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Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right #(2021)

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

  • Title: Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right
  • Author: Tim Kimmel
  • ISBN: 9780974768397
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right By Tim Kimmel,

☆ Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right ☆ Tim Kimmel - Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right, Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right Every parent hopes their kids will turn out right They pray that when their children leave the nest they will be ready to face the world And they hope that their kids will be equipped to stand strong

Recent Comments "Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right"

I really enjoyed this book It helped me to think about how teaching our kids values needs to be a well thought out and planned process rather than hoping it happens along the way I feel like I have really tried to work on this with my kids, but I am definitely not as well organized about it as I would like to be This helps to point out areas to work on and how to have a plan of action to be carried out throughout the year Definitely, well worth reading

Such a good read for parents with littles He gives practical tools to raising well adjusted kids What I got from it is what I need to change in MY life.

I love all of Tim Kimmel s parenting books The reason I like them though can also be a reason to dislike them he gives no step by step instructions or equations in parenting Just very good food for thought What does my theology say about how I parent my kids Do I have a blueprint and have I intentionally thought about who I want them to be Note Not WHAT I want them to be but the sort of people I want them to be This book was great at honing in on some of the most important character qualities I [...]

I wish I could give half stars to a book, because I d give this one 3.5 if I could It was a good book that I intend to read again when Bridget s older, and I suspect that when if I do, I will give it stars because it will be applicable at that time in our lives It s packed full of good information and advice for Christian parenting, and the information advice is applicable to parents of all ages, but probably applicable to parents of children who are a little older my child is 22 months right [...]

I really appreciate the six character traits that are the main focal point of this book Dr Kimmel went through an exhaustive concordance of the Bible and listed every character word used and then grouped them into six categories It has been very beneficial to focus on these in my own heart as well as with the other parents in our class We can t expect our childrens character to grow if we are not willing to work on our own.The book did get a bit long and repetitious near the end, but still reinf [...]

Finally finished this not because it was a bad book On the contrary It was another excellent informational guide reminder on how to raise great kids I read it slowly in hopes that it would absorb and stick with me Small pieces to ensure I could act upon what I learned I ll still need to go back for refreshers, but I do LOVE Mr Kimmel s parenting and teaching style I pray I can raise Joe to be a fantastic Christian man.

The book really makes a parent reevaluate good and bad parenting techniques I don t think I am a bad parent, but like many we know there are areas were we know we could improve in Not only does this book talk about ways to raise your children, but it has parents think about how we re doing in the moment.

This book will get you thinking about what kind of legacy you are leaving for your children The overall message was good to consider but there are better parenting books out there than this one.

Awesome book on how to focus your parenting Practical steps to teaching your kids character.

Love this book Felt inspired to for my kids, excited for the next few years in my kids life.

A Blueprint for raising biblical, healthy children.

  • ☆ Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right ☆ Tim Kimmel
    252 Tim Kimmel
Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right