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Sharps #(2021)



  • Title: Sharps
  • Author: K.J. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780316177757
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
Sharps By K.J. Parker,

☆ Sharps ↠ K.J. Parker - Sharps, Sharps For the first time in nearly forty years an uneasy truce has been called between two neighbouring kingdoms The war has been long and brutal fought over the usual things resources land moneyNow th

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rantingdragon review oThere s this relatively new rage in fantasy, and I ve never been a fan of it Authors like Daniel Abraham and Joe Abercrombie create a rich world with a lot of history, but zoom in on only one aspect of their world s story in each book Unlike the stories told in traditional fantasy, these are tales of characters instead of events Think of it as the siege of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings, told solely from the viewpoints of a rider in the army of Rohan and an Orc under Sauro [...]

short review version quintesential Parker.Those already familiar with the works of the author will recognize familiar themes and characters, signature plot twists or moral dillemas Also instantly recognizable is the dry style and the black humor Yet, Parker appears capable of infusing fresh blood into these familiar territories, making the swordfighters in Sharps are different from the ones in the Fencer, Engineer or Scavenger books, yet members of the same family of slightly psychopatic loners [...]

Sharps is vintage KJ Parker but also the most complex of the author s standalone novels, while bringing elements from all the author s oeuvre and connecting with earlier works like Purple and Black which is alluded in the book though of course as it is KJ Parker, the details may not be precisely the same in so far the Empire in PB worshiped the Invincible Sun like the Western Empire and Scheria here, Scheria being the country of our heroes and either former province of the Western Empire or neve [...]

4.5 stars Originally posted at FanLit Sharp swords, dirty books and pickled cabbage Why has everything on this trip got to be horrible The neighboring kingdoms of Permia and Scheria have always been enemies Some of their citizens like it this way particularly those of the military aristocracies who are valued and therefore kept in power by their countrymen when the two kingdoms are at war The last war ended, though, when General Carnufex of Scheria managed to divert a few rivers and flood a majo [...]

I fenced in high school and college and usually enjoy a good swashbuckling story I was really excited about Sharps because unlike The Princess Bride or generic high fantasy novel, this was specifically about fencers, albeit in a fantasy setting Unfortunately, this novel reads like a combination of Waiting for Godot and a wannabe Terry Pratchett that I found the reading difficult and the description of the fencing so absurdly technical that I don t understand how it would be appealing to someone [...]

Original Post thefoundingfields 2012 08 Enthralling, Original A Delight to read, fans of fantasy will enjoy this The Founding FieldsDespite the fact that I have been interested in reading KJ Parker s novels for a while now, I never really go the chance to pick one up However, now that I have read Sharps, I can safely say that I will be reading from this author, if this work is anything to go by Despite a few nagging issues that I had with this title, I still found it to be one of the best fanta [...]

The last war between the neighboring countries of Permia and Scheria ended when Scheria s greatest general redirected the course of a number of rivers and flooded one of the enemy s cities, thereby killing tens of thousands of people and gaining the charming nickname the Irrigator Some years later, as K.J Parker s newest novel Sharpsstarts off, the tension between the two enemies shows signs of thawing, so much so that there s talk of sending a mission of goodwill across the Demilitarized Zone a [...]

Sharps is full of action, both physical and mental, as well as mystery, humor and depth Parker packs this single volume full of some of the most amazing, mentally engaging writing I ve ever had the honor of reading The characterization, depth and mystery are unparalleled Coupled with Parker s sarcasm and dark humor, Sharps is one of those books that sets the bar incredibly, almost impossibly high Parker is a unique, refreshing and engaging voice in fantasy Sharps is one of those books that is su [...]

Great meditation on war, conflict and the uses of fighting on the same level as the brilliant Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks The middle part is a little slow, but the ending and the resolutions are absolutely perfect and very satisfying.

First of all, Sharps is only a fantasy novel by courtesy it takes place on a world that isn t quite our own, with cultures that are basically European particularly Roman but there is no actual fantastic element other than that That s not a flaw, mind you the worldbuilding hits all of the usual fantasy notes and the lack of magic is than made up for by the details of the swordplay.It s a rather twisty story the point of view jumps around, but for most of the book the reader knows very little th [...]

Full Review Originally at Fantasy Book CriticSHARPS is a tale about several things, one way the author summarizes is Sharps is rather about the Arab Spring than the economy or the war, but just as elements of the war and the economy impinged on events in Egypt and Libya in real life, so in the book It s also perhaps a tale of fencing or as the author quotes it as a conversation in steel Most reviewers who have read it have had fulsome praise for it For me it s a tale of people that are talented [...]

4 stars Metaphorosis ReviewsA mismatched group of reluctant fencers is sent on a goodwill tour through a conquered neighbour They find that not only must they fight with un bated swords, they re not at all up to their putative purpose, and no one seems to care.When I first ran across K J Parker, through his we now know Fencer trilogy, I was thrilled Here was someone doing something decidedly different and interesting, rather than just regurgitating Tolkien It s interesting, because I hadn t enjo [...]

This was my first K.J Parker book, and I think it will be the first of many that I ll read by him I went right out and bought The Company after finishing this.The story five rag tag professional fencers go on a tour of the country with which their homeland has had an on again, off again war The idea is to mend fences see what I did there because both countries are mad about the sport of fencing The first clue this motley crew has that things may not be what they seem is when they find that their [...]

After a long and brutal war, a truce has been called between two neighboring kingdoms There is finally a chance for peace as diplomatic talks begin To help facilitate this new peace, there is going to be a fencing tour with the shared love of a sport bringing two previously warring kingdoms together The ragtag group of Scherian fencers making up the tour will have to learn to work together if they want to make it home from Permia in one piece and not begin another war First and foremost, the mai [...]

