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Dark Life #(2021)

Dark Life

Dark Life

  • Title: Dark Life
  • Author: Kat Falls
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Dark Life By Kat Falls,

Unlimited Dark Life - by Kat Falls - Dark Life, Dark Life Ty has lived under the ocean for his entire life Following global warming and the rise of the seas his family joined an underwater community in hopes of living in the new frontier of the ocean floor

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Marvelous book My 5 stars and my applause no, I m not a guy I just like this animated gift Well, without spoil the story I can say some things All the story is Ty s POV I enjoy this wise choice of the writer It s so rare to read a YA book with a guy as narrator I love Ty voice Gemma, the main female character, is so brave Looking for her brother she affront all her fears without second thoughts SOOOO BRAVE Love her The adventure of this book never ends True My advice is take a long breath and th [...]

Dark Life Dark Life 1 by Kat Falls is a futuristic book in which the world is so crowded that some folks live in the sea They have settlements there complete with crops and everything Weird but cool but not very believable This story is about an orphan that runs away from a cruel orphanage and ends up meeting a guy who lives in the sea He takes her down to show her his home There is corrupt government, gang of trouble makers, and people after the girl I liked the idea and the plot was good Chara [...]

In a future America where rising seas have claimed much of the land, leaving Topsiders to pack themselves in tiny stacked apartments, some people have taken to the ocean These pioneers live on the ocean floor, farming the sea and sending crops to the government in exchange for their homesteads This is where Ty Townsend has lived all his life He was the first child to be born in the undersea community of Benthic Territory and he loves it there But when outlaws threaten the safety of the settlers, [...]

We ve all had our fill of dystopia infused YA literature in the past couple of years From the trilogy that seemed to have sparked its massive popularity much like the books that sparked the vampire craze, it s been hard to distinguish the rest of the pack from poor imitators Dark Life, the first novel by college professor Kat Falls, is no imitator here is a true, original, fun and fascinating dystopic tale fueled with imagination, relatable characters and a beautifully realized undersea setting [...]

Finally It took forever to get this book out to me Anyway, once I read it I ll quickly write a review for it Well I ve finished the book and now I must write a review.To be quite frank I thought the book was boring It takes place sometime in the future, after some terrible natural disaster I believe The oceans have taken over most of the land, so many people have been forced to live under the sea That sounds pretty good huh I thought so But this book is kinda like a Western, and I m really not a [...]

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I tried to read this book once before, than a year ago Somewhere around page 100 I stopped because I couldn t really get into the story.Felt a little bit the same this time and figured out why This book could be describing, since the main character, Ty, is living on the bottom of the ocean I just couldn t picture the submarines, the homes and the trade station and lower decks I ve never really seen those things, so it was and still is, hard to see the whole picture in my mind.That is the only [...]

WARNING NEVER Mess With the Deep Ocean Balls of red light dangled from the jaws of vapor fish jellyfish shimmered like pink clouds and gulper eels, with their neon spots, streaked past like comets Falls 297 The deep ocean, dark and mysterious, is thriving with life, all kinds of life In the book Dark Life by Kat Falls, the ocean is rising, and the deep ocean is becoming even deeper Being the first to born at the bottom of the ocean, Ty always feels a little different Living with his family at th [...]

I couldn t fathom why I took so long to reach read this book it has been sitting on my to be read shelf for so long I m so glad I finally read it, because it s superb Dark Life is set in a futuristic world where the rising sea levels have sunken most of the lands and scientists and pioneers are starting to test the possibilities of living under the sea Of course, most people still prefer to live on land, even though they are forced to cramp with each other due to the limited spaces.Ty is a great [...]

There is some seriously cool world building going on up in here I m glad I squeezed finishing off this book in between watching Easy A with my family pretty awesome and trying NOT to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid all music by Burt Bacharachff said Kat Falls first novel is set underwater in a future where most of our land is under the ocean and the majority of people live in crowded tenement blocks Ty, the teenage protagonist, is the first child born in the underwater colony and its on [...]

Read this over a year ago, and the world keeps coming back to me Definitely worth the read Kat Falls has build a compelling and believable world.

Ty is a pioneer, but instead of going west, like the old days, his family went deep As the water levels rise and space on land grows and precious, people have started going under the sea Ty knows nothing but living underwater He is much familiar with the life that thrives in the darkness of the deep sea than he is with sunshine and stars One day, Gemma shows up from the world above and changes everything in his life She seems so vulnerable alone, searching for her brother that Ty can t just l [...]

I usually don t want to read anything about the ocean, so I wasn t that excited to be starting this It was just a short book I could listen to What a surprise Get this What s left of the world is overpopulated to the point where people have to buy space just to be alone for a few minutes People don t even have their own bedrooms Think Original Star Trek The Mark of Gideon Underwater, the settlers are entitled to claim 100 acres at age 18.Gemma lives on the surface, and she s gone to the underwat [...]

In a world taking place undersea after the oceans rose and earthquakes caused whole regions to fall into the deep, deep path below, humans live packed into stack cities They barely go outside because sunlight can cause 3rd degree burns all over As a result, some pioneers staked out a living on the ocean floor Ty was born and raised in the deep He was the first to be born in subsea underwater By the way he s not pleasant to hear the whole experiment may fail due to a gang of outlaws that has been [...]

