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The Vigilantes #(2022)

The Vigilantes

The Vigilantes

  • Title: The Vigilantes
  • Author: Lena Hillbrand
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Vigilantes By Lena Hillbrand,

[PDF] The Vigilantes | by ✓ Lena Hillbrand - The Vigilantes, The Vigilantes Having missed the chance to purchase the human girl Cali Draven sets off on a journey to find her Convinced he can persuade her owner Byron to sell her Draven follows Byron into the mountains Instea

Recent Comments "The Vigilantes"

I m really enjoying this series In the past six months there haven t been many books that have pulled me in and I was afraid I was becoming fickle I was happy to discover otherwise Can t wait for the third.

I preferred this book to The Superiors, the first in this series, which sets up the storyline and introduces us to the main characters The Vigilantes is a far superior pardon the pun book, with a great plot, convincing storyline and some interesting and complex characterisations We see our original characters grow and develop throughout the book Draven, betrayed by the Enforcer he helped in the first book, goes on a journey to find Cali who he desires to purchase and keep We see Draven show hims [...]

The Vigilantes is a riveting sequel to The Superiors Draven is on a quest to obtain his human girl, Cali, who was bought by his old friend and mentor On the way, he gets distracted by a group of humans vigilantes who want nothing to do with the ruling race of blood suckers They claim to want to live in peace, but what transpires is a grisly look at human nature.I loved the new characters and new plot lines that evolved from this book The story follows several characters in what appears to be sep [...]

REVIEWED FOR BIT N BOOK PROMOTERS WebsiteThe Renegades is where Cali and Draven finally have each other But not in the way I d hoped They still see themselves as separate species, but they also forget this many times It s nice when they see each other as people As one species, and there are no social boundaries.It s also a tough novel because their whole journey in this book is about their survival and eluding the superiors after them and Byron, the so called friend of Draven who bought Cali und [...]

I absolutely love this series so far Lena takes you into a paranormal world that is pretty cool I almost thought there wouldn t be any romance whatsoever, yet there are subtle hints as to whats to come in the next installment of Superiors I cannot wait to see where Draven and Cali s story takes us I have a feeling we haven t seen the last of Sally either Just not sure what way the Author will take us next Power to the Indie Authors of today, tomorrow, and Yesterday

Would probably rate this somewhere between a 3 and 3.5 because I feel like you get to know the characters of this series in much greater depth in this book That said, I spent much of it cringing at the horrors inflicted on Cali and especially Draven It was a very dark book not that the first in the series The Superiors wasn t dark as well By the time I finished it I was both grateful for it ending so the various abuses would stop and desperate to know what happens next.

Loved it

This book was the most fun to write of any in the series I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

Oh my goodness I love this series One of the very best takes on Vampires I have ever read These books are great Read it Read it now

I wish the cover to this book was like the cover to the last book I ll just get this book on my kindle when I have the money.

I won a copy of this book from the giveaway I can t wait to start to read it,I still have a few in front of it.

  • [PDF] The Vigilantes | by ✓ Lena Hillbrand
    448 Lena Hillbrand
The Vigilantes