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Jonah's Bride #(2021)

Jonah's Bride

Jonah's Bride

  • Title: Jonah's Bride
  • Author: Jillian Hart Jill Henry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Jonah's Bride By Jillian Hart Jill Henry,

Jonah's Bride Best Download || [Jillian Hart Jill Henry] - Jonah's Bride, Jonah s Bride This is a re issue of the original book published by Zebra Precious Gems written under the pen name Jill Henry Sensual content Approximately words about print pages Bound by DutyArmy Major

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This was a perfectly adequate book with a mediocre plot and average interactions between the H h While it kept my interest for the duration of the reading, I won t remember much about it in a few weeks I couldn t understand the overwhelming abrasiveness of Tessa at the beginning Jonah comes around nicely in the end Quite a bit of the book is devoted to Tessa as a healer for the community.

Jonah s Bride Originally published in 1999 by Kensington PressTessa Bradford was looked down upon as the sharped tongue town spinster After her parents has died she went to live with her Grandfather s family She was treated worse than a slave Tessa had dreams of love and family but kept them hidden as she feared they would never come true One night when she snuck out to ice skate she ran into Major Jonah Hunter in the woods He had been a mean child, pulling her braids in school and getting into [...]

So I ve read a few Jillian Hart romances by now, having never really been all that impressed by them I still trudged along though, hoping to find one that was pleasing I finally found what I was looking for with Jonah s Bride Jonah and Tessa are adorable together When they were children Jonah used to pull on her braids and tease her, much to Tessa s annoyance Obviously, we all know that when a little boy teases a little girl that he really likes her Fast forward years later to Jonah s homecoming [...]

This was a good romantic read I couldn t help but feel for Tessa and what she had had to endure I read other reviews where people were angry at Jonah, but this wasn t the case for me Those who are familiar with arranged marriages, and the practice of marriage outside of the modern day sense can understand this better Doesn t mean that I have to like it, just that I understand Overall, I liked the book, but I do wish that Tessa would have stuck it to her family just to show them, or maybe one of [...]

The stubborn holding out on both their parts was a little too over the top to be believable I kept saying, duh, this makes sense, why are you fighting it , but there was an insecure heroine and angst, so of course I liked it.Re read Dec 2017 Of course I like angst and insecurity, but this is a little silly IMO The conflict between the pair in the beginning feels played up and manufactured, and Tessa seems to get over her self doubt a bit too easily.

ending was kinda abrupt and I felt slightly like the hero is undeserving of the heroinee went through a lot I guess that s what makes this a bit realistic than some other romance novelt everything is peachy even at the end of what he believed about her appearance overall, somewhere from 4 to 5 stars p

really good

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Jonah's Bride