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Baby Decision #(2022)

Baby Decision

Baby Decision

  • Title: Baby Decision
  • Author: Tina Gayle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Baby Decision By Tina Gayle,

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Free Download Baby Decision - by Tina Gayle - Baby Decision, Baby Decision Susan York faces the biggest decision of her life A baby or college Unmarried and confused Susan is not looking for a guy She only wants to get through her classes without getting sick Colt Lefevour

Recent Comments "Baby Decision"

I didnt like this book I cant even put why I didnt into words but I didnt This is my second Tina Gayle book and I think Im done with them especially her heroines In Pregnancy Plan the heroine was abusive and in this one Susan was just mean view spoiler Pouring water over his head after his proposal Humiliating hide spoiler The whole thing about this book was Susan s independence Give me a break She s not independent she was very DEpendent on Kelly and Jason Her and Colt made assumptions and plan [...]

This is a great book Was a fast read for me The story was very sweet but it made me laugh it made me cry I got really emotionally involved with the characters At times the heroine made me a little nuts being wishy washy but it made sense because she was pretty young However I was rooting for her the entire way This is my first Tina Gayle book but definitely won t be the last I look forward to her next book

I just couldn t connect with these characters at all I really could care less if they got together and even though I wanted to respect Susan s decision of adoption I just couldn t I felt like the writing just never got focused or something and Susan was annoying and very unlikable I don t like leaving negative reviews, but I was seriously disappointed in this book.

This was hard to read It was just all over the place The characters were said to be stubborn and liked to plan everything, but no one could make ONE DECISION And then it just ENDED 0 stars.

Pretty good I got a bit annoyed with both characters towards the end And it really left me wanting at the end Would have been nice to have an epilogue from a year later to see where things were.

ick based on the cover and blurb I wouldn t read this if I was paid amount.

It was a interesting story.

I think it ended very abruptly was slightly disappointed.

A college romance about a girl struggling between college and a keeping her baby Lots of conflict and an awesome read

  • Free Download Baby Decision - by Tina Gayle
    455 Tina Gayle
Baby Decision