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Goha The Wise Fool #(2021)

Goha The Wise Fool

Goha The Wise Fool

  • Title: Goha The Wise Fool
  • Author: Denys Johnson-Davies Hamdy Mohamed Fattouh Hany El Saed Ahmed
  • ISBN: 9780399242229
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
Goha The Wise Fool By Denys Johnson-Davies Hamdy Mohamed Fattouh Hany El Saed Ahmed,

Goha The Wise Fool Best Download || [Denys Johnson-Davies Hamdy Mohamed Fattouh Hany El Saed Ahmed] - Goha The Wise Fool, Goha The Wise Fool Meet Goha that funny little man with the faithful donkey whose tales beloved for their wit and wisdom have been passed down through the streets of the smallest villages of the Middle East for cent

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This book includes some of the best stories of Goha, who is one of the Middle East s most renowned folktale characters In my opinion, Goha accurately describes the sense of wit that a lot of my Middle Eastern friends possess which I found extremely entertaining while reading this book.

Goha IS quite wise I loved his responses to many of these stories The illustrations were fantastic created by hand drawn characters sewn onto cloth How amazing I love these sort of folktale stories that each culture seems to have I find them quite fascinating Goha may be one of my favorites

Although I greatly appreciate the storytelling passed down through centuries and appreciate the same art of sewing the khiyamayas, I don t think the original art shows up well in the reproductions in the book.

1 Folk tale Traditional Literature, picture book2 Goha the Wise Fool is a collection of folk tales from the Middle East that are entertaining and also teach a lesson Goha at times plays a fool, a wise man, or a trickster depending on the what the story needs 3 Possibly the greatest aspect of the book, other than the stories being entertaining and clever, are the illustrations Instead of drawing or painting, the book uses hand sewn khiyamiyas, which are like tapestries that tell a story These ill [...]

Goha the Wise Fool is a book filled with a series of Tales about an old man named Goha Each tale takes place in a small town in the Middle East and each one has a different lesson that accompanies it Goha a wise, old man that is witty and humorous loves to play tricks on people and outsmart other such as robbers The tales depict various cultural aspects of the Middle East in an informal way The use of short tales allows the reader to gain various perspectives and ideas about the culture as well [...]

These stories make me laugh, bang my head on a wall, and congratulate Goha on all his conquests A book that creates that many reactions is a good book in my book While the pictures are simple, they don t need to be than they are This is because each story is short as well They pictures are so cleverly crafted that they almost tell the whole story themselves For example, the story about two thieves and Goha is well illustrated by the two arguing, and Goha slightly away from them That was a time [...]

Goha is a well known character in many countries It is unknown where Goha originated He has a different name in all countries but one thing stays true and that is his sometimes wise, foolish, and trickster personality Goha, the wise fool is Egypt s version of the foolish man The stories of Goha have been passed down by word of mouth and have now turned into a lovely storybook with over fifteen short stories altogether The stories of Goha are insightful, funny, and interesting to read Although ma [...]

Approximate Interest Level Reading Level ElementaryFormat Chapter Picture BookAwards ALA Notable Books for Children 2006 Goha is a middle aged hero that plays the fool, the wise man, or the trickster in many different folk tales originating in the Middle East This book contains fourteen translations of these clever tales, accompanied by khiyamiyas, which are hand sewn tapestries made by Egyptian tentmakers While the illustrations and folklore is abounding in Middle Eastern culture, the quick and [...]

This is a collection of stories about Goha, a Middle Eastern legend who is sometimes a wise man, fool, or trickster The stories typically have a lesson or moral and pretty funny The author provides background information on Goha s legend, and he is a part of many Middle Eastern cultures What is truly stunning about this book is the art Each story is depicted in a hand sewn colorful tapestry by Hag Hamdy and Hany, a father son duo who create these works of art in Cairo The author explains that th [...]

Goha is the main character from oral tradition and folktales in the Middle East In the collection of stories the reader follows Goha through different situations which always manage to have a peculiar ending.This collection of stories was really interesting, and provides the reader with a different outlook on situations and problems, even though some of the stories can take the reader considerable amount of time to discern why Goha did things a particular way or what the moral was supposed to be [...]

A collection of fifteen tales about the folk hero Nasreddin Hoca, also known as Goha, a man with a reputation for being able to answer difficult questions in a clever way The stories read like a comedian s monologue, many funny stories and issues as Goha s arguments with his insufferable wife, his encounters with unfamiliar settings and people, and his concerns with thieves Many of the tales expose familiar human foibles, as when Goha repurchases his own mule after listening to a dealer s glowin [...]

This is a traditional fantasy book that can be classified in the noodlehead story category Goha can trick the people around him even though he seems like he is foolish That is probably why he can trick them The illustrations are unique and are all stitched I enjoyed the stories in this picture book

I loved how humorous this story was It tells the stroy of main character Goha, a Middle Eastern man, and tells the tales of him encountering dangerous situations Goha finds his way out of trouble by outwitting thieves and other bad guy This book tells the tales of stories that have been passed down through generations by word of mouth.

I loved the cloth figures used as illustrations in this book, as well as the explanation at the end of the book My 4th graders enjoyed hearing some of these stories after hearing Nasreddine by Weulersse.

Although folk tales aren t my favorite thing in the world, these stories are funny and cute But the illustrations are AWESOME they re made by traditional tent makers in Cairo, and are completely fascinating.

Folktales from the Middle East, retold by the author with the help of a translator Beautiful hand sewn, colorful illustrations I ve used this book to teach theme, conflict, and to point out subtle styles of humor.

15 short and witty stories I found myself chuckling May be suitable for older kids who would understand the jokes and humor Book from text

  • Goha The Wise Fool Best Download || [Denys Johnson-Davies Hamdy Mohamed Fattouh Hany El Saed Ahmed]
    212 Denys Johnson-Davies Hamdy Mohamed Fattouh Hany El Saed Ahmed
Goha The Wise Fool