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கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo] #(2021)

கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo]

கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo]

  • Title: கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo]
  • Author: சுஜாதா
  • ISBN: 9788184936193
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo] By சுஜாதா,

Free Read கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo] - by சுஜாதா - கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo], Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo The story is about a young man named Kalyanaraman a young man who goes to a village to do research on folk music While in the village he meets a beautiful dark village belle called Velli and falls

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Sujatha will always be the master story teller for generations to come crush oh sorry CRUSH , , , , innocent , , , icing on the cake

A thriller with liberal usage of folk songs I think this was the first Thalaivar novel I read.Trivia A flower selling woman in Mudhalvan can be seen singing a folk song quoted in this novel.

I have been feeling for a while that I am ignoring some great literature from my own language, Tamil, and so I thought I will read Tamil books this year I also thought that I will read Indian literature in the original if I know the language in which it is written or in translation Sometime back when I was having a conversation with one of my friends, she said that Sujatha s Karaiyellaam Senbagapoo was one of her alltime favourite books When I had a discussion on this book with another friend [...]

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Story full of Suspense and thrill, very interesting Novel want to read one time.

I borrowed this book from my mom s collections because of the name sujatha author of the book.I don t know how to describe this book.Its about village life and their music natupura paadalgal folk music and also its a thriller.what I really like in this book is the description of folk songs.Only access to folk songs for me is my great great grand mother grand mother of my grand mother,yes she is still living healthily to sing those songs to me.Unlike my sister I am not trained in carnatic music b [...]

One of the best thrillers from the evergreen author Sujatha

A nail biting thriller with ample dose of Manvasanai Brilliant plot , stylish narration , and some beautiful folk songs.Sujatha at his very best

Karaiyellam Shenbagapoo shore filled with Magnolia champaca is a Tamil movie 1981 starring Prathap Pothen, Sripriya and Manorama in key roles This movie is one of my feel good movies which used to be aired in TV Recently I came to understand that this movie was adapted from a novel by Sujatha A Tamil movie out a book Couldn t afford to miss it So picked the book from my library to the surprise of the library supervisor who thought I dint know to read Tamil LoL Thus began my very first journey in [...]

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One of the best thrillers I ve read in Tamil Likes the way that hero has no heroism A simple man with simple crush on a committed heroine What I loved most is the characterization of Velli, an innocent beautiful angel I cannot help falling in love with the character I also felt bad for Kalyanaraman for he cannot get close to the adorable Sneha It is a perfect love read crush square.Until the last minute, he cannot come out of his crush for Velli And, the finishing is top notch.Would definitely r [...]

Sheer Brilliance of Sujatha.An invention of a genre Village Mystery Thriller by the author.The plot takes its own time to gather enough steam, and after a murder takes place, it rushes in typical Sujatha s quick paced writing style.A lot of visual delights with some brilliant research on Tamil Folklore, this is undoubtedly one of the finest writing of Sujatha.The handling of the village slang is done with perfection.Karaiyellam Shenbagapoo is Tamil Literature s answer to Agatha Christie Mystery [...]

The best book to kill a Sunday with Usual praises for Sujatha books apply to this one too Damn interesting and mysterious The country songs were amazing it s always heartening to read beautiful, mystic Tamil D The flashback part reminded me much of Kolayudhir Kaalam s Puthravadhi That was the only flaw that I found The killer was totally unguessable and Sujatha has did a perfect job with the disguise.The end paragraph of the book The usual smile inducing Sujatha masterpiece.

Sujatha has proven that he s a master story teller and this story yet again stands tall concurring the fact Set in rural background, Kariayellam Shenbagapoo has everything in it Forbidden Love, Wayward Romance, Rural Folklore, Murder, Mystery and Treasure hunt Truly worthy to be called as a masterpiece.

southindianhistory indias

Suspense Thriller Folk tale This story has them all Don t miss this one Usual story, but extraordinary telling A good one One of my favourite reads

good book

What a thriller Just can t keep the book down.The turn of events in the village backdrop, folk songs, villagers, zamindar house and the narration are top class

  • Free Read கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo] - by சுஜாதா
    164 சுஜாதா
கரையெல்லாம் செண்பகப்பூ [Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo]