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An Irrelevant Woman #(2021)

An Irrelevant Woman

An Irrelevant Woman

  • Title: An Irrelevant Woman
  • Author: Mary Hocking
  • ISBN: 9780349100401
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
An Irrelevant Woman By Mary Hocking,

Unlimited An Irrelevant Woman - by Mary Hocking - An Irrelevant Woman, An Irrelevant Woman Their family has always been a living thing its members encompassing supporting each other confident in the indestructible bond of kinship Murdoch and Janet Saunders Hugh Stephanie Katrina Malc

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My month of Mary Hocking reading continues with An Irrelevant woman a novel still infused with Hocking s warmth wit and understanding but that strikes a sombre tone overall Mary Hocking published this novel when she herself was in her late sixties, and I can only assume was beginning to consider the effect of ageing upon women in their everyday lives One of the things I love about Mary Hocking s writing is that upon opening to the first page one knows exactly where one is for her novels are str [...]

This is a fairly demanding, emotionally draining, but ultimately satisfying, look at a family caught in the crisis of accepting new roles for both children and parents.It is not easy to watch an admirable, solid, wife and mother unravel as she struggles to understand her place in the world with her children grown She consciously allows herself to fall apart so she can put herself back together Tough stuff, even for those of us who are not mothers.Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this book wa [...]

  • Unlimited An Irrelevant Woman - by Mary Hocking
    141 Mary Hocking
An Irrelevant Woman