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Warriors of the Cross #(2021)

Warriors of the Cross

Warriors of the Cross

  • Title: Warriors of the Cross
  • Author: T.R. Graves
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Warriors of the Cross By T.R. Graves,

☆ Warriors of the Cross ✓ T.R. Graves - Warriors of the Cross, Warriors of the Cross Allison La Crosse beginning a challenging family medicine residency leaves the protection of her family With the transfer her worst nightmares come true Her closely guarded mystical talents those w

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As the author of this series, I love everything about it.

If you are looking for a fresh paranormal romance thriller, Warriors of the Cross delivers I found the summary of this book to be intriquing Allison La Crosse is a resident doctor who was born and raised in a big family full of love in LA She gets her residency at a University Hospital in Galveston, TX and moves there by finding a room to rent sight unseen When she arrives she meets Clark her landlord who is a medical malpractice lawyer and has an instant connection with him Clark makes Allie fe [...]

I would categorize this novel as a young adult Christian romance with a smidge of the paranormal I actually enjoyed most of the book, however the use of excruciating detailed segments made me want to give the book up in its entirety Here s a quick list of both positive and negative aspects I found throughout the book Negative The author s political and religious views leaked through every page, especially around 60% Since this book was not labeled as a Christian romance, I was unaware of what I [...]

I would give this stars 9 stars if I could It would be 10 if it had gone through the editing process one timee typos were abundant I have had very few books that I can t get out of my head, and this is one of them Great job I can t wait to read the next one in the series UPDATE It has been 2 days since I finished this book I can t get it out of my headI have tried and stopped reading 3 books since thenI think I m going to have to read it again starting tonight

The book earns its 3 Good rating I am curious about the sequel, pleasantly curious.I did have a few problems with the book It s Christian Fiction, which is normally a genre I avoid Most is either so saccharine it hurts my teeth or so horny for the end of the world and hell on earth it creeps me out those who know me will find this amusing I find those Left Behind style books kind of blasphemous I have to say I was taken aback when I realized its genre BUT I was pleasantly surprised in the end It [...]

Warrior of the Cross is the story of Allison, a young woman who s eager to learn all about curing the ill by starting a hospital placement in Galveston Medicine has always been part of Allison s life, not just because her family s involved with it, but also because she possesses psychic abilities that involve drawing Allison to a sick person like a magnet, literally urging her to touch those dying in her compulsion to cure them, which she does through her touch that usually leaves her distraught [...]

I chose to read this book on read to review I liked the premise, it sounded new and interesting Unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed by it I m sure, buried somewhere, there was a story that was new and interesting, but I never found it There is a lot of weird stuff going on in the book like some strange love triangle that I never figured out She has the hots for her landlord and her chief resident, but there is zero tension She has these powers to heal the dying so I expected to see use of [...]

Though I did begin reading this book with excitement, I wasn t very thrilled by it I d like to begin by saying that it was unnecessarily long 433 pages were just too much to endure I did bail in the last couple of chapters, and don t really regret it Even the action that was squeezed in them wasn t good enough to make me reconsider Some scenes seemed to be prolonged outside of the ordinary, and got kind of boring Some scenes repeated several times with no real reason At times the action didn t s [...]

Warriors of the Cross proved to be everything the very promising blurb said and much Allison LaCrosse has a gift of healing that can bring patients in critical condition back from the brink of death At the same time she is discovering that she might have other psychic abilities stemming from this healing power Where there is light and healing however, there will always be darkness and evil to counter it.This book had my attention from the word go and kept me turning the pages up to the almost c [...]

I received a copy of this through the Read2Review program here on Where to begin with what s wrong with this book Let me start with the characters, the main character Allie has to be the most spineless, whinyh and her love interests in the book were just as bad Interesting characters have flaws, they get pissed off, sad, frustrated or whatever, the whole book all they did was tell Allie how lovely and special she was, while she was constantly on the verge of tears You had a love triangle with ab [...]

I have about 60 pages left of this book, but I just wanted to say how amazing it was I absolutely love it I started it this morning and I haven t been able to put it down Such a good book I ll have to go over this a little after I finish, but if you re contemplating reading it, DO IT You won t be disappointed in the least.Okay, I finished the book last night I can t believe I m done I want to chastise myself for reading it so fast because it s over now and I wish that there were First off, I l [...]

Lately I have not really had any posts saying that the book I read was generally horrible It s been to my pleasant surprise and general enjoyment that every author I have been approached by and or won a contest from I ve had the honor of reading what I think are some good writers to come With that being said.Normally this genre of book I ve been very picky in reading and coming to enjoy I have to say when starting this book I was pleasantly surprised at the time taken to get a feel for my view o [...]

I got this book for free, in exchange of an honest review.What I liked about this book I liked Allison s nature the reason she saw beauty in everyone around her was because she was a good person.The book managed to be Christian fiction without being preachy.All of the medical procedures actions were described well not too much to weigh a layman down but enough to make it sound authentic.What I did not like the name of the sect of the bad guyshow Allison seemed to stay in denial about her powersh [...]

