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Spotgaai #(2021)



  • Title: Spotgaai
  • Author: Suzanne Collins Maria Postema
  • ISBN: 9789000303120
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
Spotgaai By Suzanne Collins Maria Postema,

[PDF] Read Õ Spotgaai : by Suzanne Collins Maria Postema - Spotgaai, Spotgaai Katniss Everdeen overleefde tot twee keer toe de Hongerspelen het macabere evenement dat eens per jaar plaatsvindt om de bevolking van Panem eraan te herinneren dat er niet te tornen valt aan het dic

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SPOILERS AHEAD What the f Words can t begin to express my disappointment I bought Mockingjay the first day it came out and I was preparing myself for a truly epic novel, one worthy of its predecessors I loved The Hunger Games it was fast paced, thrilling, suspenseful Catching Fire wasn t as good but it was still enjoyable I was majorly impressed by the game arena I wasn t let down by Catching Fire though I figured it was just a transition novel, build up to what would undoubtedly be a mindblowin [...]

I m never very good at predicting outcomes Nothing I could ve predicted would have been quite as good as this Although I did get close a very distant close on a few things, and I was right in saying that it wouldn t be walking through a field of flowers and sunshine A book like this just couldn t be.It s good, and yet not good Because it s good in a very heartbreaking, chilling, haunting, intense way.Katniss is a different person from the first two books I found her softer, thoughtful, and also [...]

Update 11 28 14.So, of course I had to read it again after getting only half of the story from the Mockingjay movie Unsurprisingly, cried and cried again My feelings basically remain the same about this installment Structurally, the novel is quite messy There is such a big game going on and Katniss motivations and actions don t always make sense to me But the ending is brilliant, especially the final chapters I need something to cheer me up ASAP.Let s face it, a series is only as good as its las [...]

WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF AN ENDING IS THAT SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF AN ENDING IS THAT Ok, short summary This is day 3 of my Hunger Games binge after I watched the last movie last Saturday without knowing anything about the books and not having watched any of the movies First book Awesome Second book Glorious Third book FUUUUUUUU wails out something that sounds like fuck you, Peeta So now I know what a Mockingjay is and I can probably eat it , I know who Coin is, I know who President Snow is [...]

3.5 starsWell, hmmm I m not sure how to react to Mockingjay I didn t love it and I m not sure it satisfied me, but it was a disturbing read that will stick with me Sadly, I can t say that I ll be recommending the series as fervently as I did after reading The Hunger Games Not that the series isn t good, but I m not longer sure it s for the masses of YA readers.Like Catching Fire, Mockingjay took awhile for me to get into When the pages turned into the triple digits and I wasn t hooked, I got wor [...]

This just in the movie adaptation, Mockingjay Part 1, was absolutely outstanding I ve seen both of the other movies for this series, and while I enjoyed them greatly, the third instalment was on another level entirely It s one of the best movies I ve seen in a very, very long time Good job, movie people You made a meh book into a stellar piece of cinema Those two stars are for the last ten pages, which were absolutely outstanding Probably the best ten pages of the series The 380 pages before tha [...]

i NEVER thought i d ever rate this book below a 5but here i amd the only reason i gave it a three even is because the first two books of the hunger games were just SO GOOD they brought this one up three stars honestly, i ve waited so long for mockingjay to come out i practically peed my pants on august 24th and now that i ve finally finished the book thanks to a full day of obsessive reading meals not included all i can feel is annoyance annoyance and disappointment annoyance that katniss let he [...]

SPOILERS Ugh I was just thankful that I decided to be grown up and not wait until midnight to get this book and then stay up all night reading it I kindled it early this morning and ignored my kids for 4 hours and got through it This book makes you realize how much the storyline in the first two depended upon the tension created by the love triangle In Mockingjay, the author robs her readers of what they I crave By the end, everything is so messed up that Peeta vs Gale became OH snap Who even ca [...]

This review has spoilers BitchesWhat were you doing when you were 16 Checking your boobs each morning to see if the Boob Fairy had paid you a visit Sneaking out of the house to the park down the street where you and your six friends would share a single can of beer and pretend you re drunk Making out Homework Fighting with your parents Watching scary movies Katniss is sixteen years old and she s been in two Hunger Games, fighting against twenty odd opponents to the death Then she becomes the sym [...]

