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L'oeuvre De Chair #(2021)

L'oeuvre De Chair

L'oeuvre De Chair

  • Title: L'oeuvre De Chair
  • Author: Henri Vincenot
  • ISBN: 9782070377190
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
L'oeuvre De Chair By Henri Vincenot,

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This is a hell of a difficult book to review.Basically, the story is interesting and wittily told, but the message stinks.We first meet the hero, an orphan who has been adopted by a genial Breton fisherman, when the young man, now a student in Paris, visits his beloved sea side village At a gathering where local legends are recited aloud, the narrator catches a glimpse of a girl whom he instantly decides to treat as his future bride, although no words are exchanged between them Fascinated and in [...]

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    386 Henri Vincenot
L'oeuvre De Chair