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Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School #(2022)

Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School

Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School

  • Title: Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School
  • Author: Jarrett Hallcox Amy Welch
  • ISBN: 9780425207529
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School By Jarrett Hallcox Amy Welch,

Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School Best Download || [Jarrett Hallcox Amy Welch] - Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School, Bodies We ve Buried Inside the National Forensic Academy the World s Top CSI Training School In Bodies We ve Buried the very first book to reveal the inside workings of the National Forensic Academy two NFA administrators offer readers and CSI fans exclusive access to a world normally off l

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I received this as a gift a while ago and never got around to reading it I very rarely find a book I can t finish, but I couldn t get through this The writing style is absolutely insufferable, and I found it disappointing that it s written by two people with no medical background Nor are the authors actual writers, and it shows The subject matter is potentially fascinating, and there are a lot of great books out there about death and forensics, but this book reads like an infomercial for the NFA [...]

This was a lot of fun Gory, naturally, and now I know exactly what happens to the body when hit by a car and during drowning and fires, and intend on moving my smoke alarm from its current place to a centrally located one, to avoid what happens to a body during a fire Nicely laid out, shows how CSIs investigate, what to look for, what things mean, and how they teach all of the above The authors have a fun sense of humor that really comes through, and they clearly love their jobs Very interestin [...]

Sometimes you just need your true crime fix.

Many times I thought the authors made too much of themselves how very great they are, but I can let that slide, because having a National Forensic Academy is pretty cool I also didn t agree with everything they talk about when I need to collect DNA from someone, I have never said let me pull some pubic hairs ew But, overall, a good book with some good ideas Pg 55 Lightly mist vinegar over the object a print is believed to be The vinegar reacts with the fats and oils in the prints, rehydrating th [...]

I came across this book in my library right after finishing the two nonfiction books written by Dr Bass about his experiences on the Body Farm I eagerly brought this one home excited for of the sameI was very disappointed While the training that occurred at the National Forensic Academy is certainly interesting, the authors included far scientific detail than the average layperson fascinated by true crime like me is likely to be interested in As another reviewer stated, this book is like an i [...]

I am an avid True Crime lover, and I ve been called obsessed at times, so when I got this book I had extremely high expectations The book was graphic at times but was so slow it was hard to seamlessly read it and stay in the moment bc the book dropped off so many times.

Really interesting and informative

Interesting at times but overall boring AF and read like a dry, overly detailed textbook Writing style was not even slightly engaging and the authors sounded like a couple of nerds which garnered multiple eye rolls The self congratulatory tone was also extremely irritating If you end up reading it, do yourself a favor and skim and skip parts.

Very interesting and thorough book on the ins and outs of forensic science The NFA sounds very we ll run and valuable I enjoyed the factual elements of the book, but had to give it three stars because of the clumsy writing and some of the strange moments that made me raise an eyebrow The writing, understood, is not that of professionals, but I found it heavy handed and forced, and sometimes too detailed At times, it was hard to determine whether the book was about Amy and Jarrett or the task at [...]

This introduction to the inner workings of America s best forensic training school lacked only one major component a good editor The most startling, and unintentionally amusing, goof took place in the first paragraph of chapter 12, in which the authors are describing a visit to a prison Vile, palatable wickedness hangs along every hallway like spiderwebs Palatable Hee While much of the information on forensic evidence and techniques is old hat to longtime readers of similar works, they scatter s [...]

i finished this in just a few hours While the other half cheerfully watched The Guns of Navarone, I continued to sneak paragraphs from this wonderful hardcover I had picked it up just yesterday afternoon from Hampstead House books and flew through it in short order.What I found really fascinating is that neither Amy nor Jarrett have any background in police work at all, yet they run this Academy virtually alone Now, after several years of the school being in business there is over a 3 year wait [...]

This book is a history and curriculum of the National Forensic Academy Personally, I loved this book The writers style was very authentic a fairly conversational, I could almost hear them talking to me as I read The anecdotes were great, laughed out loud several times and kept trying to get my wife to read various passages that I thought were especially good If you are going to teach forensic science, this book will give you ideas to use and lessons on what to emphasize and what to avoid If noth [...]

I wanted to like this book so much It is right up my alley forensics, crime fighting, references to the coolest place in America the Body Farm But it is in SERIOUS need of a good editor It could be salvaged, if someone just took a red pen and eliminated unnecessary paragraphs, rephrased sentences, fixed spelling and grammatical errors and just tightened up the narrative Did the authors self publish The shitty writing ruined the experience for me The only reason that I finished the book is becaus [...]

