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Vanishing Point #(2021)

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

  • Title: Vanishing Point
  • Author: Michaela Roessner
  • ISBN: 9780812516722
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
Vanishing Point By Michaela Roessner,

Vanishing Point TV Movie Vanishing Point Directed by Charles Robert Carner With Viggo Mortensen, Christine Elise, Steve Railsback, Rodney A Grant An ex race car driver hurries miles home in a Challenger when his wife has labor problems Cops in several states try to stop him initially for speeding. Vanishing point A vanishing point is a point on the image plane of a perspective drawing where the two dimensional perspective projections or drawings of mutually parallel lines in three dimensional space appear to converge When the set of parallel lines is perpendicular to a picture plane, the construction is known as one point perspective, and their vanishing point corresponds to the oculus, or eye Vanishing Point film Vanishing Point is a American action film directed by Richard C Sarafian, starring Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, and Dean Jagger It focuses on a disaffected ex policeman and race driver delivering a souped up car cross country to California while high on speed uppers , being chased by police and meeting various characters along the way. Vanishing Point Rotten Tomatoes Vanishing Point Rotten Tomatoes Vietnam War hero Kowalski Barry Newman has become a pill addicted driver for hire Transporting a car from Colorado to California, he enlivens the journey Vanishing Point Barry Newman, Cleavon Little If the film Two Lane Blacktop was the American Dream to nowhere, then Vanishing Point might be though of as its meaningful, soulful cousin that makes you want to drive your car out into the middle of the Nevada desert, camp out for a few days and try LSD for the first time. Vanishing Point Full Cast Crew Vanishing Point cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and . What Is a Vanishing Point in Art LiveAbout Oct , A vanishing point, or point of convergence, is a key element in many works of art In a linear perspective drawing, the vanishing point is the spot on the horizon line to which the receding parallel lines diminish It is what allows us to create drawings, paintings, and photographs that have a three dimensional look. Vanishing Point Blu ray Barry Newman Vanishing Point , so der Originaltitel des Films, ist der Punkt in der Unendlichkeit, an dem sich zwei Parallelen treffen Auf einer schnurgeraden Strae kann man diesen Punkt in der Ferne sehen, aber man kann ihn nie erreichen Kowalski, der Mann ohne Vornamen, der nichts mehr hat, auer ein paar melancholischen Erinnerungen fhrt Vanishing Point Free Download, Borrow, and Nov , Vanishing Point Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today June starting at am PDT until the work is complete. Vanishing Point Dodge Challenger vs Jaguar YouTube In this scene from the cult film, a Jaguar owner wants to race Barry Newman in his super charged Dodge Challenger Guess who wins

Vanishing Point Best Read || [Michaela Roessner] - Vanishing Point, Vanishing Point It happened one night without warning % of the human race disappeared without a trace There were no bodies and no clue as to where they went or whether they would ever return After years of violenc

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I ve read this book numerous times and it s still just as engrossing to me as it was the first time I love how the Winchester Mystery House feels like it s another character I finally had the chance to visit the house last week which prompted me to pick this book up again to reread once I m not sure which aspects I enjoy the most the Post Apocalyptic storyline, the sci fi element, the science of the story, the characters, or the house itself Loved it all I just found out that this book was just [...]

This book kept me up late reading and I was sorry to see it end, I would like to read a sequel to see what becomes of the characters It is a rarity in the science fiction world a novel with well developed characters with believable motives and a realistic look at love and relationships Thirty years after most of the world s population disappeared, a band of survivors inhabiting the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California try to find the cause of the catastrophe and rebuild a society des [...]

Not a terrible novel An interesting premise set in a part of the country the Bay Area in Northern California that I have visited many times The Winchester House a great place to visit if you ever get the chance plays a key role in the novel However ,while it was intriguing, it was weighed down a bit much by the New Age Hippie ethos and that hurt the story After a while the story lost me The author tried to hard to make other dimensions real and how can you make something beyond our comprehension [...]

one of my favourite quirky SF novels, reviewed in full here wp s1eNUC 292

First of all, that book cover is terrible It screams, 1993 The novel itself holds up pretty well than 20 years after publication Although references to saving everything on disks are dated, overall Roessner doesn t get into too much technology that dates her Although possibly if I was tech skilled, I would feel differently The book opens 29 years after The Vanishing a morning when 10 percent of the global population woke up to find the other 90 percent had simply disappeared without a trace In [...]

