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The Fireman Who Loved Me #(2021)

The Fireman Who Loved Me

The Fireman Who Loved Me

  • Title: The Fireman Who Loved Me
  • Author: Jennifer Bernard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Fireman Who Loved Me By Jennifer Bernard,

[PDF] The Fireman Who Loved Me | by ↠ Jennifer Bernard - The Fireman Who Loved Me, The Fireman Who Loved Me Fearless smoking hot and single meet the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel These firemen might be heroes but it s their bad luck in love that makes them legendary News producer Melissa McGuire and Fi

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4.25 5 Will you please take that off I can t talk to you like this, she said, gesturing at his turnout Why not It makes my knees go all weak and funny Hot, sexy, lovely, and sweet I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book It was utterly romantic, heartwarming, hilarious and steamy all rolled into one Jennifer Bernard has quickly become one of my favorite authors.A news producer Melissa McGuire found herself pushed into a date with a fire captain Harry Brody by her grandm [...]

Fearless, smoking hot, and single meet the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel These firemen might be heroes, but it s their bad luck in love that makes them legendary.The Fireman Who Loved Me is the first book in Jennifer Bernard s The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series, as well as her debut novel It s fun, it s sexy, it s poignant it s a thoroughly entertaining story The Curse In my review of the prequel, One Fine Fireman, I explained a bit about the curse First, a little background to the ser [...]

3.5 starsMelissa McGuire s grandmother, Nelly wants to see her granddaughter happily married Sooner rather than later But when Nelly bids and wins a date for her at the Firemen s Bachelor Auction, Melissa is unimpressed She s twenty nine, a television news producer and not interested in beefcake When her date turns up he s not the fireman that Nelly won, but the fire captain, standing in for his young, reluctant colleague Harry Brody is the fire captain of San Gabriel s Fire Station 1, the only [...]

Saw it at the book store and soooo very nearly bought itxt time Anddd then I bought itI read the 0.5 in the series but it was soo short and cute that I had to download this one right away I loved Brody What an amazing, quiet, deep and ethical man Loved him The story was good, fast paced, just steamy enough with fully fleshed emotions that gave us a spicy Heroine, a loving granny, a recovering dad and an entire fire hall of hawties Highly recommend to those who enjoy their contemporary romance wi [...]

Not my thing I made it to page 262 and just couldn t stand how the hero and heroine were acting and reacting to things around them I found both the leads hard to like and wanted to shake Melissa for not standing up to Ella sooner and to stop being a push over

This book is definitely much better than you would expect from the cover I ve also got to say that no historic buildings in San Gabriel, CA were harmed in the writing of this book The Fireman Who Loved Me has a sweet charm, hot sizzle, and I am looking forward to stories in this series It was impossible not to be pulled into Bernard s world of hunky firefighters and television news as her writing is both humorous and the sexy was so hot The cast of secondary characters were wonderful, especiall [...]

This review posted at Guilty Pleasures4.5 Stars The perfect Firefighter romance The Fireman Who Loved Me is an intense page turner Melissa and Brody are thrown together after her grandmother tries her hand at getting Melissa hooked up and married off These two characters are the perfect example of opposites attract They argue and fight all through the first date but as it draws to an end and he walks her to the door, sparks and flames ignite They may not have a lot in common in their lives, but [...]

Frustrated beyond belief with some of this story I m now going to have to rethink reading from this author.I don t like when other people cause drama inside the relationship I don t like being just slammed into that suddenly I went from loving this story to cringing in heartbreak The hero didn t do anything wrong on a physical level but his good guy standards just went a little too far I did end up loving how he handled it and also loved the ending but really wanted and it needed an epilogue b [...]

DNF 47%Lo empec por dos razones 1 Amo a los hombres en uniforme.2 Me encantan las portadas con animales en ella.Pero el libro sacaba lo peor de m , mejor dicho, Melisa pon a a prueba mi paciencia.Digamos que 1 Cada vez que habla con Brody es para criticarlo, o alejarlo, o hacerse la sabelotodo.2 Cuando no piensa mal de l, solo piensa en lo hot, hot, hot que es 3 Es irritante leerla, primero le canta las mil y una a Brody sin raz n pero ante Ella se deja mangonear como si fuera su due a Es pr cti [...]

