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Masquerade #(2021)



  • Title: Masquerade
  • Author: Cambria Hebert
  • ISBN: 9781936593262
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
Masquerade By Cambria Hebert,

[PDF] Read ☆ Masquerade : by Cambria Hebert - Masquerade, Masquerade I m disfigured Scarred Ugly When I look in the mirror I see a stranger When I look over my shoulder no one s there Yet I feel watched Hunted Afraid And then he tells me I m beautiful He tells me I m

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Dark, twisted, full of unexpected turns Masquerade does not lack in originality You go in this expecting certain developments when all of a sudden, the rug gets swept out from under your feet you get thrown into a completely unconventional story To be honest I freaking loved it Masquerade is told in alternative perspectives between Heven and Sam After Heven s attack by who or what, she doesn t remember she has these horrible scars covering the left side of her face which has completely changed h [...]

Now this was one heck of a book For this review let s see how many different adjectives I can try to squeeze inSo before you start this book you need to read Before Handy title Here is the link for that free download on smashwords smashwords books view Alright here we goLet first say that Masquerade was dipped in awesomesauce with a side of superb This book was beautifully written I loved the different points of view throughout the book and the characters were lovable and fierce at the same time [...]

It s the same pattern used over and over, again and again Stage 1 New girl meets hot boy Or new boy meets hot girl Of course the girl doesn t think she s pretty, she s too damn insecure Stage 2 INSTANT LOVE They look at each other for the first time and in two seconds, BOOM, love at first fucking sight Stage 3 I wanna know about you, let s talk Stage 4 Now let s go on an adventure to defeat the bad guy Stage 5 Okay adventure s over, let s make out and spend the rest of our boring teenage lives [...]

This book is off the chain Review is yet to come, but I ll leave you with a visual aid.This is my face right now and for most part of the story,, image error Yep,,I ve lost my ability to think straight and the words just slip from my mind,, Reviewed on 12 16 11 You know when people say that appearances don t matter That a person s interior is what it counts Well, it s a really sweet thought and wee feel so good about ourselves thinking that people are good and that the interior beauty is what s [...]

This is one of the worst books I have ever read and it stuns me that there are so many five star reviews on for this piece of shit What s worse is that a lot of these reviewers are adults and authors I could have forgiven teenagers, but there are actual adults out there who gave this book a positive rating There are published authors who enjoyed this crap and are probably out there writing their own novels filled with the same pathetic drivel.Let s start right at the beginning, shall we Before w [...]

Masquerade is a YA Paranormal novel about a girl named Heven who just entered her Senior year in High School.One night while coming home from the library, she is visciously attacked and left for dead.Heven wakes up in the hospital with the left side of her face horribly scarred and no memories of the awful event.She is even begins to wonder if she did it herself.Like anyone who would have gone through such an unthinkable ordeal, Heven becomes a recluse.Dressing in baggy clothes, using her hair t [...]

I never thought it d be so hard to write a review about a book I loved, but here I am, not knowing what to say about this fabulous bookOk, let s take it one step at a time.The story Masquerade is the first book of the Heven and Hell series Heven is a teenage girl who after a terrible attack she can t remember got disfigured Her life had changed completely after that, she lost everything, her friends, her selfconfidence, her life But after a new boy arrives at her school everything is about to ch [...]

I really enjoyed Masquerade It was intriguing, and quite different to have a main character be so psychological scarred but still easy for the reader to identify with Yes, she was a cheerleader, a trendsetter, a social butterfly but that was before I was worried at first that the youthful voice of Heven might grate or turn into a pity party, but I really don t feel it did that Masquerade manages to balance on that fine line of remaining true to a younger character but without the common side eff [...]

deleting reviews if you want to take a look at them you can do so on my blog, link on my profile

I really loved this book After receiving the short prequel for review a few weeks ago I could not wait to get my hands on the full length novel, for the real start to this series I wasn t disappointed in the slightest I loved every single second of it and became so hooked to the story and unable to put it down I almost missed my train home Yea, no reading at the train station for me.Heven has always had the perfect life, she was pretty, popular and could have any guy she wanted But that was bef [...]

