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Sparks #(2022)



  • Title: Sparks
  • Author: Talia Carmichael
  • ISBN: 9781613721360
  • Page: 190
  • Format: ebook
Sparks By Talia Carmichael,

Sparks Best Download || [Talia Carmichael] - Sparks, Sparks Bernie Jenkins knows longing for Tomas is futile The strong sexy man sees him as nothing but an obligation a burden he took on out of pity He even calls Bernie kid Bernie knows all about burdens and

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I really didn t enjoy this story about two close friends whose mates are convinced they should be together On the first page Bernie is already moaning looking at Tomas butt and the book then gives a detailed description of what Tomas looks like, complete with full bottom lip and buff muscles all telling and no showing in this book The next 25% consists of Tomas repeatedly several times per page protesting that he and Bernie are just friends when suddenly and inexplicably they get together The bo [...]

2.75 StarsThis book is ALL ABOUT what you are in the mood forSo, if you can deal with a plot that goes a bit off the rails from time to time, a strong dose of sappy, and quite a bit of unlikely, BUT are also craving a sweet romance with two likable guys, who are hot together and that you kind of want to root for, you might want to give this one a try.The hot Latin Papacito and his Geeky sweetie Tomas and Bernie are friends, they have a deal Bernie cooks for Tomas, and Tomas buys his groceries Th [...]

SSSSSSssssizzle Caliente 2.75 rounded up.Some stories are like crack, man, and this is one of those series where the stories are majorly addictive I jumped on this story when it came out I hope the next book comes out soon because I m pretty sure I m going through withdrawls.This book features Bernie the clumsy science geek, and Tomas the hot and lusty Latino It s like I made a Christmas list with two of my guilty pleasure characters on it and Talia Carmichael went all Santa Claus on my ass and [...]

I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked ReadsDNF 23% automatic 3 stars Read as part of the Something in Common bundle.This is a case of the writing style not for me I won t go in depth, but the lower rated reviews pretty much voice exactly what my issues are Sappy, when I need a hefty dose of realism in my books The dialogue doesn t sound as real people would speak wooden and stilted Telling and telling, instead of showing Insta love lust HEA Miscommunication Silly or imma [...]

Seit sein Mentor und Freund Robert mit Miguel zusammen ist, ist auch Bernie Jenkins Teil von der gro en Rodriguez Familie und dem gro en Freundeskreis von Robert und Miguel Besonders Miguels Bruder Tomas ist zu einem wichtigen Bestandteil in Bernies Leben geworden Jeden Abend kommt Tomas zum Abendessen, das Bernie kocht Die Lebensmittel sponsert Tomas und dieser k mmert sich auch um Bernies Klamotten L ngst hat Bernie diese ganze Farce durchschaut Die Rodriguez k mmern und sorgen sich um ihn, do [...]

SooooBernie is a triplet And his brothers both ran away from their abusive parents as teenagers, leaving Bernie behind And they both went on to become billionaires or maybe it was just multi millionaires AND they both retired by the age of twenty four And even though one was a hugely famous music artist, Bernie had no idea about either of them.Thenowing what they know about their parents, they both send money to them so they can take care of Bernie, instead of using their money and connections t [...]

The Tomas x Bernie part of the book was acceptable, if a bit too full of denial which magically dissolved exactly why was there denial to begin with That wasn t ever clear to me I also don t really like people who don t listen to each other and push through their own ideas of what is good for you, even when that is portrayed as actually being good for you But eh, fantasies are not what anyone wants in real life, so I can let that slide.The part about Bernie s tragic past was ridiculous Really, n [...]

2.5 starsThe weakest book of the series so far, IMO.This is about two friends who later became lovers Usually one of my favorite stories, but somehow there s something missing here.1 The he loves me he loves me not period is too long and becomes silly when there s no real problem exists.2 There are too many supporting characters with their own plots that steal the thunder from the main plot Some plots, like between Harper and Bur, are there simply as a springboard toward the sequels At the end, [...]

Not bad not mind blowing either There was kind of alot going on with Bernie s family and some wasn t even clear A little too much with that but it was alright The family stuff was very predictable But i will say that the book had ups and downs between the couple with I love bc if it s all awesome all the time the book kind rings false for me A couple well placed arguments went a long way to making the couple believable and well rounded.Also there was a major surprise when it came to nerdy Bernie [...]

I enjoyed the first book in the series alright, but this started out alright and quickly went downhill for meI got about 41% through before giving upI just didn t feel like the story was going anywhere I think my problem was that I felt like I was being told everything that was going on instead of being shown Clearly, other people enjoy this story and her writing, so this just might be an author who is not for me.

This is the second book in the serious and unlike the first book this one carries an emotional punch This book centers around Bernie and Tomas who we met in the first Bernie is a geeky genius and Tomas runs a landscaping business with his brother Tomas learns that Bernie is not all he seems He carries a great deal of emotional baggage Tomas, his family and the community of friends come together to help Bernie face his past and heal.

I am so glad book 2 was about Bernie, I just fell in love with his character in book 1 Poor Bernie suffered so much at the hands of 2 very evil people, his parents I m so glad that Tomas found a way to break through the tough exterior Bernie had built up around himself I loved the bickering that the two did back and forth with each other, they were really funny So many wonderful characters and such great reading.

2.5 starsSweet story with a mixture of good stuff and over the top stuff, the OTT stuff coming up the winner I couldn t stop rolling my eyes.One good thing came out of this OTTing the true friendship and brotherhood between an INCREDIBLE number of gorgeous men, all of them gay or bi I liked seeing them teasing, supporting, annoying, threatening, loving each other.

The first book Detour is one of my favorite books, so I was really looking forward to the release of Sparks The story started out good but unfortunately it went downhill fast and just kept getting worse.

Well dang this one was even better than the first to me I love how all the books are connected either by family or friends I love everyone in the book and want them all to find someone, hehe About to start the last one and I m hoping it s not the last in the series

Much like the first book Sappy, but I like that right now Scientist Landscaper

Awwww it was so soppy I loved it Just what I was in the mood for

3.5 Stars Review to come later

Not as good as the first book in the series But still a good story, it was well written with good characters.

See Lad s review she does it best Lad s review

I would give this 2.5 stars if.5 were available I like the sweetness of this series so far, but it is a bit overly dramatic.

3,5 StarsSweet story.

Technically read this in one evening More friction than the first book, but some very far fetched outcomes Considering its fiction, I can for the most part over look it Still a pleasurable read.

4.5I love this series Talia stories are becoming addictive

3.75 stars

I still really like this series Although I wasn t feeling the friends to lovers with these two.

Not very realistic, silly at timesI like it.I love this series

loved it, can wait for the next installment of the series, great ms talia

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    190 Talia Carmichael