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The Unicornis Manuscripts #(2021)

The Unicornis Manuscripts

The Unicornis Manuscripts

  • Title: The Unicornis Manuscripts
  • Author: Michael Green
  • ISBN: 9781602371
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
The Unicornis Manuscripts By Michael Green,

Free Download The Unicornis Manuscripts - by Michael Green - The Unicornis Manuscripts, The Unicornis Manuscripts On the history and truth of the unicorn An illuminated manuscript setting forth the fictional fifteenth century diary of one Magnalucius who records his first hand observations of unicorns along with

Recent Comments "The Unicornis Manuscripts"

I bought this book new back in the early 80 s, and have read it a few times since then I mostly enjoy the story, even if it does seem a bit simplistic to me these days How many times have we seen the device of I found this manuscript and translated it in order to share its secrets with the world Michael Green uses a variation of this here when he declares that he received a letter telling him he was the most qualified person to share the history and truth of the unicorn with the world.The book i [...]

An altogether lovely book, and the most gorgeous illustrations Imagine if Da Vinci spent an afternoon doing sketches of unicorns That s what most of the pictures remind me of.From what I remember, this book was a history of the unicorn, but it also had a puzzle with a possible prize There s a riddle at the end, and the solution is scattered throughout the rest of the book Supposedly, if you can solve the riddle then the answer will tell you where to find a real unicorn horn Okay, it s obviously [...]

This book is so stunningly awesome that i think i actually believe it.

I m a book browser by nature and whenever I go into a bookshop I never know what I m going to come out with This is one of those cases when I was seduced by the cover, although mine, a paperback, is different to the hardcover shown above, as it shows a unicorn licking I hope not eating the ear of a sleeping girl, who is apparently in a wood.It s really a fascinating story The author had received a letter, handwritten in an elegant italic script, requesting a meeting with me as soon as possible , [...]

I consider this of an artbook than a fictional manuscript Lots and lots of beautiful illustrations about the classical, medieval unicorn a deerlike, graceful creature far from its rainbow pooping popcultural equivalent on a huge canvas and superb paper quality for practically free A must have for every fan of unicorns and intricate art clearly inspired by medieval art and manuscripts.The fictional lore is beautiful to read, although I cannot tell how far off or close to it is to medieval unicor [...]

This has very beautiful unicorn sketches and artwork Could have been a four star if it had been longer with information and artwork The book is supposedly based off a true manuscript about unicorns so the author challenges the readers skepticism about whether or not the notes contained in the book are real or not It is called a facsimile original manuscript for a reason but no less the must read for any unicorn fan.

This book was a gift from some great friends back in my days living in Spain It certainly resembles the magic my friends exhumed and the magic of those days.A beautiful read for all those who know that beyond all our intelligence and logic there s always a semi real fantasy.

The images in this book are stunning The history is well written and believable This book is a must for unicorn lovers and dreamers alike.

The most influential illustrations I ve ever seen I was truly inspired as a child in an artistic sense the soft sketches of lithe forms with their large, glassy eyes emanating love and wisdom the artist has mastered their form exactly how I d imagined them as a unicorn loving child I definitely consider this to be an artistic work than narrative and I m pretty sure that s why anyone would be attracted to it.

I ll be honest I bought this book almost exclusively for the pictures In my defense, they are really lovely illustrations of unicorns mostly uncolored, though a few are I think anyone with an interest in medieval manuscripts and or unicorns would really like this And if nothing else, it s a nice book to have on your coffee table for guests to look at.

The text in the book is interesting, but the real reason to read this book is to droll over the artwork, beautiful artwork The words, while in some ways not very nescessary, do not take away from the artwork.The conceit is that Green was given the manuscript and presents a translation The conciet is what the conciet is, but the style ties into it prefectly.

It actually came to me, I was looking for some material on the astronomy section of the library and there it was, miss placed for me to find it Ejejejeje, is really interesting and the ilustrations are just beautiful.

Perhaps we are supposed to grow out of our childhood fantasies, but I received this as a gift last Christmas and realized the magic will never leave me Beautiful illustrations a wonderful gift idea for a unicorn fan.

Un libro que lleva a entender a los unicornios, por lo que gu a a sacar lo mejor de nosotros mismos para hacer contacto con el unicornio que todos llevamos dentro y ser testigos de tan solemne criatura

Sign number one that I was a massive geek child this was my favorite birthday present when I turned 10 Lovely, though.

A sweet book that mixes old and new in fantasy and hope.

The story has some interesting points, but the art makes this book wonderful It s just lovely

five stars for the rather gorgeous images, three for the lackluster not bad, just not good text.

  • Free Download The Unicornis Manuscripts - by Michael Green
    300 Michael Green
The Unicornis Manuscripts