I haven t had time to keep up with recording on GoodReads what I ve been reading, but last night I finished reading the hardcover edition of Dark Life, by Kat Falls, and I LOVED IT I want to tell everyone about it It is a fast paced, suspenseful, action adventure story set vividly on a post apocalyptic ocean frontier Cool homes, cool vehicles, and cool creatures The hero narrator is a courageous, 15 year old, ocean born boy with a secret gift that scares him, but the runaway orphan girl who ente [...]

Post global warming the new frontier is under the sea Pioneering scientists and adventurers are using some amazing technology that makes use of physics and biology to farm fish, some livestock and sea plants These farms have been in existence for almost 20 years now and children have been born under the surface and grown up underwater These kids have extranormal abilities, all different, all wonderful and all a secret, the kids never tell or display their gifts The oldest among them has learned [...]

2 starsYA novels are always a gamble but as this story takes place in such a unique setting I decided to give it a go Storyline Great chunks of land have slid into the ocean due to global warming and everybody is crammed into skyscrapers Space becomes a sought after commodity.A brave few live under the sea and grow the food that keeps humankind alive Ty is a teenage boy who was born and raised on the sea floor, and he s developed some unique abilities while growing up under the deep blue sea The [...]

3.5 starsI absolutely loved the idea of it The whole post apocalyptic, living subsea, developing supernatural powers theme got me really intrigued You can see that the author put so much thought into it, and at times i found it genius However At other times, it was just confusing I didn t like the plot very much, i thought it was kind of dull Also, some parts didn t fit in or didn t make any sense Wasn t a huge fan of the author s language I mean, she clearly had an amazing idea, i don t think s [...]

La ambientaci n es fabulosa, no me extra a que quieran hacer pelicula de ella, el argumento muy original, en definitiva un libro con muchas posibilidades, un libro que prometia sorprender , nada m s que cae en tus manos y lo miras pero a m personalmente, me parece que se queda en eso, en algo que promete mucho y luego Quiz s falta desarrollo en la trama, creo que es esto, no se terminan de desenredar los hilos, y los que se desenredan van a toda mecha y con muy pocos detalles, como si hubiese qu [...]

The concept is really cool a futuristic world where the ocean has been colonized because the Topside is maxed out of resources due to overpopulation I like Ty, Gemma, and the action that ensues I read this aloud to students and appreciate how there is a sequel, Rip Tide, for those who are interested I wanted to read this book because the author, Kat Falls, came to YMS in the past for a visit Ultimately, Dark Life just doesn t totally do it for me For example, the moon pools, sub sea stations, an [...]

This book was amazing The Topside, or the surface of the earth, is way overpopulated, that some people decided to move to the ocean floor, or the Dark Life This book follows a boy named Ty, and his adventure with a Topside girl named Gemma who is looking for her brother There is a myth going around that Dark Life children get Dark Gifts because of the water pressure This prevents others from moving down, meaning that the Dark Life may not succeed There are rumors of outlaws, who are robbing peop [...]

Si quieres leer algo diferente, lee Los Abisales La autora ha sabido crear una historia original desarrollada en un medio poco explotado y con unos personajes con personalidad Puede resultar un poco extra o al principio, pero merece la pena conocer la historia de Ty y Gemma.Rese a arte literario 2014 03

The world has changed, the seas have taken over a large portion of the land Because of this people are crammed into tighter and smaller spaces with over population and food shortage being a significant problem However, a small group of pioneers has chosen to colonize and farm the expanding territories under the sea Ty s family is one of this group, farming and supplying the Topsiders with much needed food Ty loves the freedom of the ocean and is determined to stake his own claim as soon as he is [...]

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I really enjoyed this audio book I really like the idea of living under the sea And if it turns you into ocean X Men Even cooler.

Dark Life, The Little Mermaid in reverse.Whether you believe climate change is man made or not is immaterial, the point is it exists inside this book Anyway, uniquely set Under the Sea in a starkly plausible dystopian future with a plot which delves deeper into this unsettling world Unfortunately, I could ve done without the tacked on romance.Fish out of water, young Ariel Gemma meets Prince Eric Ty on her mission to find and join her long lost elder brother after they were separated in an orpha [...]

Ty is a pioneer, the first person to grow up under the sea He meets a girl from the topside, above ground, were everyone is packed tightly together because the ocean levels have rose to such a great height Her name is Gemma, and she goes back to Ty s underwater home with him While she is there, she notices things that make her wonder if the rumors are true that some people that live in the sea have a Dark Gift , or mysterious powers that came from living beneath the surface Meanwhile, outlaws ar [...]

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Just read this for the second time I think I loved it even The setting is so creepy the ocean floor Reminds me a bit of Sphere by Michael Crichton, except written for a younger audience Even though I d already read it once and mostly remembered everything, I still couldn t put it down Falls writing is flowing and captivating There are no pauses in the story From the first sentence till the end, the story is enthralling I love this because it is written for such a wide audience It s got adventur [...]

Almost all land masses have disappeared into the ocean and people above the water line live in crowded multi story buildings, slathering themselves with zinc paste to avoid getting burned A small community of so called pioneers followed a handful of scientists to live on the ocean s floor in inflateable homes including green houses, stables and bubble fences to keep the fish herds in , using energy provided by the ocean s movement Every 18 year old can start his own farm In fact the topsiders re [...]

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