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The Shekinah Legacy #(2021)

The Shekinah Legacy

The Shekinah Legacy

  • Title: The Shekinah Legacy
  • Author: Gary Lindberg
  • ISBN: 9780984856503
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
The Shekinah Legacy By Gary Lindberg,

Free Download The Shekinah Legacy - by Gary Lindberg - The Shekinah Legacy, The Shekinah Legacy International cable TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her Asperger s son are caught literally in the crossfire of history when terrorists the CIA Mossad Israeli intelligence and the Vatican all con

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Gary Lindberg s The Shekinah Legacy is a darn fun read, if you like fast paced thrillers and religious history mystery In that sense, it s a nice read for a Dan Brown fan Or someone who is into the alternative, secret history conspiracies I did speed through it, in just a couple of sittings It s a good book But not great By not great , I mean in comparison to its peer group of mainstream thrillers both traditional or self published The plot and the underlying concept is no less unrealistic than [...]

When I started this book, I was immediately intrigued The initial scenes, and the introduction of characters was really well done I was initially intrigued, and excited about continuing the story to learn As the story progressed, however, my opinion of the book got lower and lower I very rarely put down a book without completing it, and I reserve 1 star ratings only for those books This book got me committed, and I made it through, but I was quite disappointed by the time I finished The story e [...]

When I was about a third of the way through the book, I thought it was a 5 star rated book and would qualify as one of my favorites That slowly changed as the story delved into an alternate explanation of what really happened to Jesus I believe in the western story of Jesus so I was not drawn in by the direction of the story I am trying to not include a spoiler in this review so that is the best I could say That being said, I do think this book is a very fine debut novel It is fast paced with ma [...]

Gary Lindberg is a friend He promoted the book on Facebook, so I clicked Like , and immediately downloaded the ebook to my Kindle.It s fiction, but so timely and real, considering the recent deaths of popular journalist and media celebrities in Syria That s where Lindberg s story begins, with brutality and a narrow escape Gary and his wife both are creative media professionals He knows his subject.The scene shifts quickly from Syria to the Lake Minnetonka west of Minneapolis, to India, and Kashm [...]

If you love books full of adventure, action, suspense this book is for you The numerous plot twists will knock your socks off Mr Lindberg does such a masterful job with character and plot development that you will not want to put this one down The story revolves around a journalist, her son, her father, and an ancient religious order as the journalist seeks to find a religious relic that will help save the her mother Throw in the CIA, Mossad, the Vatican and the other world intellegence agencies [...]

This was one of those rare books that I simply kept reading until it was finished The plot had so many twists and turns that it kept you on the edge of your seat and kept the pages turning This was my first read by Gary Lindberg, but I can assure you it will not be my last I did find myself continually checking items in the book to be sure the author was correct on his facts There were times I didn t appreciate some of the religious references, but it definitely did not stop me from reading the [...]

Couldn t put it down Truth or Fiction Or Fiction based on Truth I m still pondering.

As the Emperor says to Mozart in the movie Amadeus, There are simply too many notes Just cut a few and it will be perfect In this story, there are simply too many characters, too many competing plot lines, too many different secret organizations intelligence agencies The basic story line like all religiously themed historical thrillers is based on a ridiculous premise that requires the reader to suspend disbelief long enough to become interested in the mystery I wasn t able to do that here Somet [...]

This is one of the most amazing books I ve read yet reminds me of how much I love thrillers can t wait to read the sequel

The Shekinah LegacyThe Shekinah Legacy by Gary Lindbergh was just as the reviews raved about The excitement of the unknown kept me turning pages.

Mix one international cable news correspondent, an Aspenger s teenager, a long term MIA mother, a bestselling author, a professional assassin, a valuable relic and a host of worldwide organizations that want it and what do you have one hell of a riveting action packed suspense thriller The Shekinah Legacy is a fascinating story that immediately draws the reader in with its fast paced, fascinating storyline of drama, intrigue, suspense and adventure The author provides the reader with an intrigui [...]

I have learned throughout my time reading reviews that it is not a good idea to read through the synopsis information on prior to reading a book The reason I avoid doing this is because a lot of times, the book description includes comments regarding what to compare the book to I dont like having that preconceived idea put in my head before I even start reading When I started reading The Shekinah Legacy, I knew immediately that I was going to love this book See, I am a HUGE fan of authors such a [...]

The Shekinah Legacy is a wonderful story that combines action and adventure, a family s past with their present, and also intermingles their legacy with a world journey of discovery Though the book is about religion and has a religious baseline that branches out into a multi layered plot, you do not need to be a religious person yourself to read and enjoy everything within its pages The adventure and the history within the story keep you reading almost as much as the mystery behind some of the c [...]

This book was a page turner and an entertaining read I must admit, though, that I ve been stumped for a while trying to figure out how to rate and review this book I enjoyed reading this book for the most part, but a number of things nagged at me which decreased my overall impression of the book, and I didn t love the ending If I could do halves, I d give this book 3.5 stars.The good The book was an entertaining and compelling read, that kept me up reading late at night and kept me hooked until [...]

I won this book from the Member Giveaways at Library Thing.Normally, I am not a fan of religious fiction, but the book sounded interesting when I entered to win it When I started reading this book, I was relieved that it started out with action The religious parts of this book were extremely well written though I m no religious scholar by any means I truly enjoyed this book, which was full of action and adventure and for me was a bit of a learning experience.This is a story of Charlotte, a femal [...]

