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The Day We Met #(2022)

The Day We Met

The Day We Met

  • Title: The Day We Met
  • Author: Dusti Bowling
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Day We Met By Dusti Bowling,

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Free Download The Day We Met - by Dusti Bowling - The Day We Met, The Day We Met Sixteen year old Lenna James goes to church attends youth group and hangs out with the church geeks at school At least she did Enticed by a chance with the boy she s had a crush on for years Lenna

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I downloaded this book to my Kindle because it was free and was looking for a different book to change up my normal reading Well i m glad I downloaded this book I finished this book in one day and I was left crying my eyes out at the end with it As a teenage mother myself I could relate to this and all the things going through her head Dusti Bowling did an amazing job handling the struggles Lenna was facing At first I thought while reading this book it was just going to be another book about a t [...]

I bought this while perusing through the list of top rated children s fiction on It was only 99 cents, and it was about a high school girl who wasn t sure about hanging with her church friends Hmmmm, plus it was an independently published book with such good ratings Sounds interesting I loaded it before leaving town for work, and didn t come to it in my queue until I had finished a couple other books first By that time I had forgotten i had even downloaded it So I began reading the first chapter [...]

a stupid decision that leads to a horrible situation what should have beena heart breaking story just wasn t i find myself unable tosympathise with this character, i found her annoying and immatureand she was just plain stupid most of the time people make mistakes,and her s turned out very sad, but i can t love a book if i don t lovethe main character.

As an Independent Book Reviewer, I find it a huge honor and privilege to read so many amazing books, as well as work with some awesome publishing companies I receive numerous emails weekly offering me opportunities to read and review a vast array of genres, authors, and story lines Some come from authors I have never worked with in the past, or maybe not heard of before Honestly, I tend to stick with those I know and have worked with closely however, there are times when I ve stepped out of my c [...]

In this book the major event was teen pregnancy and struggles The major character in this book is a young teen named Lenna James who one day goes to a party and has a little too much fun and ends up getting pregnant by a boy in her school that is very popular and whom shes had a crush on since forever When Lenna finds out she is pregnant and tells the boy He wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the pregnancy Lenna ends up alone having to deal with the struggles of being pregnant During her pregna [...]

The most perfect way to describe this book is to say that it is a true love story between a mother, her baby, and God.I went into this book thinking that it was going to be a tale of a teenage mother and her baby and the struggles she faces when the father chooses to not be part of the life of the baby But this book was so much than that I was a story of teenage girl who has to find the courage and strengh that she forgets she has to face the hard truth that her unborn child is very very ill.Th [...]

Oh, where do I begin I think most of us remember what it s like to be a teenager So many long to be accepted by the popular crowd, and for a Christian teen that can be quite a bit of a challenge This story is about how far one girl went to gain that acceptance, and how quickly she realized that it wasn t at all what she d imagined.Lenna is such a real teenager I love how the author was able to tap in to that personality so effectively She isn t graceful, she is very self conscious, and ultimatel [...]

What to say about this book that would do it any kind of justice This book was about loss of faith and one young woman s ability to refind it in a heart wrenching situation The author took the reader on what, for me spiritually, was a recognizable journey, seeing ones ability to blame God for their trials instead of realizing that not only is he not the cause but that he s waiting there to be trusted with the burden A perfectly paced and beautifully written storyI m grateful to have found it.

A beautiful story about the love a young girl has for her baby I don t normally read many religous books as I have my own issues with GOD I believe in a higher power but not sure I believe in just one God Anyway the book was very wonderful and made me cry not in sorrow but in the miracle of birth and love.

Loved this book I had come across this while looking for another This book was so worth coming apond This book shows how one can loose their way and yet find their way back to God No matter what takes place there is always a way to have love and faith in what is not in your hand.

Love it Love this book makes me cry every time would recommend this to anyone brilliant story no words can say how good this book is

There were some things I liked about this book quite a bit I felt that the voice of the main character was pretty genuine, and the last few chapters were very sensitively written However, I am not a huge fan of books that start off in the middle and then use flashbacks to get me caught up I don t feel that the character is established well enough before she gets pregnant the book blurb tells us she is a church nerd, but we don t really see that in the text Her disconnection from church starts ev [...]

GENRE Inspirational, ContemporarySETTING 2009 somewhere USA CENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER LENNA is a practical high school girl She is not part of the in crowd She should be in church but she stopped going.HEATHER is a great friend and one to encourage.CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER WILL has changed lunch tables and avoids Lenna AIDEN is a guy that all the high school girls have a crush on and he uses this fact wellNOPSIS Taking responsibility can often be denied You always have the nosy ones that will dig t [...]

