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Better Than Blonde #(2022)

Better Than Blonde

Better Than Blonde

  • Title: Better Than Blonde
  • Author: Teresa Toten
  • ISBN: 9780143053149
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
Better Than Blonde By Teresa Toten,

Better Than Blonde Best Download || [Teresa Toten] - Better Than Blonde, Better Than Blonde The enthralling sequel to Me and the Blondes shortlisted for the Governor General s AwardLife is almost well potentially perfect for Sophie Kandinsky As it turns out the Blondes were as dazzled by h

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My favourite part from this book was when Sophie told her friends who her dad really was She had been hiding her father from them because she didnt want them to know the truth She told them he had died When really, he was in prison for something he didnt do Well, he couldnt remember He was too drunk to remember anything I liked this part because instead of turning their backs on sophie, the blondes stuck with her and actually got to know her dead when he was let out That proves that they are tru [...]

It wasn t as good as Me and the Blondes some of that magic was lost here, but the voice of the protagonist is still the same, so I give it 2 5.


Still loving this series Liked this one even better than number one Just started reading number three.

  • Better Than Blonde Best Download || [Teresa Toten]
    133 Teresa Toten
Better Than Blonde