A very absorbing, thoughtful story set 30 years after the mysterious vanishing of 90% of the population Centered around two main characters, Nesta is the scientist looking for the cause of the Vanishing and Renzie, fearless and confident leader, cope with loss, loneliness and survival in an uncertain world Recommended.

What would life be like in a world where 90 percent of the human race disappears overnight Now what would that world be like 30 years later, when, just as a new generation had asserted itself, aberations and anomalies make that world unstable again And that s just the beginning of this fine read Roessner is a fine word crafter and an excellent storyteller The post Vanishment world is well conceived and believable, and her characters well developed.I d just previously read Susan Randall s Warped [...]

I received a copy of the from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book took me by surprise I wanted to read it because the idea of it taking place 30 years after 90% of the population disappeared sounded extremely interesting But it didn t prepare me for one of the most real most apocalyptic worlds I ve read The characters were real and well developed, the society and the different groups that have developed were logical and believable The story is, on the whole, simple with some con [...]

I ve become pretty jaded about post apocalyptic fiction thanks to current trends in YA fiction, simply because the ideas in a lot of it are not particularly striking But I do love this particularly story when its told well, and Vanishing Point is a great example of that It s set in my old stomping grounds of Silicon Valley seriously, about a mile up the street from where I used to live in the Winchester Mystery House and its environs I love how it s a multiple generational story, that has action [...]

Ahh I had seen this book on our family bookshelf for so so many years and the cover I know, I know drove me away Then, when I move away, my mother sent me off with a bag of books she was ready to get rid of and I resolved to read them all This was in there and I m glad it was so I was finally forced to look beyond the cover The plot was engaging and realistic enough to suck you in The end was just way fun and incredibly satisfying I could have done without the physics, but other than that, I wou [...]

Good up til the physics came in.

Good book Damned good book One of the best ones I ve read in awhile The way the author builds the post apocalyptic world makes you feel like you re there with the main character I love the way she described the world developing after the Vanishing ,and how people pulled together in different groups some to help each other, and some hellbent on destroying the others The only reason I didn t give the book 5 stars is the predictability Within the first 3 chapters you can pretty much see what s goin [...]

It was dull The characters were not that interesting, and while I wanted to see what a world would be like if 90% of the population suddenly vanished an interesting number because that is quite a lot survivors than most apocalyptic fiction has , it did not answer enough Roessner seems to explore mostly the psychological effects on the survivors than the physical effects on the world while she did a good job examining an often overlooked aspect of the apocalypse, it did not exactly make for edge [...]

There s so much science in this book my head spun with all the science techy talk If it weren t for some of the story about the adventures and finding out if they can find the Vanishing the story got boring in between The slits and the continuums and what not were all that kept me interested in the people and they re different tribulations But nonetheless it was a very thorough and well written book

I could not finish this book, it jumped around, felt like hard work and I couldn t get a drop of pleasure from it.

Vanishing Point was originally published in 1993 This new publication comes at a time when dystopian novels have become the rage It s been 30 years since a huge percentage of the population just Vanished No trace was left behind The Vanished took nothing with them and there were no bodies Those who were alive back then lost many loved ones, and trying to rebuild their lives has not been easy A lot of them live their lives in fear not knowing if it will happen again, wondering if their loved ones [...]

I might actually rate this as 4.5 stars, but I love this book It is satisfying on a lot of levels It is one of the few sci fi books that I have read that use children as a major portion of the story without making them too cute It is primarily sociological but really, what good science fiction isn t in some way It takes an unique view of alternate realities and explores that view The author takes an interesting viewpoint What would happen if most of the people in the world disappeared overnight [...]

