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Kosher Jesus #(2021)

Kosher Jesus

Kosher Jesus

  • Title: Kosher Jesus
  • Author: Shmuley Boteach
  • ISBN: 9789652295781
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
Kosher Jesus By Shmuley Boteach,

[PDF] Read ↠ Kosher Jesus : by Shmuley Boteach - Kosher Jesus, Kosher Jesus Jesus of Nazareth is the most famous Jew who ever lived yet remains profoundly alienated from his own people At best he is viewed as the founder of a new religion which for millennia was hostile to J

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For all its hype, the title of Kosher Jesus is far evocative than anything contained within its 230 pages If you get rid of the introduction, first and last 20 pages, what you are left with is essentially a sub par but nearly adequate counter missionary book.Christian readers looking for a way to make Jesus accessible to Jews or to enhance the authenticity of their faith will find neither within the pages of this work Instead they will find a slap in the face that insults their convictions, be [...]

How to sum up Kosher Jesus Well, the acknowledgements at the end are funny yet also annoying way too many jokes about himself As a whole, Boteach isn t bad on Jewish history and on Jewish values, either.But as a critique of the New Testament, it s awful.Boteach, it seems, would like to reclaim Jesus as a Jew, which for him means a first century Rambo or Judah Maccabee, if you like who stood up against Rome and suffered for doing his part to bring in world peace.To get to this picture of Jesus, B [...]

This was a really interesting read, if you are interested in Jesus or in his Jewish roots If you don t believe in him historically or religiously or aren t interested in his Jewish roots please don t read this book It isn t for you This book is an attempt to reconcile Christians with a Jewish Jesus and to introduce this well known Jew to the Jews Some Christians won t like it because it questions currently held beliefs on Jesus Some Jews won t like it because it makes them look at Jesus the pers [...]

The nice thing about two religions having an argument is that atheism gets to sneak right up the middle.Kosher Jesus is Shmuley not Shumley Boteach s attempt to bring understanding between Judaism and Christianity by explaining Jesus Jewishness He does this by describing Jewish life in Jesus time and how a Rabbi like him would have acted and what he would have believed He supports this with citations from the Gospels in the New Testament if I m atheist, do I really need all these capitals and fr [...]

As someone who has perused many religious and spiritual paths, and planted roots in Judaism Christianity, I greatly appreciate this book for the dogma free way in which it looks at Jesus After reading Kosher Jesus I felt as if I had of a relationship with the man we call Jesus, and a better understanding of his historical perspective.I recommend this book to Jews who want to know the Rabbi Jesus, instead of throwing him out with the religious bath water to searchers like me, who have faith and [...]


First of all, I must say that it was with gladness that I greeted the news that America s most famous rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, had written a book about the central figure in Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth Now, he is hardly the first rabbi to perform such a tack, but R Boteach is certainly one of the most prominent in the present day to do so.My hope for R Boteach s KOSHER JESUS is this that the book gain enough popularity among Jewish readers to make the person known as Jesus a kosher topic of d [...]

I really debated with myself about writing what I thought Because I m an honest person I call things as I see them and it often offends someone I figured if I wrote what I thought no doubt I ll get hate mail So here s my thoughts Once you set aside closed minded people such as atheists and religious fundamentalists, I bet, if you dug deep down, you d find 90% of the people who dislike this book dislike it simply because it was written by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach They might hem and haw and try to sa [...]

If you think Jesus was a Constitutionalist American Exceptionalist supporter of Modern Israel, than this book is for you I do not think Jesus was such, and cannot get with Boteach s assumption that Christians take the Bible 100% literally so will somehow be won over to seeing Jesus as a Jew if its arguments don t make much logical historical sense when they somehow make a metaphorical metaphysical sense Plus he does this thing where he s like I ll prove Jesus was this way and then doesn t prove [...]

This is an excellent high level view of the work of Hyam Maccoby Most of the low ratings of this book are given by Christian who have prior theological commitments about the figure known as Jesus And who have a desire to evangelize Jews It proves essentially that gentiles myself included have little concept about what it actually means to be a Jew Otherwise some of the stories of the Bible the Gospels and the Epistles would have been easy to identify as spurious as a ham at Passover Part of the [...]