WOW Warriors of the Cross spins a tale rife with intrigue, danger, and the paranormal.I have always wanted to be a doctor but I never imagined that the medical field quite like this.Allie is a vulnerable, and innocent woman who grows throughout the book to become someone stronger and who I personally would like to keep reading about to see what she would do next She is kind and gentle and having a gift that differentiates one from others isn t always a bad thing Allie sure proved that it can be [...]

Very, very interesting I think I m starting to like adult novels a lot than I used to I have to say I m surprised by how much I enjoyed this one I started it and thought I wouldn t but it grew on me.Full review here tristasiegel 2011

I finished this morning After keeping myself up until 2 a.m reading Only to grab the book at 6 a.m when I awoke I love the story line I immediately fell in love with the characters This is a very unique and absorbing story The tension between Allison and Brody almost drove me insane I cant wait to read the next one

I would like to say Thank You for the Free book that I got from T.R Graves here on I am so appreciative and am looking forward to reading it.

Wow this one has really sucked me in just in the first few chapters.

a mix of fantasy and thrill enjoyedw to wait on book 2

Review Warriors of the Cross begins with Allison La Cross a seemingly mundane girl working her way through medical training, trying to decide between two possible soul mates, and keep her lovably crazy family in check.Then everything changes.The prologue snaps the reader to attention with an alluring scene a mysterious death and devastating undeath From there, a physical pull makes it impossible to put down Well paced and beautifully written, once you begun the enticing read you won t be able to [...]

Well.I got this book as a R2R from and just want to say thank you to them and to the author T.R Graves for letting me read it Okayetty much every book I readI end up liking it and even if I don t like it I always find something that I do like and talk about it But for some reasonis book just didn t do it for me And yes I have to say it is a first Other than the idea behind the story.I couldn t really find anything to like or look forward too.So, in the book we meet Allison La Cross a young woman [...]

Originally posted on The Authoress Book Review and More.Not exactly my cup of tea Maybe it was the idea or the execution of said idea or the characters, but than likely it was a combination of all three.There was something lacking in the structure and presentation that made the characters, and story inaccessible.The major problem I had with this book was the main character, Allie Starting with the character itself and not her circumstances, I was disappointed with how shallow she seemed Even th [...]

Warriors of the Cross The Warrior Series 1 By TR GravesISBN 9781453753422Published January 10, 2011Available Format Paperbook, ebookMy Rating Allison La Crosse has always felt compelled to help those in need, so she pursues a medical career Her talents go far deeper than the practice of medicine, however, and when she leaves her family to begin her residency in Galveston, Texas, it becomes clear she has been given an extraordinary gift With this gift comes tremendous risk a risk that could possi [...]

I started reading this book, thinking that the book title was very cool I was hoping for some action, adventure, suspense, etc Unfortunately, this book encompasses none of these characteristics, in my opinion.The main character, Allison La Crosse, is supposed to be gifted with the ability to heal the dying fine I was hoping for a stronger character, but this woman acts like she s in grade school instead of college She s very insecure, self absorbed, and whiny to the point where I became exasper [...]

WARNING SPOILER ALERT at the endThe story was about Allie, a medical resident, and her slow realization that with her touch, she can save people from death Other characters include Brody who figures quite prominently and Clark her landlord The book started off very slow, gave lots of background, and only got good toward the very end The characters were fleshed out very well, but at times, that even became tedious I found the premise to be believable as when reading fantasy, you suspend all belie [...]

I think this book is written in a very nice way The style makes it easy to read Even though I wasn t a big fan of the book, I think a lot of people will like it Because I realize this book is very good I gave it four stars I think the reasons I didn t like the book are very personal I should have known actually, warriors of the CROSS Of course this book would be about faith, God I have no problem with this, I liked Angelology and other books with believe aspects in it I guess this book just was [...]

I recently added this book to my to read shelf, and was sent a link to this book by the author for that, I am forever grateful After finally getting around to read it, I realized this book would be one of my favorites.I m not going to go too in depth with this because I don t want to give anything away Everyone should read this without knowing any of the intricate details so they can be just as pleasantly surprised as I was Now, to be honest, I m not a fan of romance At all Something about it ju [...]

Warriors of the Cross is definitely the book of the series that sets the foundation It was actually a welcome reprieve from the first in series that bombard me with information and make it complex to read than it should be The characters were one of a kind and I still can t quite figure them out Allie seems to be a strong female lead, but sometimes she lets little things get to her and I just couldn t understand why She definitely created some unbreakable bonds in the story, but they were a far [...]

This book deserves than 5 stars Allison, a resident at a university hospital, has a secret She can heal people just by touching them and taking on their aillments She needs to keep this a secret to protect herself But, when the compelling desire to heal comes on, she cannot resist She finds herself in the middle of a secret order of disciples sworn to protect her She falls in love, discovers secrets of her past and faces many life altering hurdles I love the power to heal If I could ever have o [...]

Warriors of the Cross has a little something for everyone There s romance, mystery, suspense, supernatural, and a bit of Christian theology thrown in for good measure The story flows fairly smoothly, though there are areas where it seems to drag some but not enough for me to want to stop reading.The characters were mostly written well It was easy to see Allison mature as she went through all the strange incidents happening to her I would have preferred Clark and Brody to be well rounded, I thin [...]

  • ☆ Warriors of the Cross ✓ T.R. Graves
    257 T.R. Graves
Warriors of the Cross