Melissa McGuire is a television news producer who left her big time gig in LA after her now ex boyfriend screwed her over With her elderly yet very feisty grandmother having some health issues, Melissa moves in with her and takes a job with a smaller television station Her grandmother wants her to get married, and takes it upon herself to drag her to a firefighter bachelor auction Grandma, aka Nelly, bids and wins on the very hunky Ryan which entitles her to a date.Everyone thinks Ryan is cute, [...]

What a fun book Melissa s grandmother bought a bachelor for her at a charity auction Thanks to some fast talking on the part of the bachelor, Melissa ends up with his boss instead There is an immediate and intense attraction, but they agree they are wrong for each other and decide to move on Then the news anchor from Melissa s station decides she wants in on the action and finagles a way to film a Thanksgiving special at the station The firefighters get called out to a fire in the middle of the [...]

I didn t know what to expect when I got this Glad I bought it I really enjoyed this book I couldn t put it down Story about two people a Capt with the local fire department and a television news producer both have been burned by love in the past Throw in a matchmaking grandma, who buys Melissa a date with a fireman at a bachelor auction and you have some funny moments As things start heating up between Melissa and Brody I just can t call him by his first name Harry and they start falling for one [...]

DNF, couldn t do it The way it was written didn t flow for me and the characters made no sense, fighting for what I don t get it If that is supposed to be chemistry I have read it done better Anyway I got 100 pages that is enough.

Originally Posted At Addicted To RomanceSummary Melissa McGuire, is a new producer and came to San Gabriel to be with her grandmother Her grandmother is always trying to find ways to get her married and hitched, and Melissa is at the end of her rope When her grandmother asks her to come to an event but doesn t tell her what it is, Melissa comes When she arrives she is shocked to discover the amount of women, and that it is an auction of hot and sexy firemen She is appalled and she can t believe [...]

I gave it two stars right after finishing it but after sleeping on it Nope, two stars is too much.I read this on the strength of the novella which is cute, adorable and fun This one looks at Fire Chief Brody and his courtship with Melissa, news producer Right from the start, the use of the dead horse trope of the bachelor auction and buying a date for her grand daughter was borderline but the grand daughter character saved it Melissa and Brody courtship is okay it s the other things that made me [...]

I loved this book and I look forward to reading in this series The use of Firemen as our hero s in this series is very refreshing and opens up all kinds of possibilities for future story lines.I loved Melissa s spunky Grandmother, Nelly McGuire, as she chatted with her deceased husband about Melissa s future her constant manipulation of circumstances trying to make things happen made me smile throughout the story I truly admired the strength of the characters in this book Melissa s attitude irr [...]

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book It was sweet and witty I love Firemen so I had to give this book a try Brody the fire Chief and Mira were great together I loved Mira s gran who was playing match maker There were a lot of snarky comments, several lol moments and some at the end that make me choke up There were many misunderstandings and usually that irritates me but with this book it didn t although I did want to smack Mira and Brody at different times There were POV wi [...]

Melissa McGuire has come back to the town on San Gabriel after a flame out in both her love life and her career in LA She lives with her grandmother, a hoot of a woman named Nelly She also has a prickly relationship with her ex alcoholic of a father And she works as a producer at the local news station, a news station that is determined to give only The Sunny Side of the News For a serious journalist who wants to do hard hitting stories, trying to always find the sunny side is a bit frustrating [...]

atastyreadWhat a Fun, sexy and exciting New series by Jennifer Bernard I had trouble putting this one down and I am excited to start reading the next book in the series From the first meeting, I LOVED the heroine, Melissa McGuire and our Hero, Harry Brody Brod, um can we say SMOKIN HOT Captain Brody.yowza Their chemistry was burning HOT from that first moment and I don t think that it cooled down a bit There was so much going on, that you never got bored, but it wasn t too much where you became [...]

I think for this one I will leave it in billet point and to try and avoid paragraphs My first fireman book, I always wanted to try reading one since I read about a cop, detective, sportsmen.c The heroine was a stuck up at the beginning but her grandmother was great The announcer chick was a bitch and so self centered I liked how they went on their first date and they clicked and how even the guy thought of her as his girl even before things have actually happened I liked how comfortable she star [...]