As a Christian who is also knowledgable about Judaism, Shmuley definitely gives many radical, challenging, and unique thoughts on the life of Jesus While he certainly makes a handful of good points I agree with, many of his arguments are outlandish and lacking in support His thoughts of Paul are radical, and he sometimes contradicts himself while writing He almost explicitly references Hyyam Maccoby, which makes for a very one sided argument, and occasionally references Christian speaker Dr Mich [...]

Kind of disappointed in the book The first few chapters were great as it was talking about the teaching of Jesus and how they relate to Torah and other classic Jewish teachings The rest of the book was putting up a defense that the Jews didn t kill Jesus or why the Jewish faith cannot believe that Jesus is the long awaited Moshiach Which I m totally fine with in another type of book As a convert to Judaism myself, I was expecting but I guess I built this book up a little in my mind Still a good [...]

I ve been reading a bit of secular religious stuff over the last year and this book certainly expands up on that genre with its Jewish scholarly take on Christianity Boteach has spent a lot of time in debates with Israel supporting evangelicals, yet makes some very challenging arguments with a touch of humor and respect.The historical transformation of Jesus from Jewish revolutionary to justification for anti semitism is an important historical fact to understand The book is also full of other i [...]

I would give this book a minus 10 if the choice was avail Although it may be a well written book I would have quit after the 2nd or 3rd chapter had I not been asked to read it by a good Catholic friend who appeasrs to be strugling with his faith.It did reinforce my Christian belief in Christ although he denounced my denomination altogether.I have had some good Jewish friends over the years who I have admired very much but I don t don t this Jewish Author at all.I wouldn t recommend the reading o [...]

Shmuley Boteach presents his case in this book how the Christians co opted a Jewish figure in the historical Jesus and turned out major religion These questions have been argued endlessly and will continue to be with the usual outcome of status quo Many of his points are well stated and convincing and his style is easy to follow But of course anyone reading this book will bring in their own biases for and against the arguments stated here From my perspective I see both sides working off flawed d [...]

I thought this was a very good book, and quite well written I ve always believed the Bible was Historical Fiction at best, written by men for men After reading this book I realize now the emphasis should be even on Fiction I am pretty sure most Christians today have no idea the Jesus they worship and pray to is not the real person who actually existed I m very glad I read this to help educate myself.

Rabbi Schmuley has written a most thought provoking book aimed at both Jews and Christians, positing that Jesus the man was not the person depicted in the New Testament Jesus, says Rabbi, was a pious Jew who had issues with the Romans, not other Jews or the Jewish way of life A vast amount of research and biblical knowledge went into this fascinating story Love him or hate him, he writes a great book and presents a very convincing case.

It was interesting to read a different viewpoint on who Jesus is, and somewhat helpful to get a Jewish take on Him, but mostly this book was the same arguments over and over again The author is rather pretentious and comes across as if his professional opinion is the only one that could be logical.

Nice objective on Boteach s part to show Christians the truth about Jesus from an objective Jewish perspective but the author falls abysmally short, picking the things he likes from Jesus teachings as authentic and dismissing the parts he finds objective or problematic as added later to the texts by revisionists Nice try but no cigar.

A tough book to write, no doubt Yet whatever one thinks of Shmuley s position, there is one take away line in the book that soars above the rest The merit of any religion is established not by its test of theological claims but by the goodness of its followers.

Interesting educated examination of Jesus Jewishness Although one can argue with some of Boteach s conclusions, interpretations, and interpolations, it is a worthwhile read for those interested in this critical junction of Judaism and its branch that became the new faith of Christianity.

He surmises that Jesus couldn t be how he s portrayed to be by the Christian Church and then makes arguments based on his surmising a faulty form of logic.

For anyone who has ever queried, Why don t the Jews accept Jesus

This book was great However it will shake up the notion of Jesus Some people would be upset by that but I find it refreshing to challenge the status quo.

Thought provoking Rabbi Boteach discusses aspects of Jesus life, teachings, and death about which I have pondered for years.

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Kosher Jesus