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An Intimate Look at the Night Sky #(2022)

An Intimate Look at the Night Sky

An Intimate Look at the Night Sky

  • Title: An Intimate Look at the Night Sky
  • Author: Chet Raymo
  • ISBN: 9780802776709
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
An Intimate Look at the Night Sky By Chet Raymo,

[PDF] An Intimate Look at the Night Sky | by ✓ Chet Raymo - An Intimate Look at the Night Sky, An Intimate Look at the Night Sky On one level An Intimate Look at the Night Sky is a unique star guide twenty four beautiful star maps created specifically for this book cycle through the seasons and across the heavens revealing

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The we learn about the world, and the deeper our learning, the conscious, specific, and articulate will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance For this indeed, is the main source of our ignorance the fact, that our knowledge can be only finite, while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite Karl Popper being quoted in An Intimate Look At the Night SkyIn my quest to find a couple of books to earn a Stargazer badge for Mary Jane s Farm Sisterhood think girl sco [...]

The title of this book is An Intimate Look at the Night Sky But what kind of intimacy can one have with a universe of 100 billion galaxies, each galaxy containing one trillion stars, every star perhaps with planets There are two ways to answer this question First, close your eyes for a moment and bring to mind the big bang, the out rushing snowstorm of galaxies, the seething stars, the whirling planets, everything revealed by telescopes It s all there, tucked into the synapses of our brains We c [...]

In this lyrical book, physicist and professor Chet Raymo takes us on a profound journey through the visible night sky and the stories it reveals about the creation and history of the universe, our earth, and our very selves With the voice of a Renaissance man, he pulls from our culture s music, poetry, myth, and prose across the centuries to connect us with the constellations stars from our own Milky Way galaxy and the deep space phenomena from the farthest reaches of space and time Organized by [...]

Written in silky prose, this book really enforces the message that the human race shouldn t lose touch with our heritage of dark starry nights, without being preachy Each chapter teaches the traditional signs that can be viewed in the sky as well as their history It s a wonderful ready and truly encouraged me to find a dark field in order to observe the night s beautiful lights myself Sadly that s a little hard these days thanks to cities and excessive use of light.

We sought a deeper sense that creation is still going on A neat introduction to astronomy I enjoyed the plates showing different constellations, and the lessons were simple and understandable Only problem is that it s already outdated when this was written, Pluto was still a planet Still, a cool guide for beginners.

Little did I know that scientists could also be poets This is an easy to understand beginning astronomy book Beautiful pictures are interspersed with wonderful essays on the night sky and the universe This wonderful book sparked my interest in stargazing and gave me the tools to find many fabulous constellations.

This book is the almost unbelievable description of what is really happening out in space, how the stars and planets are created, and what we are all made of It is easy to read, but scientific in nature It is awe inspiring to try to understand the true nature, in detail, of creation.

I am in love with this book I got it from the library and renewed it so many times I might as well buy it A nice beginners astronomy book that makes me feel even smaller than I am

Bought this book after hearing the author speak It s a good general backyard astronomy book with seasonal maps of the brightest stars.


  • [PDF] An Intimate Look at the Night Sky | by ✓ Chet Raymo
    253 Chet Raymo
An Intimate Look at the Night Sky