I found the Shekinah Legacy by Gary Lindberg to be a fascinating adventure thriller With the mixture of a globetrotting reporter and her son, the Sicaari, the CIA, the Mossad, and other groups hunting for religious relics Lindeberg develops a story that is fast paced and interesting to read At times the reader will wonder who the good guys are and whether the search for the artifact is worth the violence and stress that the characters are put through.Character development is one of Lindberg s st [...]

It could have been interesting to delve into the historical aspects of religion with this book In some reviews The Shekinah Legacy is compared to Dan Brown s book Da Vinci Code However, the Shekinah Legacy falls short in the worst of ways The characters in the book are shallow at best and completely undeveloped including the main character Charlotte Ansari Therefore, Charlotte never evolves into a likable person She doesn t even show any response to the death of her lover when he gets torn apart [...]

While the basic premise of this book is both intriguing and interesting, there are some problems that were very distracting and that ultimately deterred from the story Lindberg writes well and does a good job with character development I could ignore the similarities between his book and The DaVinci Code which were numerous and eerily close Still the plot would have worked except for the historical and biblical errors As one who teaches biblical history and theology, it is perhaps much botherso [...]

This thriller is an absolute must to read It is fast paced and well written The author has researched the facts used in the book well.Once I started to read the book I had to finish it The character of Charlotte Ansari is compelling, I found her easy to empathise with The imagery that Lindberg develops with his word use is a blessing Too many authors today take the easy road and Tell stories A lot of self published books I have come across persist in using fragmented sentences.Non of these error [...]

When it seems that everyone is out to retrieve two relics that could change history, TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her son Greg are caught in the crossfire quite literally, as those who seek these relics are willing to go to any lengths in their pursuit.The Shekinah Legacy is the debut novel in the Charlotte Ansari thriller series by Gary Lindberg The author very skillfully, and over the space of many pages, only adding to the thrill, introduces Charlotte, her son, Greg, who has Aspergers s [...]

When it seems that everyone is out to retrieve two relics that could change history, TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her son Greg are caught in the crossfire quite literally, as those who seek these relics are willing to go to any lengths in their pursuit.The Shekinah Legacy is the debut novel in the Charlotte Ansari thriller series by Gary Lindberg The author very skillfully, and over the space of many pages, only adding to the thrill, introduces Charlotte, her son, Greg, who has Aspergers s [...]

I received this book through LibraryThing in return for an honest review.Charlotte Ansari, a reporter for CCN News, and her son Greg, who has Asperger s Syndrome, get caught up in a holy quest She recruits her father and cameraman to assist They are looking for a couple of holy relics But they aren t the only ones Competing against them are The Mossad, CIA, and Indian Intelligence Agency She has a representative from the Sicarrii, a group of assassins, secretly protecting her There is plenty of [...]

A bare bones review for this one Popular CNN correspondent living at home with her husband and Aspergers son finds their home attacked ay apparent terrorists who are themselves shot by two other gunmen who are also killed by a lone shooter Meanwhile her son has received several emails from his grandmother who has been missing for years This all leads to the correspondent and her son beginning a long search for a relic connected to Jesus that leads to India and beyond They are followed by various [...]

This is another one that I probably wouldn t have ever read if it hasn t been free, followed by an occasion some time later when it seemed the most interesting sounding thing hanging around on the Kindle when I happened to be bored The plot reminds me if Dan Brown to some extent, although I know he certainly wasn t the first to write novels along such lines Religious secrets, conspiracies, secret societies, competing spies, and a great deal of violence are all tossed together I wanted the answer [...]

I guess I thought that, with a title like Shekinah Legacy and a plot centering around religious relics, the setting would be in Israel, not India and the Himalayas So, that was my first slight disappointment As I progressed through the book, though, I found I simply didn t care about any of the characters the Brotherhood s agents were so perfect as to be ridiculous and, quite frankly, the idea that a schism over religious doctrine could bring down the U.S which worships the almighty Benjamin ove [...]

I enjoyed the quick moving story, ala Dan Brown, cryptic messages to solve, historic religious sites, etc etc There were turns and twists and quite a lot of violence, many important characters don t survive Mix in the Mossad, the CIA, and several religious groups I hadn t heard of, and you have a lot of people searching for the same relics with great violence Perhaps most interesting is the character of Greg, the Aspberger s Syndrome son The utter brilliance of some Aspberger s is evident in Gre [...]

Leave time for reading when you pick up The Shekinah Legacy This thriller takes the reader to the neighborhoods and hidden zones of foreign lands while Charlotte Ansari, a career mom used to the very public eye of viewers of an international news organization, chases a mystery that will shake the core of her world The special challenges of a son with Aspergers and an unloving husband dissolve when her only child is threatened Lindberg displays a deep understanding of many religions and mastery o [...]

This review is not for the entire book as I have only read the first hundred pages of the story It was interesting at first to read something about the Islam ways, about how TV journalist works when they have to go to dangerous places just to produce stories, I liked the conspiracy and mystery in the story but somehow I lost interest in reading the book past the hundred pages I found the story even difficult to follow as I couldn t relate to the characters.

A good readThis was a good story and was a page turner It was so far out there that it was quite enjoyable despite what was written as the main topic The religious relics being searched for I would recommend this book to my friends I read the kindle version and it does have a bug I like to read with a black background and white text but this book does not have white text it has black text so it was black on black.

What an awful book The plot made no sense at all The characters totally unsympathetic at best, though mostly 2 dimensional cartoons Most of the time I had no idea why Charlotte was randomly acting and reacting the way she was The prose was choppy and amateurish Nothing flowed I constantly wondered what the heck is going on here And at the end, I didn t care Good thing this ebook was free.

  • Free Download The Shekinah Legacy - by Gary Lindberg
    357 Gary Lindberg
The Shekinah Legacy