Mockingjay, the final book in Suzanne Collin s Hunger Games Trilogy For a year, I had been anxiously waiting to read the about the adventures of the rebels, the hopefully happy ending How wrong was I There is an ending but it is not as happy as most expected it to be The rebels fought, they won But in a sense, Collin s shows us that when violence is used to such extremes, no one wins yes, a winner is declared but the sadness and loss of both sides proves that no one really wins in war While read [...]

How do I begin to convey my disappointment I suppose it all comes down to expectations and as mine were not met, I feel vastly underwhelmed, and a little bit devastated When I read HungerGames, I was enthralled I thought Katniss was intelligent, resourceful, and displayed tremendous strength in character Moreover, Katniss s arc appeared to parallel with the overall arc of the story series As Katniss grew bold, so did the remaining characters and the uprising initiative I expected this to contin [...]

these are the things i have done for this book i have given up my birthday, waiting in line from 5 until its midnight release, braving the crowds and noise and commotioni have missed my subway stop and ended up taking the crappy way into worki have seriously considered calling out of work to sit at home and finish iti have read in elevators, while walking down the street, walking up the stairs, while eating dinner without even tasting iti have rushed my beloved dawn powell s book, racing through [...]

Below is my original review I m leaving it as it s still essentially how I feel still I have however decided that the overall story of the book rates a higher rating than I originally gave you ll see below The biggest problem for me was that Katniss seemed to grow some throughout the first and the second book, yet slid back and forth up and down throughout this I just didn t think it was still Katniss in some ways.To each of course and I d say try it yourself and see how you feel what you think [...]

I guess, sometimes our emotional bones need to be re broken in order to set them right Maybe this was a common experience for those who read this book, but a lot of its most emotional points were like reading a bizarre dream about the last few years of my own life I m not going to go into it because that would be, like, an unacceptable amount of over share, even for me That s just to say that I have no ability to be objective about it This story real or not real I love Mockingjay like I love The [...]

All Katniss really wants is to not be a piece in their games But nobody apparently got the memo Once again, she is a pawn in somebody s power games Same shit, different day Only the Gamemakers have changed.The above are synonymous in the eyes of the Capitol Or District 13, for that matter.Even free from the clutches of the Capitol, Katniss still has a role to play whether she wants it or not This time it s Mockingjay, the face of the rebellion she unwittingly helped to bring But the puppeteers n [...]

Are you, are youComing to the treeWhere they strung up a man they say murdered three.Strange things did happen hereNo stranger would it beIf we met up at midnight in the hanging tree , , , , Are you, are youComing to the treeWhere the dead man called out for his love to flee.Strange things did happen hereNo stranger would it beIf we met up at midnight in the hanging tree , , , 12, 13 , , , , , , Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Vs Mockingjay Vs , , , , , , , , Bittersweet , Always VS Real or [...]

This review is supposed to be hidden by the spoiler alert, but everyone is yelling at me telling me I spoiled the whole story so idk I m really confused and I ve checked that the review is hidden like 3 times and I do have it checked to hide entire review because of spoilers so I m just putting this here, honestly this is probably the least spoiling reviewif that makes sense Sorry to anyone who s enjoyment of the book was ruined, just go find other reviews to read, nobody s perfect.Also I change [...]

THERE IS NO DISTRICT 12 Period End of sentence End of story Biggest Cliffhanger Ever.Oh my gosh.I CANNOT WAIT August 24 Someone could tell me the world was ending August 23rd and i d say, no it isn t Mockingjay isn t out yet, stupid The world can t end What about August 25th Hah well i ll have red it by then, so im good.Was it just me or did everyone else frantically flip the pages after finishing Catching Fire I was like,NOOOO That cannot be how she ended it DANG that was the best book ever omy [...]

Updated November 25, 2014 New 2nd addendum below the 1st addendum Further thoughts explanations as to why I gave this book five stars at the end of the original review Warning addendum contains some spoilers I ve thought long and hard as to how I should review this book For starters I feel I need to say upfront, this book is not for everyone Mockingjay is the darkest book of the Hunger Games trilogy, containing excess violence, brutality and ugliness People die It would be naive to expect otherw [...]

