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Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge" #(2022)

Stephen Fry Does

Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge"

  • Title: Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge"
  • Author: Stephen Fry
  • ISBN: 9781445865287
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Audio CD
Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge" By Stephen Fry,

Unlimited Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge" - by Stephen Fry - Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge", Stephen Fry Does The Knowledge Stephen Fry presents this intriguing programme charting the history of knowledge how technology changes our relationship with it and how we know what we know Knowledge The Google generation thinks i

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42 WORD REVIEW Stephen Fry is at his most engaging in this Radio 4 exploration of knowledge what it is how it changes in what forms we value it and where it is or isn t useful Fry s lucid discourse is underscored by numerous archival recordings.

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A humorous twist on epistemology, contrasted with that of what we consider popular knowledge, general knowledge and what we know and how we know it Stephen Fry is as usual funny to listen to A quick, short read to not only make you laugh or smile , but give you some knowledge about the knowledge.

I enjoyed listening to this I m a librarian and quiz night enthusiast, so the topic of knowledge is of interest to me Plus I m a fan of Mr Fry, so this was a thought provoking and entertaining read My one complaint was that it was too brief.

This could have been an NPR radio show or a topic for the old Seinfield show This was amusing, covering all kinds of explanations of what knowledge is, how it s used, what s important and what isn t, etc.

  • Unlimited Stephen Fry Does "The Knowledge" - by Stephen Fry
    126 Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry Does 'The Knowledge'