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The Honorable Imposter: 1620 #(2021)

The Honorable Imposter: 1620

The Honorable Imposter: 1620

  • Title: The Honorable Imposter: 1620
  • Author: Gilbert Morris
  • ISBN: 9780764229145
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
The Honorable Imposter: 1620 By Gilbert Morris,

[PDF] The Honorable Imposter: 1620 | by ✓ Gilbert Morris - The Honorable Imposter: 1620, The Honorable Imposter An unforgettable saga of a small band of colonists and a man on the brink of destiny House of Winslow book

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I am really not sure what to think of this book Morris is a very popular Christian author but I didn t really enjoy this first exposure to his writing It looks like I m one of only a few who didn t enjoy it The Honorable Imposter was definitely written with a male audience in mind Action, intrigue, romance from a male perspective I did not understand some of the main character s actions He seemed extremely wishy washy for a man s man While I am sure novels written by women tend to portray men in [...]

The premise of this book is well done a man hired to spy on separatists to find out where a preacher wanted by the king is hiding out Its a pretty good historical ripping yarn with swordplay and a cunning rake seducing pretty girls, and in three parts has three different kinds of tale told in the larger story Despite the interesting concept, however, it turns kind of formulaic, and while I m a Christian, and this is a less hammering story than some Christian novels, its still kind of heavy hande [...]

Resentful because of being forced into studying to become a minister, Gilbert Winslow finds himself with an offer promising him danger and excitement and the possibility of great wealth and improving his social standing And if this proposition also puts him in the position to be able to marry the beautiful daughter of one of the most powerful nobles in England, so much the better All he has to do is sell his honor and agree to betray William Brewster, one of the leaders of the sect that breaks a [...]

You will really, really like this author s books if you like history The first book in the House of Winslow series starts in 1620, and the last book takes you right up to the present Gilbert Morris researches his novels extremely well, and always creates interesting characters and settings They are enjoyable to read, and you learn a lot about American history in the process.The honorable imposter is a man that goes along with the Puritans on the Mayflower He is secretly working for the governmen [...]

The book was good but I felt everything was on the surface I didn t feel as connected with the characters It was like it s from their point of view than what was inside of their head and what they were feeling exactly.I will continue reading the series and hope to connect with the characters better.

nice read, lots of history, some parts difficult to get through than others

A decent read, but a bit difficult to get through.

Another awesome book by Gilbert Morris The House of Winslow series starts with a story set in the pilgrims coming to the New World on the Mayflower A wonderful way to experience history.

Wonderful storyIncredible story of finding yourself Loved the Christian values in the story Had a hard time putting it down Morris is an excellent author.

The Honorable Imposter, by Gilbert Morris, has been around for quite some time It was originally published in 1986, and is the first book in the House of Winslow series, but I had not read it until this year Even though I have read many other books in the House of Winslow, which covers the saga of the Winslow Family from the time of the voyage of the Mayflower by the American Pilgrims to the 20th Century, for some reason, I ve overlooked the very first novel in the series It probably didn t help [...]

Most of you may not know this, but I am hopelessly hooked on the House of Winslow Series by Gilbert Morris I learned about these books from my Grandma, who happens to have read all of his books how she did it I don t know.I felt drawn to this series because it s a Historical Christian Romance series that offered the best of both words the message of Jesus Christ integrated into a captivating Historical romance And as most of you know, I am a sucker for anything romantic.After listening to my Gra [...]

They were hounded by the king s government, berated by the established church, scorned by society, hated for their piety by those who preferred carnal pursuits Believing God said, Come out from them and be separate, they left England and settled in Holland Hearing God s call to be strangers and pilgrims on the Earth, they braved the rigors of the New World to create a place where their descendents could worship in peace and freedom Instead of landing in Virginia as planned, they were blown by a [...]

I read quite a bit of this series as a teen and was completely enad by the lot of them Feeling nostalgic, I recently decided to pick up the first book in the series and reread it The things I appreciated about this book were that it was an easy read but that did not mean that it s one of those things that will make you feel like you ve just lost a brain cell by reading it Important figures, places and dates that played a role in American history come to life on the pages In this book, the main h [...]

Although I thought I read this before, I didn t remember the story This is basically the story of the Mayflower.At the beginning of this story Lord Henry North is asking his daughter, Cecily, if she s ready Since no one would have answered him the way she did, he told her she needed a beating She replied that they both did, but there was no one to do it They discussed Cecily s mother s choices for her husband, and Cecily asked why he didn t make any suggestions He told her that this was the bigg [...]

Maybe I just find 17th century England interesting than 19th century America,but this was a lot harder to put down than the prairie romance I just read Morris has obviously researched his subject well, down to the families who sailed on the Mayflower There is a strong feel for both time and place and the differences in the various societies He knows how to show this historical data in dialog and action rather than paragraphs of explanation He set up a strong love triangle and at times I wasn t [...]

