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Naked Came the Manatee #(2021)

Naked Came the Manatee

Naked Came the Manatee

  • Title: Naked Came the Manatee
  • Author: Carl Hiaasen Elmore Leonard Dave Barry James W. Hall Edna Buchanan Les Standiford Paul Levine Brian Antoni
  • ISBN: 9780449001240
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
Naked Came the Manatee By Carl Hiaasen Elmore Leonard Dave Barry James W. Hall Edna Buchanan Les Standiford Paul Levine Brian Antoni,

☆ Naked Came the Manatee Á Carl Hiaasen Elmore Leonard Dave Barry James W. Hall Edna Buchanan Les Standiford Paul Levine Brian Antoni - Naked Came the Manatee, Naked Came the Manatee In South Florida everyone wants to get a head But not just any head A very famous human head severed and snugged away in a cryonic container A head that could spark a revolution and change the course

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Once upon a time, 20 or so journalists at the Long Island newspaper Newsday, posed as a single writer named Penelope Ashe and wrote a really bad sex novel called Naked Came the Stranger.In 1997, Dave Barry wrote the first chapter of Naked Came the Manatee and passed it to the right, in the tradition of that party game called Telephone He thought he d made up enough characters for all of the South Florida writers involved in the project And like the first person in the Telephone circle, he lost c [...]

Like most such serially written books, Naked Came the Manatee starts out strong, but as it progresses, each previous writer is and likely to write the next one into a corner In some such stories, the ending is a foregone conclusion, so the writers needn t struggle too much to assure that the assassination is foiled, the lovers are united, etc but something that starts with an open ending, like this book, paradoxically creates troubles for writers and readers For example, Carl Hiassen, the fin [...]

Interesting concept 13 different authors, each of whom penned a chapter, taking the story in their own direction Dave Barry wrote the opening chapter, which had me in hysterics despite my best attempts to stifle my giggles so my 8 year old son, who was asleep next to me, wouldn t wake up A manatee named Booger Brilliant I d never heard of the majority of the writers, so I had no idea what to expect Each chapter had its own style, its own flavor, but they all worked together really well There was [...]

Like the waters of Key Biscayne, in and near where much of the plot of this book occurs, this story is choppy That s to be expected, given the novel consists of 13 chapters, no two written by the same author Dave Barry kicks off the story, Carl Hiaasen finishes it, and the writers in between are all seasoned Floridian authors of varying renown Some of the chapters are funnier than others, some better written, and a couple don t work at all The approach makes for disjointed storytelling at best, [...]

Not as funny as I d hoped it would be In 1995 and 1996, a team of South Florida s best writers collaborated on a wacky mystery story that was published a chapter at a time by the Miami Herald s Tropic magazine RIP The first chapter, setting up the storyline, was by Dave Barry, and featured a manatee named of course Booger Other writers had to then pick up the story and run with it Les Standiford tossed in his series hero, John Deal, and then Paul Levine had his attorney hero Jake Lassiter repres [...]

An extended gag as much as a book Thirteen authors who have dished their share of Florida crime tales including the top billed Hiaasen, El Leonard, Edna Buchanan, Paul Levine and James Hall get together to write a chapter each of an increasingly bizarre tale involving a frozen head and a slate of characters so cracked they have to be Miami residents Some familiar series protagonists show up, too, such as Buchanan s Britt Montero, Levine s Jake Lassiter and Les Standiford s John Deal.Each writer [...]

The basic premise of this novel is that twelve Florida writers got together and wrote a chapter each It was originally serialized in a magazine, so the way it worked was the first author wrote chapter one, which appeared in the magazine With that to go on, the next author had to continue the story in chapter two So on and so forth until Carl Hiaasen had to tie everything up at the end and make a coherent story out of it.While Hiassen did write the best chapter in my opinion , the way the book wa [...]

I have lived with the legend of this book ever since my parents let me read Dave Barry when I was a small child Bad move, parents I m super strange now and it s your fault In my mind, nothing beats the humor and weirdness of South Florida s best and most cherished authors Barry, among others like Hiassen and Shroder, collaborated on the book and each added a chapter You think this would make for a great romp, but really, it s just as confusing and halting as it sounds.I even read this while in t [...]

Remember that game where you get a bunch of people together and one person starts a story then breaks off and the next person continues the story, and so on Well this book is what happens when that bunch of people are all published authors Just like those impromptu group stories, this story is a lot of fun, but suffers from characters that suddenly begin acting out of character, plot points that show up suddenly then just drift away, and even chapters that shift genres Kudos to Carl Hiaasen who [...]

I didn t like this one as much as naked came the phoenix by all the women mystery authors, but it was a cute, quick read The concept of these Naked came the books is great Some are just done better than others.

Booger the manatee is much fun to follow than Fidel Castro, truly I enjoyed this summer read.

Cute book

Not great, but really good I like the premise of a bunch of authors agreeing to create a novel, with each successive chapter the responsibility of a new author, and certainly some author working hard to leave the end of a chapter with something very challenging for the follow on person And of course, I was not aware of the creation of NAKED CAME THE STRANGER under similar circumstances, but decades earlier I will recommend to my daughter.

It was ok, but not as LOL funny as other books I have read from the authors involved in this book Good beach read, but that s about all I can give this book

Really enjoyed this book Would like to find like this, especially from this group.

Really interesting serial writing project with several authors Fun read

A nice premise a book of 13 chapters, each written by a different Floridian author Book itself is choppy, and doesn t flow well It was okay glad I read it won t re read it ever.

