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Georgie #(2021)



  • Title: Georgie
  • Author: Robert Bright
  • ISBN: 9780590421263
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
Georgie By Robert Bright,

[PDF] Georgie | by ↠ Robert Bright - Georgie, Georgie Georgie the ghost feeling unwanted when the step he has been creaking is nailed down decides to leave home

Recent Comments "Georgie"

Full of old fashioned, cozy, Halloween y wonderfulness The illustrations remind me so much of Shepherd s for Whinnie the Pooh I think the kitty is a relative of Tigger This is a story of sweet ghosts who have a happy and gentle purpose in houses and of one ghost in particular who is temporarily displaced First published in 1944 The About Georgie and Robert Bright bio on the back flap is great and I reprint it here in case others are not lucky enough to have the dust jacket on their copy mine is [...]

I remember ordering this from when I was a kid I loved the Georgie stories, and was always bouncing with anticipation for that month s book order to come in Ah the good old days And quite possibly the beginning of my interest in the paranormal Lovely.

This is a very sweet and funny story Georgie is a friendly and helpful ghost he reminded me of Casper the Friendly Ghost who lives in a house where the creaking stair board door give him the chance to be helpful.I loved that when Georgie has to temporarily go out in the world, the only house in the area without a ghost was the very scary looking house That was extremely amusing Also cute was the welcome mat with cat and with owl nearby waiting for Georgie on his return.I loved the detailed black [...]

This book delighted me, then my kids, and now my grandkids Good fun.

Now, let me start by saying my goal is to dig up all the books I read as a child as well as new books this year Georgie always held a special place in my heart so I decided to meet Georgie again He is as sweet as ever and the stories are as wonderful as ever I plan to buy them bit by bit My mom loved reading these tales and I grew to love them even as an adult You can t get much better than Georgie.Should I be counting such a short book in my goal Perhaps not but for one I have reached my goal, [...]

I ve loved this book since I was a little girl, and we still read it with our kids at Halloween My sister was convinced that Georgie lived in our floor radiators, and used to talk to him through them Charming illustrations and story

I m pretty sure I read this as a young person.

I read this when I was in first grade My mother read it in third grade It became a tradition to borrow this book and its sequels from the library at my elementary school, and we d read them as the leaves outside turned colors and dropped to the yard.Georgie is sort of like Casper s predecessor, only adorable, and without a group of abusive uncles slash older ghosts The plot is simple because, uh, it s a children s book, guys But it s utterly charming Robert Bright wrote this in the 1940 s and i [...]

Just adored this little blue book Written in Spanish, Jorgito George , was about a little ghost who thoroughly enjoyed his routine of walking down the creaking stairs and hearing the squeak of the door each time he entered the living room All of Jorgitos routines helped queue the people and animals around Jorgito to let them know that they had to do something to do at that time, just like an alarm would This little ghost is so sad when Mr Whittaker decides to oil all the creaky, squeaky things a [...]

This is such a great book for Halloween There is a little ghost named Georgie, and he is a friendly ghost Georgie reminds the owners of the house when it is time to go to bed by squeking the door and steps of the house Eventually the steps and doors are fixed and so Georgie has no purpose there any and leaves to find a new house to be helpful in And he cannot find any new home Eventually the old house s door and stairs begin to squeek again and he returns home This is a great book to teach seque [...]

Monica Edinger responded to a blog I wrote about Halloween stories, recommending this picture book series about a ghost I immediately read all eight Georgie books in my library and found him a fun character which came first Georgie or Casper though the individual narratives were uneven in both storyline and writing It s interesting to watch how the rather messy original illustrations all in blue evolve to add other colors as the books progress over the years.

Georgie I had forgotten about you and your plight,and your crazy chosen family the couple who only knows to go to bed when the door creaks, and the cat who only knows to hunt when something else happens, etc This is also how we know that cows are no fun to haunt, as a ghost ghost advice via ghost memoir brilliant illustrations.

3.75 starsI have never read this story It is copyrighted 1944 a smidgen before my time I love the blue and white hues, it just works Sometimes the boring monotone books are so blah, but this has enough details without being to much Like it said it just works Isn t it nice to have friendly ghosts in your house

Sweet and charming little story I purchased multiple copies of this book many years ago along with the story on cassette for my listening center Wonderful images come from the orchestra, voices, and sounds of this nostalgic story.

This series is a little treasure I had found the Georgie books on favorite children Halloween books lists I was intrigued This book is numero uno in the series The illustrations are very simple, but my daughter has enjoyed them so far.

My 5 year old son has just recently discovered Georgie The ghost has quickly become one of my son s favorite fictional characters, and we relive Georgie s adventures almost every night.

I love the Georgie books I used to read them to my daughter when she was little She loved them, too Nice for little ones, not scary at all.

Loved this book as a little girl and now my son is a fan of Georgie too This is such a sweet story about a little ghost searching for the perfect home, which turns out to be right where he started.

I didn t grow up with this story, but since it s a friendly ghost, I might have liked it I ll read it to a child and watch his response.


a childhood favorite

More than likely, this is the book I read in the first grade that made me fall in love with reading.

Love the illustrations Story is a little weak, but not at all scary for a ghost story Boy really enjoys it over and over

Cozy Ghosty wonderfullness.

Classic, but does not appeal as much to this generation of children.

Have the audio version

We LOVE Georgie I remember these from childhood and he is just as lovable as ever These are the perfect Halloween books for young children Not scary, but adventurous and sweet.

I think this was a book Captain Kangaroo read to me and all the other kids when I was little I m sure I ve read it myself since then, but I m pretty sure Captain showed it to me first.

Ugh Too wordy for the target audience.

I had forgotten this sweet book from my childhood until this Halloween Lovely memories.

  • [PDF] Georgie | by ↠ Robert Bright
    320 Robert Bright