This book is one big advertisement for the NFA It talks on and on about how much they do for their students to learn I don t doubt any of the information in the book however there is a paragraph stating how they always have to prove themselves You should Your instructors don t They should be the authors of this book, not the 2 business people Neither has any medical, law enforcement, or firefighting background The subject of this book is very interesting, the execution of this book was terrible [...]

Not as good as the other forensic pathology books I have recently finished but probably cause its geared for a different audience Each chapter is devoted to a portion of the coursework for the NFA s 2.5 month long course on forensics taught to officials CSI types around the country You don t need any medical or forensic background to read as its probably for the lay public to get a sense of what actually is entailed to lift fingerprints off of corpses or make sense of an arson crime scene Inter [...]

The administrators of the NFA have written a book detailing what they do to train law enforcement personnel in the art of crime scene investigation Thankfully they do not try to blind the layman with science so for somebody who isn t in that profession what they re saying is easy to understand Very interesting and gruesome enough for any gorehound Reading these kinds of books make me realise that I wouldn t have the patience to become a CSI.

A summary, in detail, of the CSI training school curriculum from the National Forensic Academy It made me homesick and nostalgic for my laboratory days I m still thinking about the anecdote regarding a woman with a lot of plastic surgery who was shot in the face Because of the tautness of her skin, the entrance wound was massive compared to the exit wound the reverse of what normally happens when one is shot Her face literally exploded I love this stuff

In this book, Hallcox and Welch describe vividly the reality in forensic world Not only got me engrossed from its foreword to the index, this book also answered my curiosity and my suspicion about CSI series on tv Yes, shame on us who think we know everything merely because we ve watched most of their episodes We ve been tripped up, they re just some fictions after all.

The subject was very intersting but it was very difficult to read this book because of the writing style I can t stand it when people write The thing we do is we There were 5 unnecessary words in that sentence fragment and not for the purpose of literary prose I read a lot of dry non fiction but I felt the grammar was so bad that it became painful at times.

This is a day in the life type of book about the classes at the Nat l Forensic Academy I was expecting it to be focused on actual cases So while it didn t appeal to me, it was well written and worth reading, if you want to learn about the classes offered and techniques used in real crime scene investigation.

The read like a really chatty textbook describing the syllabus at the NFA Lots of good information, including things that I hadn t run across in my other forensic readings But it wasn t the most engaging read If you are doing research on forensic techniques, this is probably a good bet If you just want an interesting tale of forensics I suggest Teasing Secrets from the Dead.

This is a neat book that takes you behind the scenes of CSI training school in Knoxville It tells about how CSI people are trained, and also mixes in some good CSI stories along the way It describes the scientific parts of what CSI people learn in a way that is easy to understand and interesting to read.

Well, if you were every interested in going to a school to be a really good crime scene investigator, this is your book It goes into great and interesting detail on the things a CSI goes through to train for all sorts of death scene scenarios There is some humor interspersed that had me laughing aloud.

This caught my interest while lurking in the bookstore over the weekend.I m halfway through so far it s VERY informative interesting Entertaining and scientific at the same time that s usually a hard combo to pull off Done yep good book all the way through.

Very interesting read about the NFA training school This book takes you through a 10 week program teaching everything from DNA to Arson to trace It was a fast read that was interesting from start to finish The authors have a funny style that makes the book hard to put down.

This book was for people interested in a police crime scene training academy There was a lot of jargon that I became bored filtering through.e few chapters they spend training at the Body Farm were awesome, but otherwise I flipped through it

I enjoyed this book thouroughly It was very descriptive about the CSI training that is involved I learned a lot about this profession by reading this book I recommend this book for anyone interested in entering the field of CSI.

My cousin is Jarrett, so naturally I give this a 5 star rating But really, I enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the morbid side of forensic science Right up my alley, and anyone else who enjoys creepy, gory goodness.

when I was in high school I was very interested in becoming a handwriting analyst for law enforcement then, when CSI came on TV I was memorized this book reads almost like a textbook, and was very informative.

This is one of the books that got me into death investigation There is so much crap information out there regarding the topic and this book was straight and to the point I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the topic.

  • Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School Best Download || [Jarrett Hallcox Amy Welch]
    462 Jarrett Hallcox Amy Welch
Bodies We've Buried: Inside the National Forensic Academy, the World's Top CSI Training School