First time reading a novel written by 13 different authors My thoughts 1 Worth a read for those of us living in South Fla or who are familiar with life here Pretty much makes fun of everything here, mainly assoc with Miami Coconut Grove.2 Very funny chapter that makes fun of the typical South Beach life style and the trendy clubsd tacky private dinner partya club called Hell with an aquarium dance floor filled with sharks Note Hiaasen later will write a book called Star Island which also has a s [...]

As Britt Montero says on page 158, this is getting confusing Indeed I was all ready to give this book a two star rating until I learned that the book was originally published weekly making this a real serial novel , so I decided to be generous and throw in an extra star for the authors having to solve other people s literary problems under pressure, along with whatever else the authors were all working on at the same time Props especially go to Carl Hiaasen for making pretty good sense out of it [...]

A fairly enjoyable book, clever in parts, absurd in others, and with a strong South Florida atmosphere that invokes nostalgia for hanging out in Coconut Grove, even if the events here are a bit sillier than the reality I remember reading some of the chapters as they were serialized in The Miami Herald s Tropic magazine in the early 90 s, starting with the first one by Dave Barry, each writer picking up the story where the previous one left off I didn t recall actually reaching the ending, though [...]

Dave Barry opens this trickster novel with the introduction of Booger the Manatee gently coasting through the waters of South Florida Booger is soon entangled in a mystery with cryogenically frozen, decapitated heads that bear a striking resemblance to Fidel Castro A scuba diver, a lawyer, an aging naturalist dedicated to the preservation of coastal waters, a journalist aching for her next big story, and other colorful deadbeats populate this wildly twisted novel Carl Hiaasen skillfully wraps up [...]

So, a group of than a dozen authors gets together and plays a literary game of Telephone Dave Barry started it, with a chapter introducing my favorite character, a manatee that the locals call Booger, along with a few humans in order to please a public who wouldn t be happy with an all manatee cast He then handed it off to a writer friend, who handed it to another and another and another, for the next thirteen chapters Having suffered through books that were written by committee, I was understa [...]

I love Dave Barry s zany novels and Carl Hiaasen s humorous nods to saving the environment, so when I found this book written a chapter apiece by famous Florida authors including this dynamic duo, I was excited Ah, what a let down.Naked Came the Manatee begins with promising chaos and wacky characters, trademarks of Barry I m not sure who came up with the plot, but it seems to have his name written all over it I only wish of the book had actually been penned by him.The problem with having than [...]

this book is absolutely preposterous, and i mean that in the best way possible this is the novel equivalent of the experiment we did in my 10th grade english class where everybody wrote one sentence of a story on a piece of paper and then passed it to the person next to them to continue the story except here you ve got well known florida authors writing full chapters you can t read this book expecting it to be the slightest bit coherent or sensical it s pure fun, so just go along for the ride an [...]

In case you didn t know, this book is actually written by several Florida authors, each contributing a chapter and taking the story where they so choose I believe it was originally published in a magazine, with each author submitting the next installment of the story The first is Dave Barry and the final is Carl Hiaasen with several other prime examples of Floridian writing genius in between This book covers the bases when it comes to Florida humor, taking place in Miami, we have nature lovers, [...]

This is a strange and very unique story comprised of thirteen serial chapters, each written by a famous Florida writer The tale is absurd, shocking, and wickedly funny It takes pot shots at tourists, politicians, developers, gangsters and even Floridians and Cubans I love reading Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry s books, so I was excited to see them work together It seems the only one missing from the group hug was Tim Dorsey.It s a very fast read and is highly entertaining There are too many charact [...]

Before reading this book, I didn t have high hopes I ve read a lot of reviews beforehand that bashed this book Well, after finishing it I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.It s by no means perfect When you have that many authors each writing a chapter in the novel, there is bound to be some problems Overall, though, it was enjoyable.One of the problems is that between some of the chapters, there are time lapses so the reader has to figure out Okay what happened to that guy So in one chapte [...]

Ugh Just ugh While creating a novel by having a different author write each chapter seems like a fun concept, it is rarely successful If you are a fan of Hiaasen or Leonard, you ll probably tolerate this book, maybe even enjoy it But I was bored, found the characters one dimensional and stupid, the smart ass comments weren t funny but definitely predictable, completely don t understand why the manatee was in the book at all, and probably only needed to read the last chapter by Leonard in which a [...]

You d think that a slew of seasoned writers could put together a better story than this, wouldn t you It honestly read like they were caught up in playing a game of trying to trip each other up while amusing themselves in the process than they were with creating a properly flowing novel If you read it from that perspective, a bunch of otherwise great authors coming together to amuse themselves and playing jokes on each other by torturing certain characters and at one point mutilating another ch [...]

This is what you get, apparently, when you ask 13 Florida authors to write a novel Two of the authors, El Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, are among my favorites The rest are competent.The story involves various severed heads of Fidel Castro, found floating in the shallows off the Miami shore The characters are what you d expect a 102 year old lady environmentalist given to swimming in the altogether her friend Booger, a manatee a professional Castro impersonator and, well, various others The plot is c [...]

  • ☆ Naked Came the Manatee Á Carl Hiaasen Elmore Leonard Dave Barry James W. Hall Edna Buchanan Les Standiford Paul Levine Brian Antoni
    169 Carl Hiaasen Elmore Leonard Dave Barry James W. Hall Edna Buchanan Les Standiford Paul Levine Brian Antoni
Naked Came the Manatee