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Curious George's Opposites #(2021)

Curious George's Opposites

Curious George's Opposites

  • Title: Curious George's Opposites
  • Author: H.A. Rey
  • ISBN: 9780395899236
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Board Book
Curious George's Opposites By H.A. Rey,

☆ Curious George's Opposites ✓ H.A. Rey - Curious George's Opposites, Curious George s Opposites Riding forward and backward on his bicycle and letting pigs in and out of their pen George in his typical inquisitive manner explores opposites in this simple book

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Curious Geoge is a favorite of mine This book is good for the little ones The art style is simple but has enough detail for them to point out other things going on in the scene as well as realize the significance of the opposites I have read this book so many times to my two year old that now she can read it to me because she has memorized it.

Good book Simple and easy for my 3yr old to understand.

Tells opposites Good for young kids trying to learn words, meanings, opposites Also has pictures to illustrate demonstrate what happens.

Curious George s Opposites Curious George Board Books by H.A Rey features sentences and illustrations to show pairs of opposites Bright, colorful illustrations of six sets of opposite words utilize pictures from other Curious George books Single and double page spreads are used My favorite images are backward, dripping wet, out , and awake.Opposite pairs shown include up and down, forward and backward, dry and wet, in and out, closed and open, and awake and asleep The opposite words are capitali [...]

Everyone loves Curious George This book of the extensive series is perfect for the youngest audience The simplicity of opposites, the thick, easy to handle pages and the basic types of experiences are especially conducive to very young children Sentence structure is basic, but at times offers inverted order of subjects and predicates which might serve to expand the child s understanding of our language The variation of separate pictures on opposite pages interspersed with double page illustratio [...]

We love Curious George He s always getting in to, and out of, something He s never afraid to make a mess and learn something new both traits we want to foster in Ezra lord help us Ezra enjoyed seeing George dry, and then very wet She enjoyed seeing him in the pig pen, and then seeing all the pigs out of the pen what a lot of pigs This book will be a wonderful teaching tool as she grows to understand the concept of opposite.

If your little one is a massive fan of Curious George this book is probably perfect to add to your collection of books Plus if your at the stages of wanting to start dipping your toe into opposites this will be a great starting point for you Your little one will love the illustrations of their favorite monkey bouncing around this book The hard cover it s made with will keep the pages lasting a long time.

This is a really nice board book Using everyone s favorite monkey Curious George and the colorful illustrations this book is full of opposites in, out, closed, open but also you can use it to help count Count the pigs in the pen, the pigs out of the pen And where the various animals live, fish in water pigs in pens etc My granddaughter carried this around and read it on her own many times in addition to us reading it together.

This book I like because it teaches the basic concepts of opposites, that George experiences and identifies.A learning experience I would do with children would have them break into small groups and pick 5 items from the classroom and think of an opposite to the items for later discussion on why it would be opposite.

Nice book of antonyms for toddlers I saved this book from the mass giveaway for I thought it would be helpful to introduce antonyms to my students I used it today to do so.Despite it being a low level book for them, it worked well as an introduction review of a skill students have had previously 9 April 200713 December 2013

This is one of my daughter s favorite books She loves to point at the pictures and tell me what is going on I think some of the wording could have been better to make it educational and clear, but my daughter seems to understand it anyway.

This adorable little children s picture book is just as educational as it is fun As Curious George is riding around on his bicycle he teaches readers about opposites such as in, out, up, down, etc in a fun way This book is appropriate for ages 3 4.

A CHristmas present from Grandma Tommy knows most of his opposites, except for a bit of confusion on over under.

cute book for the toddler crowd Mom and I were bored at church and it was in the room, so we read it.

A great beginner book that helps teach children their opposites Up and Down In and Out It has all the basics, and adding Curious George to it isn t a bad idea either

A little light on plot, but Rye enjoys it anyway.

Good for teaching basic prepositions Makes the concept of opposites very easy to grasp too.

This book has fun illustrations and has some pairs of opposites, but I wish it were longer.

This is a good opposites book for kids because the words are used in context.

This is a timeless book that is great for teaching children that antonyms are opposites.

I read this with both my children.

pre k kindergarten Great book to open up lesson on opposites

This was a present for Tommy, but Danny likes pointing out the pictures we ve seen in other Curious George books.

  • ☆ Curious George's Opposites ✓ H.A. Rey
    246 H.A. Rey
Curious George's Opposites