Not going to rate this, as it s a dnf, but I m really tempted to one star it I really didn t love Harry or Melissa, but I was already 38% through so I figured, why stop now Then she finds out he hired her ex alcoholic father to wire the electricity at his new house She freaks out Why is that, you ask Not because he s overstepped and it s kind of stalkerish it definitely is , but because he d found out she s the alkie s kid, white trash, welfare user kid from the wrong side of the tracks She s so [...]

HOT, PASSIONATE and FUNNY are three words that all describe an author who is making waves with the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series This is the first story about their captain, Harry Brody Here is a man who thought he had everything but like a fire it sizzled Now with Melissa he is engulfed with a passion he has never felt before in a woman Jennifer Bernard just outshined in this book and have to say captured my attention from the first paragraph Here is a new author with an imagination th [...]

Unfortunately I just couldn t force myself to finish this Yes, this was a DNF for me I hate to have to put a book that had such great potential on this shelf.It s sad that I was actually looking forward to reading this afterreading the summary on The concept sounded like somethingthat I would have been interested in reading.I got to about 20% in this book and had to put it down.The main female character was just too annoying and whiny to me, and came off a little ungrateful, even.I mean, her gra [...]

You absolutely won t want to miss this book The The Fireman Who Loved Me is a hearwarming, tender passionate love story between Harry Melissa The romance between them felt real and to watch them fall in love was so touching The relationship between the firefighters and Melissa her family was a nice touch to the story It certainly didn t overshadow the main storyline, but gave it a certain depth I m eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series Recommended

THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME was the first read for me by Jennifer Bernard and I was greatly impressed The story held so much and transitioned so smoothly I for one was glad that the entire book was not centered around the bachelor auction where Melissa McGuire s Grandma Nelly buys her a fireman Both Gran and the fireman, Ryan backed out for obvious reasons, which left fire captain Harry Brody and Melissa going on the date together These two are like fire and ice, except only in terminology Both Mel [...]

Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspThink of someone you know that when you re around them, it s like fire to gasoline Without realizing it or meaning to, somehow every time you re around one another, you bicker, nit pick, argueyou get the picture, right There s usually someone in everyone s life like that But could you ever fall in love with them Meet Melissa McGuire She s talented, smart and witty Some of her not quite flattering characteristics are that she s cynical, sometimes uptight, [...]

I loved The Fireman Who Loved Me by Jennifer Bernard It was hard to put it down once I started reading it and finally stayed up half of last night to fonosh it Now I can t wait for the next book to be released, which will be Ryan s book and he is also YUMMY Melissa is a news producer who thinks her ideal man is going to be someone who is a poet or possible a singer songwriter Brody is a Fire Captain who thinks Melissa is a refreshing change from his ex wife who chewed him up and spit him out The [...]

Posted on Romancing the Books blogReveiwed by AshleighReveiw Copy provided from Personal CollectionThis is crazy Bidding on a man just based on his looks and not on anything important This train of thought for Melissa McGuire was just the tip of the ice berg when she is tricked by her grandmother to go to a bachelor s auction to find a new man These aren t the type of men that get under Melissa s skin, even if they all are built and handsome and heroic and and and not her type at all Running fro [...]

I really enjoyed this cute and spicy romance Melissa is a news producer who thinks her ideal man is going to be someone in the arts or a cultural profession Harry is a FD Captain who thinks Melissa is a refreshing change from his ex wife who chewed him up and spit him out They meet when Melissa s grandmother buys a bachelor fireman at a charity auction, an auction where Melissa meets Harry and blows him off Through a mix up in communication Melissa and Harry end up on the date instead of the pur [...]

News producer Melissa McGuire is used to taking orders and playing nice She caters to her co workers and is mild mannered For the people who know and love her, like her grandmother, Nelly, they are sick of her not taking charge of her life and for letting others walk all over her.The firefighters in San Gabriel, California are known as much for their bravery as they are for the good looks and perpetual bachelor status Cashing in on their good looks and popularity they auction themselves off to r [...]

  • [PDF] The Fireman Who Loved Me | by ↠ Jennifer Bernard
    127 Jennifer Bernard
The Fireman Who Loved Me