I m not really into religious books Which was the biggest downfall of this book I m LDS, and I believe I have found the middle ground between preachy and indifferent I don t push my beliefs of people, but I make them aware I am open to discussion I too went through a tough time with my faith as a teenager, but this girl is just moronic, and the way her family, friends, and religious leaders deal with her lack of spirituality is so off putting it annoyed me Its like, between the plot points, some [...]

HOLY CRAP This book made me cry its about teen pregnancy a girl has sex for the first time with the guy she has a crush on and ends up pregnant and he wants nothing to do with it he wants an abortion She knows she can t do that so decides on adoption and then ends up she can t do that because the baby isn t going to live because it has a very rare disease The girl starts to blame God for everything that has happened and goes into a major depression that her family fears she won t make it out of [...]

I don t recall ever reading a book about teen pregnancy before this one, but it s something that I feel very strongly about so I was looking forward to reading a YA Contemporary on this topic.The started off with a bang It took not time at all to get into the storyline and I felt the characters were pretty realistic and easy to follow along with.I knew something was going to go wrong just by reading the summary, but I didn t expect things to go so badly Parts of the story were really heartwrench [...]

Very religious and dismissive of the pain of losing a childI will openly admit that I am bias I lost my first son and I am appalled and disgusted that people think I should somehow praise god and be grateful he killed him This book is just of the same The character being shamed into submission to a god who killed her child like getting a boyfriend somehow makes it all ok because it was part of the plan I don t understand people in real life who can think this way so it doesn t surprise me that [...]

This is a book about Marcia Brady getting pregnant The parents might even be annoying than Mr and Mrs Brady MAYBE this MIGHT be suitable for 12 year olds Even if you are 12, this subject might be better handled with a slightly larger slice of reality The most bothersome aspect for me was the fact that this rude little girl had any friends at all, yet of course, she was blessed with a loving, caring, best girlfriend, and a boy who was downright saintly willing to put up with her mess One star.

I think the writer shows a truly preciuos message through a very difficult situation There alone the intention is very good We live a life of fast resolving situations, the fast resolution of this situation might sound the most logical thing to do but the writer shows another way, the right way, its painful, but its worthfull it was very simple to read although i have to be honest, and the calm the parents took the news was really unreal.

This is a very sad read I ve never read a novel with such a focus on religion before but it worked for me I can fully see how someone so young, in that situation could struggle with her faith and I was glad to see it restored as we progressed through the book, especially given how it all plays out.My only real gripe was how immature Lenna could be, of course she s immature at sixteen but at times, she frustrated me.All in all though, short but sweet and sad but uplifting.

Touching story of how God cares for useven when we don t ask Him to.I accidentally purchased this book, but am glad I did It was a fast ready took me about 4 hoursd I could feel the theme of God s love for His children running throughout the entire book I liked the main character, Lenna, and her best friend Heather is the kind of best friend I think we all secretly want.God can truly take any situation and turn it around for his glory.

I agree with most of the other reviewers that overall it was a good, fast read It was too predictable for me I prefer to have the author keep me wondering how it will end up, which was not the case here I also wasn t prepared for so much of the God, religion references That must be something I missed when reading the other reviews.

A good book and a fast read It reminded me of the Christian film To Save a Life in that it definitely had a level of controversy this time teen pregnancy but it had a strong Christian message as well that could definitely inspire teens toward a deeper relationship with God I ll admit it was a guilty literary junk food sort of read, but we all need those too

Wow This book is amazing I started reading it on my iPad at 1 pm and finished at 5pm I couldn t stop reading it It s a book about teen pregnancy but also about how a teen finds strength through god I m sure I will be reading it again if you re thinking about reading it definitely do

A quick and easy read I got it free from so I could look past the errors whereas if I would ve purchased it, the errors would ve annoyed me It might have been a tad too juvenile for me but it was still an emotional read.

Quick read, great bookA very simply written story that is filled with emotion without a lot of filler The story is pretty straight to the point, and I couldn t put it down one could I stop crying at the end.

This book was such an inspiration The author took you through a rough time in a teenage girls life and you can see her rising up thanks to the power of faith This book is going to make you cry, because you are completely involved in the story by the end.

This book is so unbelievably good I have never cried in a book as much as I had reading this Every single emotion the main character has feels like it s one of my own Very detailed and surprising and emotional I loved it.

What a great book, truly deserving of the 5 stars I rated it I love how the main character developed in the story as did her relationship with God I love how tragedy was made into how God was working in her life I love it.

Cried my eyes out

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