Five Stars A unique and creative debut novel Heven scurries home from her late, study session at the library The crisp, click of her heels on the pavement, echoing in the darkness, as she hurries to each inviting, safe, splash of light, dotted along the sidewalk that break up night s dark blanket Suddenly, there is a rustle in the bushes, a streaking blur, followed by ferocious growling and clawing Heven s piercing scream shatters the stillness, as she awakens a sweaty, trembling heap in a tangl [...]

I must admit I m a reading addict I love the feel of paper books, the instantaneous gratification of an ebook and the anticipation whenever I m starting a new book Will this book pull me so far into its story that sleep, school, work, family and maybe food will pale in comparison to turning the page Most of the time sleep is the only thing I skip so please don t call Book Addicts Anonymous The point I was trying to make is that I read ALOT of ya and after awhile I get to the point of screaming N [...]

This was just amazing It had my heart pounding This has to be one of the best books Ive ever read There is something so effortless and beautiful about the author Cambria Heberts writing that just captured me immediately The characters were just so easy to fall in love with and the story line was completely enthralling There are four pov s Heven, Sam, The Hate and The Hope.Before Everything was so much better Before I wasn t haunted by nightmares, my place at school was secure and my face was fla [...]

I received this book as a part of Read 2 Review.Overall, I really liked this book From the first page, I was captured and enthralled by the words that leaped out of the page I couldn t help wanting to read it and not wanting to do anything else Heven and Sam s relationship walked a tight rope, but ultimately I was convinced The story is one of overcoming tragedy and the power of that story line is one many people need to learn or be reminded of For the most part, I had nothing to say about this [...]

It is hard to put into words what I feel about Masquerade Although it is the same concept as most books that I ve read and loved Girl meets boy girl and boy fall in love their love is tested again and again by some supernatural force Cambria Herbert s writing style and the new concepts she introduces took Masquerade to a whole different level Not to mention, I think that Heven is one of my favorite heroins not because she is some bad ass chick, but because she is a survivor who sees the good in [...]

Having heard some amazing reviews, I was quite excited to get this book through PNR UF Fanatics R2R program I didn t know much about it before I began, having only read the synopsis and skimmed reviews I don t like accidentally reading spoilers I m sorry to say I was a little disappointed Other than a few moments of excitement, a lot of the story was rather slow The first half in particular was mainly Heven talking about how miserable her life is which complaint, to be fair, was not without some [...]

Originally posted to Bookish BlogThis book could not have been perfect Cambria Hebert hit the jackpot, she created an unforgettable, magical, insanely gripping and astoundingly beautiful story Fast paced plot that drips with tension and thick, mysterious atmosphere Richly developed, swoon worthy characters that you ll instantly connect with Totally unpredictable twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat non stop All that and so much this book will blow your mind They tried not to star [...]

As a child oh, who am I kidding Even as an adult, my favorite fairy tale was is Beauty and the Beast I love that story so much, and I ve often wondered why there weren t tales reminiscent of such a classic love story Stories that capitalize on inner beauty and not the worn out, wearisome accounts of glamorous, perfect, unattainable lead characters What if there was a modern day take on my favorite tale and even better What if the beauty bore the disfigurement instead of the beast Masquerade Hev [...]

One of the best debut novel of the year Before, the prequel of Masquerade had already tied me up in knots, and Masquerade didn t disappoint Reading Masquerade was a walk down the memory lane, it has been too long since I read a story dedicated to only werewolves and shifters, and I didn t realize how much I missed it until Masquerade And to say, Masquerade took the term Shifters to a whole new level I never even thought that it was possible, so I have to award a good 10 points on the creativity [...]

I would give this a 4.5 5 This book was pretty intense and amazing Its hard to even believe how much happened I cant believe it was only 360 pages It felt like so much When I think back to how things were in the beginning of the book, when Heven was hiding behind her hair and her hood, and that first conversation she and Sam had in the school cafeteria, it feels like years ago At first, I was a little hesitant to accept Sam since he was totally stalking Heven for like a year, and that is totall [...]