Spoilers When I first read Mockingjay I was a silly little fourteen year old, drunk up on the fast paced action and immediate danger Katniss faced in the first two novels Given her weakness and exclusion from important events, not to mention my almost 12 month wait for its release, I was bitterly disappointed Perhaps, reading now, I appreciate Mockingjay because of my lower expectations Perhaps it is because I can look at it in a new light Perhaps its both.I will not delete my original review, [...]

By now it s no secret that I fucking hate theThe Hunger Games Instead of doing my usual thing where I attempt to explain why Suzanne Collins books are atrocious, I m going to lay down my reasoning in a set of seven straight forward points 1 Katniss has the personality of a vegetable2 Peeta is a needy little baker boy I ll never get over how the author can justify his camouflage techniques born as a result from his cake decorating experience 3 The world is completely unacceptable and unbelievable [...]

This series will never get old for me it s fantastic.I like the ending a lot better after rereading it I have to say

2013 edit Time can do a lot to influence my opinion of books In some cases, time goes on and I end up appreciating a book than I did originally, like Ender s Game or The Great Gatsby But in other cases, time actually diminishes my opinion of certain books.I m so sick of all this HG movie hype Seriously Ms Collins novels were thought provoking, but not that much I m left to wonder if I read the same books as everyone else Collins writing style doesn t have that much depth And I stand by my origi [...]

There is so much I love and despise about this book and my brain is still in a mindfog trying to sort out some of the catastrofuck that just occurred But first and foremost I must say hats off to Suzanne Collins for penning an epic finale of courageous and daring proportions Wow she really spared no expense in ending The Hunger Games series with a final installment that will leave a lasting impression Collins is without a doubt FEARLESS.I am still in complete and absolute shock as I contemplate [...]

Her name is Katniss Everdeen Mockingjay Haba ng hair Haba ng hair literally means long hair However, in the Philippines, it means that the girl to whom you address this is very fortunate to have many guys falling for her.That, in this book is Katniss She has the goodlooking hunter dude, Gale by her side and she enjoys his kisses while doing their hunting I am not sure how they could still get animals from bomb striken District 13 in the meadows Over at the Capitol, is her previous co tribute in [...]

Spoilers Many spoilers Don t read unless you don t care about the books, or have already finished them.Cinna is dead The first of many disappointments in Mockingjay As I was frantically rereading the first two in preparation for the third, I realized how much I liked him as a character Initially, he s the first person in the series you can really like because when he s introduced, we still don t know Peeta s motives, and Haymitch and Effie are just annoying And he s consistent Katniss can be at [...]

Beware of spoilers What the hell was Mockingjay It was dreadful I thought Katniss was not fighting as much as she should have been Yes, her role is very important and she is the leader of the rebellion However, most of the fighting was done by either Gale, Finnick, and others Katniss was either in the hospital or just being weak, whining about almost everything And I know that Katniss is strong and intelligent and a fighter, so why was it not super epic Snow s death was not as epic as I thought [...]

Okay, so this will be of a rant Actually, it will be a full on rant I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that means I can too say what I think of this books and of how others perceived it And let it be noted that, while I enjoyed this series, it is by no means one of my top series So I will be as objective as I can be I ve talked to a lot of people and read a lot of opinions on this that really, actually made me mad in a way There are so many complaints out there and oh gosh, s [...]

LOVED this the second time around Can t believe I used to think this was the worst of the series I think this was just as good if not better now There was so much raw emotion and just Ah I cried along with Katniss while she had to face just sorrow after destruction over and over again This story is so violent and bleak but I love it I love that there s still some small rays of hope present I m also very content with the way the trilogy ended now where as the first time I read this three years ag [...]

ALL SPOILERSChapter 1A memorial of sorts Some final books in trilogies spend time carefully recounting what happened in prior books Some jump right into the action Mockingjay has ash and despair and the end of a life our heroine once had It does not feel like a stirring call to arms it does not feel like a revolution is about to happen It feels like the end of things, it feels like death This is the beginning of the book.Chapter 2The brave rebels of District 13 A humorless communist state a soci [...]

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    335 Suzanne Collins Maria Postema