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The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World) #(2021)

The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World)

The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World)

  • Title: The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World)
  • Author: Paul Carus Olga Kopetzky
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World) By Paul Carus Olga Kopetzky,

[PDF] Download ì The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World) : by Paul Carus Olga Kopetzky - The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World), The Gospel of Buddha Mystical Classics of the World This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

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Efectivamente, lleno de coincidencias con el cristianismo Es una muy completa recopilaci n de los preceptos budistas.El budismo tiene una sencillez que me seduce, pero, al igual que cualquier otra colecci n de verdades, al convertirla en religi n, tiende a perder su esencia Mejor ser a dejar estas verdades como la verdad y propiciar q cada persona la busque y la encuentre Hay cosas q no pueden ser ense adas, s lo aprendidas Lastimosamente, la edici n que le , est PLAGADA de errores tipogr ficos

Reads like a novel, it is a fictionalized telling of the life of the Buddha and sharing the Dharma Easy and accessible language may seem old fashioned since it was written in the late 19th century.

Wonderful book It is true that having some working knowledge of Buddhism helps to understand and cherish all that is said in it, but even so, it seems quite clear the most important parts of the Buddhist doctrine, stripped away from the so called spiritism which sometimes is associated with Buddhism It isn t all that astounding that Buddhism and Christianity are quite similar the most important tennets of both advocate charity and compassion, as well as a renunciation of the self , and encourage [...]

I have no idea how distorted this gospel is from the ancient sources, but it is the book on Buddhism I have long searched for I have really wanted to know about Buddhism for quite a while, but book after book has been a huge scholarly disappointment, telling me about Buddhist rite and ritual, giving convoluted accounts of the philosophy of Buddhism which seem to obscure rather than enlighten This book presents the accounts of what the Buddha himself said and did Just as with the Christian gospe [...]

Beautiful narration, with slow pace of Buddha s story, also combined his teachings throughoutI enjoy the work Some times the flow of reading is obstructed by the old usages of English, but that gives a feeling of ancient saga May not give historical authentic biography of Great Buddha, but following great ancient texts, it narrates the life history of a prophet with sufficient teachings, his theories and Buddhism in general.We can enjoy reading this book, not as a religious text, nor as a great [...]

Read in the early 90 s in the Dutch edition Het Evangelie van Boeddha This book together with De drie pijlers van Zen is very insightful Buddhism in its early form attracted me far than all the different takes Buddhism fetched while traveling eastwards It became and about rules in rituals than the core teachings, ending on the Asian continent with the tight cage of Zen For Dutch readers the thriller writer Jan Willem van de Wetering wrote two books about his stay in a Zen monastry in Japan an [...]

This is a collection of Buddhist parables and stories I give this five starts because I got a lot out of it and having studied Buddhism for many years understood a lot of the meanings and morals I don t know how useful this book would be to a new comer Yes, it is easy to read and simply written but it doesn t go much into the philosophy of The Buddha It doesn t really explain the Eightfold Path, or the Four Noble Truths, but I think the passion of The Buddha comes out nicely If this is your firs [...]

This book constructed as a gospel from ancient Buddhist texts is creative introduction to Buddhist teachings At times it was a bit clunky and didn t flow very well but that is the nature of compiling from old texts What was interesting was what I found out about the compiler of this text Paul Carus is an interesting and important individual especially when it comes to understanding different philosophies from different religions.

1915, I think Noteable for its appendix comparing sayings of the Buddha with the New Testament, especially John, this is a refraction of the Buddha s actual teachings of course, one of myriad possible refractions It is good on atman, no soul, and as this is fundamental, provides a basic antidote to some contemporary ersatz buddhism.

I actually couldn t finish this book I didn t like the style I may appeal to those that have had a background in Christian religion s but for me, it just doesn t have the same feel as most buddhist books I find.

A very well written account of Buddhism Well translated and written as a story, Paul Carus makes it easy to understand Buddhism, according to the ancient texts, rather than the man made religion

A linguagem semelhante da B blia, o que se torna estranho Sempre tive curiosidade em saber coisas sobre Buda e este livro soube a pouco Voltarei a este assunto brevemente.

interesting read

Very Powerful ReadThis book was instrumental in helping me understand Buddhism, making concepts from the many other books gel in my mind I will be rereading it often.

  • [PDF] Download ì The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World) : by Paul Carus Olga Kopetzky
    107 Paul Carus Olga Kopetzky
The Gospel of Buddha (Mystical Classics of the World)