Again, I am going to review this series as a whole instead of by individual book While this first in the series is not my favorite, the series itself is excellent The books are so much fun to read The history in them is amazing, especially in that it is enormously entertaining Morris touches on so many of our countries monumental historical events and really brings them to life While doing so, you re reading fantastic plots with endearing characters Morris pulls so many things together while kee [...]

Gilbert Morris is a wiz at blending history and romance and Christ s values through out his books I am a huge fan The series continues thru to many many generations but it never gets old You always remember that this is where it started If you are a history buff you will not be disappointed For the sweet love story, you ll be satisfied If you are reading it for the Christian Moral in the story you will find it quite full of Christ s teaching and love and forgivness I read it for the three reason [...]

This is the first book I ve read by Gilbert Morris It certainly reads differently than my usual female author fare, and I enjoyed the change of pace There s a bit blood and violence than I d like, but such was the era Morris gives the characters in this novel have plenty of time to develop Each person seems realistic flawed but not static, many repent and change and grow The ending may be predictable, but the path the book takes to that ending is not I recommend this book to anyone interested i [...]

OK, I ll admit it, I read all 40 books in the House of Winslow series Each book was a quick read and the history was fascinating however, the books were not particularly well writen The hero in each and every book was described as having a wedge shaped face I m still not sure what a person with a wedge shaped face looks like, and it became a joke to see how far into each book I could read before that phrase popped up I hesitate to recommend the books, except that it s a fun review of American hi [...]

this was the first book i read by gilbert morris i was sick and looking for books on cassette that i could listen to he had the most in one series something like 15 on cassette so i started listening i am still working on the series i m on like book 33 or something i wish to read all his books i learned a lot about history from reading them and they have a strong plan or salvation in each book not just a sappy love story i m guessing at when i read the book it was a long time ago

Taking a walk back in time with this book Actually in than one way It s a historical romance set on the Mayflower and the early days of the Plymouth colony, but it s also the first in a series of books that I read in high school Gilbert Morris has a talent for taking you back in time and making the book com alive with action, adventure and romance It s a perfect curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and read all day book.

This is the first book in a series of maybe 40 books about the Winslow family from the time of the Puritans escaping England due to religious oppression up until at least the 2nd world war This book ends with the pilgrims landing in the new world I doubt that I continue the series The book was a typical love story with some action mixed in I did not hate the book Give it a try, just not my genre.

When I first started reading this book I did not like it I don t care for romance novels as they seem to give a lot of people a false sense as to what life is like and I thought that was what this book was So I read little bits of the book here and there Then I read the whole thing in two settings with the most of it today It was a compelling story, giving a lot of information as to what life was like in the time frame Good Book.

I wouldn t say that I was riveted by the story It was an easy,quick read Good for escape and not overly challenging to read The historical aspect pilgrims coming over on the Mayflower was interesting and I enjoyed that part of it I enjoyed the Christian undertones of the book not too christianese or sappy Like most romance genre novels, it was a little predictable I have heard good things about this series so maybe I will try book 2.

This book gives a kinder look towards the Scrooby Group than most of the books I ve read Other books pose them as harsh arrogant people who consider fun things evil It s not so in this book, and I appreciate that This book has a little description of the kisses and such then I would like, but there s good parts as well that make it worth it to just skip the kissy parts when you come to them.

I tore through many of these books when there wasn t much else to read in the church library I was a little too young to figure out they were romances in a way must have been concentrating on the historical aspects of them Either way, was pretty easy reading and entertaining until I realized the formula for each book never changed

This is an incredible series that is so well developed and meticulously researched, but with such interesting characters that before you know it, you ve learned an amazing slice of American history This entire series belongs in my all time favs shelf I m slowly working my way through the entire series, and I can t recommend it strongly enough Every book in it is incredible

I ran across this series at the library when I was looking for another book I decided to give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised It is a Christian historical romance series about the Winslow family I thoroughly enjoyed it and have started on book two in the series It was written by a man from a man s point of view which is a refreshing change for me.

I really enjoyed this series until about book 15 where I stopped following them Morris has a way of bringing history to life He writes historical characters alongside his fictional ones and he is able to illustrate the dichotomies of life, just as the title suggests a man both honorable at heart and yet an imposter.

This interesting book set in the colonial times of America is the beginning of one of the longest series of historical novels I have ever seen I think there are about 50 of these, going almost up to present day They are all worth reading This first one is one of the best of this series Series is called The House of Winslow.

  • [PDF] The Honorable Imposter: 1620 | by ✓ Gilbert Morris
    375 Gilbert Morris
The Honorable Imposter: 1620