurs naturally Foreign language classes can seem forced, in my opinion, and the nature of classroom structure could possibly be a deterrent for some students to learn a language That being said, it gave me some great ideas that I hope to incorporate in my classroom.

Lacked information on the how It explained a lot about the why so if you re on the fence about teaching a second language to your child, pick up this book I was already convinced that I want my daughter to learn than one language so it didn t quite help me It had tips, but they were not very useful to me, granted that the book was realistic in what parents should expect.

An interesting and basic grounding in bilingualism both from a justification perspective as well as a technique standpoint This is good as a stand alone book, though anyone determined to pursue bilingualism with their child children would benefit from reading some books on practical ideas as well as a technical book to understand how language acquisition works.

This is hands down the best book on raising bilingual kids on the market It is research based and written by well known professors in the field It answers all of the questions that a parent might be asking regarding bilingualism Some of the technology references are dated though I hope the authors are working on the second edition.

I ve already put into practice some of the suggestions in this book, mostly to speak mostly Spanish with my kids, have Spanish books on hand and to have a word of the day Today s word is juegos or games or set like a set of matching plates.

Great read It confirmed everything we have done with our kids so far I would love to see a sequel on the chapter on how to overcome kids resisting the use of the FL Overall a very positive tone we can do this

Clear, well written reference book for parents who are thinking of raising their child bilingually Contains a lot of references to actual scientific research The only flaw is that it s very US centric, but it s still worth reading even if you are not US based.

I felt like some advises were a bit outdated But overall it gave me a very good sense of direction I should take to make sure my child is bilingual I had to start somewhere to learn what route to take and I m glad I read this book first Thank you

This is the perfect book for parents trying to teach either themselves or through school their children a second or third language It s what finally got me speaking Spanish to my kids, and what motivated me to keep going when I wanted to quit.

Definitely a parenting guide and not as technical about early language acquisition as I would have liked, but I learned it s definitely possible to raise a child bilingually, even if the guardian s don t speak two languages I ll re read this in 10 years when it s time for me to reproduce.

This book contained lots of great info covering a variety of language learning situations, including non native, monolingual parents Also addressed and laid to rest common myths fears of early bilingualism, using solid and up to date research.

Nothing that rocked my world, except for the debunking of the myth that infants toddler raised bilingually start talking later Nice reinforcement that it s smart to send Eleri to a bilingual school Some worry that kindergarten is almost too late A handy book of practical tips science.

Does not do anything except tell you how awesome bilingualism is No practical tips, unless you count watching Dota and playing the Sims or second life as good tips for children Disappointed

Useful evidence based and parent oriented advice on raising children with than one language.

This is a great starter book if your wanting to find information about teaching your child to be bilingual It talks about the benefits, the way to teach your child and the myths of bilingualism.

  • [PDF] The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language | by ✓ Kendall King Alison Mackey
    330 Kendall King Alison Mackey
The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language