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Indifferent Heroes #(2021)

Indifferent Heroes

Indifferent Heroes

  • Title: Indifferent Heroes
  • Author: Mary Hocking
  • ISBN: 9781853818448
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
Indifferent Heroes By Mary Hocking,

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It s hard to tell what I think of this novel I read it as an ebook and it has been so badly edited that I am not even sure the ending was the actual ending The novel felt unfinished Who can tell At some point, a whole chapter that obviously didn t belong to the novel was inserted.I am quite disappointed with Bello and am wondering whether I should buy the third instalment of Good Daughters.

indifferentheroesAll Virago All August continues with another Mary Hocking novel mine isn t a Virago copy although I do really like the Abacus editions I read Good Daughters, the first book in this family trilogy at the beginning of August and loved it It is really hard to review the novels of this Hocking trilogy because I know a lot of people are reading them at the moment or intending to, and I don t want to spoil them for people, and I don t know how interesting a blog post about a second in [...]

4 1 2 In this, the second of the Hocking WWII trilogy, the storyline moves from the Fairley family to particular members of the family and how their lives change how they deal with those changes throughout the War The story is told mainly through the lives of the eldest daughter, Louise the middle daughter, Alice.Louise is now married the mother of two, whose husband is off to war The time in interminable for her and she needs diversion Not for her the war time volunteer work nor church work tha [...]

Mary Hocking s WW2 novel surprised me in many ways.It presented the war years in the most chilling, unsentimental manner I have encountered in fiction Particularly, in fiction written by a woman I have a fondness for British women writers from the 40 s through the 60 s and this book was intriguing because it has a style and tone reminiscent of an earlier literary era, yet was published in the mid 80 s Hocking didn t make any attempt to create sympathetic characters everyone the reader encounters [...]

The beginning moved slowly Curses on editors who demand that the author fill in readers who are joining at the second book But eventually the story picked up energy again Like the first book, full of sympathetic characters.

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Indifferent Heroes