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The Seven League Boots #(2022)

The Seven League Boots

The Seven League Boots

  • Title: The Seven League Boots
  • Author: Albert Murray
  • ISBN: 9780679758587
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
The Seven League Boots By Albert Murray,

Unlimited The Seven League Boots - by Albert Murray - The Seven League Boots, The Seven League Boots In the triumphant concluding volume of the trilogy that began with Whistle Guitar and The Spyglass Tree Albert Murray gives us what is at once an African American coming of age novel and a pitch perf

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Albert Murray probably wrote someplace why he titled the third book in his semi autobiographical trilogy The Seven League Boots, but I haven t found it yet The definition of the term, at least by consensus on the internet, makes sense Seven League Boots are boots of myth and fairy tale that enable their wearer to take seven league strides about 24.5 miles Googling the phrase even uncovered a 1950s newspaper advertisement from the American Trucking Association arguing that the trucking industry i [...]

Murray is definitely a 20th century novelist, perhaps a first half of the 20th century novelist, writing on the cusp of the 21st century Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Louis Armstrong, James Joyce, and, I m guessing, John Dos Passos are his influences and his desired peers The Seven League Boots is the third volume in what I thought was a coming of age trilogy, but two years ago a fourth volume, The Magic Keys, was published Murray was born in 1916 in rural Alabama, meaning he came of age hims [...]

1996 really that late I guess it means he wrote vols 2 and 3 much later than the first one this could be expected to make him nostalgic, trying to bring the period and people of his youth to life, to remember them, record them He gives brief life stories of a great many characters, seems to me wanting to show the richness of communities of people he knew in his lifetime Which he succeeds in doing.I wanted to believe this third vol was autobiographical, but after checking Murray s bio on I thin [...]

Very unique writing style, I can see how it mimics jazz and music but it was tough going at timese story really waffled and I think this book was about the stylized writing and historical musings, the main character seemed very weak to me Felt too long, was a bit of a struggle to push on to the end.

Had a hard time with this book Just couldn t get into the story which I found to be dull This is on my shelf to read again so I might like it better the second time.

  • Unlimited The Seven League Boots - by Albert Murray
    465 Albert Murray
The Seven League Boots