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The Princess and the Horse #(2021)

The Princess and the Horse

The Princess and the Horse

  • Title: The Princess and the Horse
  • Author: Mette Ivie Harrison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Princess and the Horse By Mette Ivie Harrison,

☆ The Princess and the Horse ↠ Mette Ivie Harrison - The Princess and the Horse, The Princess and the Horse Fierce s mother has left her pack to become a human Left behind Fierce is determined to have nothing to do with humans But one day she finds a woman who reminds her of her mother in the forest She he

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I m giving this four stars compared to all books, not compared to the first three books I gave the first two books five stars, and I gave the third book four stars The Princess and the Horse was still a great novel, but it paled in comparison to The Princess and the Snowbird, which wasn t quite as perfect as The Princess and the Hound and The Princess and the Bear.This book tells the story of Fierce, who is the hound daughter of Chala From the best of my understanding, it s in the same time peri [...]

I liked how this book ended This book was slow for me in the beginning but that was back story, it story and character building Then the story became very interesting I liked how she shown growth in her characters, and this series itself The characters are easy to like, and to hate In this book it was a fight to save the world, and restore the magical balance It is a good book and easy to read This book right now is free on , but for how long I don t know.

I really tried, I got 14% into it and that was really pushing myself to keep reading it It just wasn t interesting enough for me to keep reading Just bizarren t think I will be reading any of this series.

Very strange The wild magic the princess uses makes for weird imaginations of these characters she writes of A book I finished, however I read five in between finishing it Not one I would bother with again but I m glad I finished it to its interesting conclusion.

I d probably give this one a 3 , as it didn t appeal to me nearly as much as the previous princess books I didn t feel much connection to any of the characters.

Was very disappointed in this book as I have rather enjoyed other books by this author.There was such a focus on the bad things a bad feeling from the book that I didn t like reading it at all.

  • ☆ The Princess and the Horse ↠ Mette Ivie Harrison
    234 Mette Ivie Harrison
The Princess and the Horse