Consummate craftsmanship laced with the driest mirth This is perhaps closer to a quest narrative than Parker s other works, but like those other works it s too original, too mature to be classed as genre fantasy In many ways, closer to the tradition of Dostoevsky than of Tolkien Refreshingly, you never have the sense that a certain character is bound to triumph because they re the hero, that the whole book is lurching towards a telegraphed outcome.The central images here are the messer an ineleg [...]

Finally finished After loving KJ Parker s Engineer Trilogy, I was delighted to find Sharps at the Library I know about nothing about fencing, but figured it s KJ Parker, so I gave it a shot.This book took me awhile to get into I was worried with all of the character introductions that I didn t know who was where, why they mattered, and I surely didn t think I d be able to keep track of them all I almost gave up, but I always try my best to finish books that I ve started, so I pushed the worries [...]

Too slow and sometimes thick for my taste.

One of the very first martial arts I developed an interest in was fencing I remember watching the 1993 Disney version The Three Musketeers, starring a very young Chris O Donnell and Kiefer Sutherland, and absolutely adoring the action depicted onscreen sword blades flashing quicksilver bright as thrusts and counter thrusts were delivered, all mingled with witty retorts and daring escapes To be sure, a lot of the action wasn t entirely period accurate the movie owes a lot to Hong Kong action movi [...]

K.J Parker ist ein Pseudonym 17 Jahre schrieb der britische Autor Tom Holt unerkannt unter diesem Namen Im April dieses Jahres wurde das Geheimnis gel ftet Der Autor historischer Romane Tom Holt erfand K.J Parker, um vorurteilsfrei schreiben zu k nnen Er wollte ernst genommen werden, weil seine Karriere mit humoristischer Fantasy begann Dieser Schritt war sehr erfolgreich, denn er gewann mit seinen Fantasy Romanen zwei Awards und wurde f r zahlreiche weitere nominiert Sharps war mein erster Ber [...]

This one was pretty good Bloodier than I expected I really didn t like the ending I probably moved it from a 4 star to a 3 star just for the last scene.Lots of hidden motives and twisty plot.I really could have used a map.

I ve heard a lot of good things about K J Parker, her his the author s name is a pseudonym Engineer Trilogy amongst two other earlier series has been well regarded amongst critics With all the praise for Parker s previous work buzzing in the background I decided to the give the author s recent stand alone novel, Sharps, a shot As the novel begins there is an uneasy peace between the nations of Scheria and Permia two nations that have been at war for nearly 40 years As diplomatic talks are begun [...]

K.J Parker does one thing really, really well s he ties the reader up in knots, trying to figure out who s plotting what, and why.Sharps is full of a bunch of different factions maybe trying to start a war, not so long, as it happens, since the last one ended a small group of fencers is sent to a neighboring country as a goodwill tour, theoretically to mend fences and as a token of peace.except that each of the fencers is hiding something at least one but which one is surely an assassin and all [...]

Although I did like Sharps, it seems as if merely liking it is a disappointment I read The Folded Knife by K J Parker recently, and not only can this author create vibrant, engaging characters, but s he can pull a narrative drive out of subject matter I wouldn t have thought I d find compelling So I expected to like Sharps which has subject matter much up my alley than The Folded Knife quite a lot.Instead, it was merely fine The characters were good, but not all of them were as interesting as t [...]

I liked this book It s one of those rare breed fantasies without any actual magic in them Just another world with different countries and peoples It s not a bad thing though, I didn t miss the magical element The characters were than enough to keep me interested A map would have been nice though, just to help visualise the countryside better And I like maps.The basic plot runs a bit like this There was a war between two nieghbouring countries, Scheria and Permia, it ended a few years before, bu [...]

Very enjoyable This was my first KJ Parker book and I don t know why It s very much the sort of non magical, politics and intrigue type of fantasy I prefer The writing is excellent, and it s the sort of story where you can read 50 pages, realize not much has actually happened, and yet it wasn t slow or boring at all The ending was while not bad not quite as dramatic as one might have hoped, and for that reason I m only giving it 4 stars, but I ll definitely be reading from this author in the fu [...]

What I love about Parker s books is that he creates very character driven stories with a lot of detail about a particular subject In The Folding Knife, it was economics in this book it is fencing The details move the story forward in a complex way These are not fast paced, action packed stories, even though a lot happens They are believable stories about believable people in a believable, made up world.

The story line turned out okay, I found my self interested when I got to the middle, but the politics of it is still way beyond me If your interested in reading this I would do a little research on fencing beforehand.

I have waited awhile to see if I truly wanted to give Sharps five stars I do For me, it was the perfect blend of dark humor, action, characterization and flowing prose.

I am a reader and a writer, I love history and I also happen to be a fencer.I have always enjoyed action in a story and I was pleasantly surprised whenI came across Sharps and K.J Parker The book is very funny and the characters are well drawn, it has intrigue.It has a sweeping sense of history and even has a military despot with an improbable name.The nearest analogy I could find in our world to the setting of the novel was a renaissance Croatia or a Balkan state surrounded by Empires Austro Hu [...]

This was very different than I expected, which is probably a good thing because I wasn t actually that optimistic from the summary.Short version, there s less fencing, less two teams , and less war related tensions than I expected All those things are relevant, just not to the degree I felt the summary implied Instead, I found this to be a very focused story on the experiences of one team for the entire duration of the tour There was a definite sense of having no clue what was going on, both for [...]

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    458 K.J. Parker