I absolutely adored Cambria s prequel to Masquerade, Before, review can be found here myguiltyobsession it left me in suspense over what would happen next and I just couldn t wait to find out all about Sam and the mystery of the Hate and Hope and even Heven, so I just knew I would really Masquerade and I wasn t wrong What I didn t know and wasn t expecting was just how much I was going to fall in love with this series And let me tell you, my expectations for this book were already high and yet, [...]

epic awesomeness thereviewsofmar note I was super surprised that I had won this book via a giveaway, because it was the first time I had won an ebook Ever The cover art is awesome You should read this book Go read it now after you ve read my review of course the book Heven s life changed Before her life was normal Now her face is scarred She does not know how she got them She does not know how to deal with the looks people give her She changes and hides, always But then she meets Sam Immediately [...]

Before you read Masquerade, you need to read the short story prequel Before to see what Heven s life was like Before It is free for download from Smashwords and book show 12Masquerade is the story of Heven Heven had the perfect life she was pretty and popular, and everything was going her way Then something happens, and her world is shattered The Heven who once was is gone and what is left is a scared girl who is hiding from the world She sees herself as a freak and lives an empty life Then Sam [...]

This book was kind of strange to read It started off slow and strong Some people might dislike that slow progression in the beginning, but I feel Cambria used the time well to develop Heven It created a three dimensional character with bits and pieces everyone could relate to I was a bit iffy at the introduction of Sam because it got a bit lovey dovey and the pace of the read started to quicken I think it mellowed out and progressed well, adding drama and attraction where it was needed So all in [...]

Before by Cambria Hebert sets the stage for innocence to be devoured by evil, and it s an entrancing prequel to her debut novel Masquerade So called normalcy is obliterated in Hebert s talert fantasy, part horror, and completely irresistible Heven and Sam are wonderful characters with big time, supernatural problems ignited from Hate, which actually helps tell the story Hope gets to jump in from time to time, offering hints about what is to come, until it interferesanging everything Masquerade i [...]

Masquerade by Cambria HebertMasquerade is a YA Paranormal novel full of mystery, suspense and romance it is what I would call a page turner as I found I couldn t put the book down This novel is written extremely well I loved how the author wrote the different points of views so we had a better understand of each character Cambria words flowed so well you got caught up in the story like you were a part of it I really enjoyed her writing style and will read anything she has written Every story nee [...]

This is an amazing and thought provoking book I ve mentioned before that Hebert s style of writing takes you deep inside the story until you are touching, smelling and experiencing everything along with the characters This is no less true for Masquerade than her other works The author very successfully uses a continuously changing pov that allows the reader to see the inner thoughts of Heven, Sam and the mysterious Hate and Hope characters.This is an amazing and thought provoking book I ve menti [...]

Ok, so as always, thanks so much to R2R the author for giving me a copy to read for my review I am so happy I read this book and I will try to do it justice, but I doubt anything I say will make anyone get how great this story is Heven is the main character in which, she starts off one of those very happy, popular girls but not a mean one and things are really looking up Yes, she s had some loss and sadness in her life, but it doesn t make her cold, until the night she loses everything, or so sh [...]

I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I liked this book I was really looking forward to reading it, there where some parts that I found a bit slow, but overall I liked the book It is about a girl who is attacked, she can t remember anything about the attack, but she has some large scars on the left side of her face These scars make her lose her self worth and she tries to hide behing large hoodies and her hair Then she meets Sam and falls in love with him I found the beginning [...]

WHERE do I even begin with this book Oh, I know How about where has it been all my life or maybe why did nobody tell me about it sooner Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings towards this book and this amazing author Cambria Hebert has created a world that is so completely unlike any I have ever ventured into Every minute is like a deep gulp of fresh air after years and years of stale, recycled air It s beautiful The characters are wonderful, and the way Ms Hebert has crafted them, you FEEL [...]

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