Particularly these days, a post apocalyptic future that isn t dystopian is unusual, and Vanishing Point is nothing if not unusual Thirty years after 90% of the human race simply disappeared, people are still struggling as much with what happened as why and each community finds different answers Vanishing Point is set in the remains of San Jose, California, in and around the Winchester Mystery House which is a real thing Some people refuse to leave their crumbling homes, convinced the Vanished wi [...]

This is an odd book that scatters some crumbs of a really creepy scenario that ultimately doesn t live up to its possibilities It s 30 years after most of the population has vanished and I commend the author for a realistic view of what it would be like for the survivors For once we have thinking characters that figure out how to function.Underlying this post apocalyptic story are bizarre incidents that suggest the world or the universe is fundamentally changing somehow and some of the survivors [...]

there are a lot of interesting pieces in this book I love dystopian and post apocalyptic books and it is always fun to discover a new angle, a new world, fresh characters This book was actually published in 1994 and the place is California mostly in the Winchester mansion which legend has it, was haunted and the owner had constant construction going on until her death Construction continues in the story and and a community has grown up in the house There are other groups of survivors of a myster [...]

I know it s cliche but I do sometimes pick out books by their cover When going thru racks at a book fair I often pick up what catches my eye visually, read the description and maybe first page and then decide to buy or not buy This cover is awesome Unfortunately the book is not It started off ok and I was intrigued by some of the characters and future sci fi elements However, as it progressed the details of the science were explained in great detail and took up pages at a time, distracting from [...]

Totally engaging It s strangeough the storyline was right up my alley, it was the writing that drew me in I look forward to reading this again in a year or so It s the kind of book that, even while I was reading it, I knew I would enjoy it even in subsequent reads This is rare I can t even put my finger on what made this so good perhaps the dreamy quality it maintained while portraying definitive action Maybe the pacing just worked exquisitelya great balance between description, action, dialogu [...]

I m not sure how I missed this one so long It seems like it s often left out of lists of survivor type SF post apocalyptic stuff, although this one technically is not post apocalyptic.It s a solid story of the small group of people left behind after a mysterious vanishing event rebuilding civilization and investigating the uncanny event itself while dealing with less friendly survivors.What really sold me was the fact that the Winchester Mansion unnamed in the book, but will be obvious to anyone [...]

2013 the basic story is very good and can be enjoyed on a basic story level Like the continuums in the book, though, there are a lot of levels to think about mostly having to do with personal relationships, but also fear, power, reaction to change, the effects of being wrong and office politics This book is worth reading over and over because of the complexity of the ideas and the made up language that the author assumes we all get right away unless she is trying to put the readers in the place [...]

Jun 16, 2009 Sharon Reyes rated it Read in August, 2004 I thought of this book after I read The Rapture of Canaan This is sort of a layman s Left Behind It s set in San Jose, mostly at the Winchester Mystery House, where a group of people woke up one day to find that half the world s population had spontaneously disappeared The group at the mystery House interacts with other groups who were left in other places an office complex, a movie theater, etc Action ranges as far afield as Orinda Absolut [...]

I m not a big science fiction reader but this was a good story This book was first published in 1993 and was probably a front runner in end of humanity fiction In a world where 90% of the world s population vanished, factions formed among the survivors Not 30 years later, new generations are the new adults and they have grown up with no luxuries and strong survival skills I liked the beginning of the book but it started to drag a little with all the science explanations.

I love this book First because it starts out totally re imagining both an apocalypse and the post apocalyptic struggle, and second because it makes the marvelous Winchester Mystery House into a character that can be appreciated without actually going there This story carries the essence of what if to places you would never imagine on your own Brilliant.

The physics is a bit of tooth grindy, but it s not a story about that, it s a story about how people have responded or have failed to respond to the event, so the author might have been better served to be even handwavy about it than she was Not that it stopped me from reading it through the night.

A Good ReadI enjoyed this novel very much The plot revolving around the House drew me to read it in fact, I wish there was about the house and less scientific mumbo jumbo Still a satisfying read in its uniqueness.

My review from February 10, 1998

  • Vanishing Point Best Read || [Michaela Roessner]
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Vanishing Point