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Stolen Heart #(2021)

Stolen Heart

Stolen Heart

  • Title: Stolen Heart
  • Author: Maki Kanamaru Yukine Honami
  • ISBN: 9781569708163
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
Stolen Heart By Maki Kanamaru Yukine Honami,

[PDF] Stolen Heart | by ✓ Maki Kanamaru Yukine Honami - Stolen Heart, Stolen Heart The son of a rich and conceited aristocratic family leads an easy life of luxury With servants to wait on him hand and foot and his every wish granted with the right amount of money life is easy But

Recent Comments "Stolen Heart"

Two stars for the main stories in the book FIVE STARS for the outstanding oneshot Kiss Scandal, about a closeted JFKesque politician and his political aide secret gay lover It s adorable and timely, plus a delicious take on American politics I wish it were a series

The volume as a whole was mediocre, but Kiss Scandal was excellent It s worth buying for that story alone.

I didn t like the 1st and 2nd couple The first couple was so horrible that I had a hard time to finish their stories Both seme and uke were super annoying Arrogant, whiny, spoiled and slutty noble uke paired with thief who kept raping him Blah However, I LOVE the last couple The politician and the secretary Their love story was so refreshing and better than the main couple noble thief.

I normally rate manga higher, especially manga by Yukine Honami, but this one wasn t the best I liked it, but the last story, Kiss Scandal was what made the volume It s about an American politician and his lover aide I loved it and wish that it had a longer story or a full series Lovely art again by Honami That at least never fails to be wonderful.

I really liked the Kiss Scandal story about the bisexual politician, but the Stolen Heart stories had SO MUCH RAPE Not just non con but drugged rape I give them a 1 but the Kiss Scandal story a 4.

HA Love it.

Liked this volume it was making me laugh how the young Master was acting He was really spoiled, but the way he pouted and was always bored made me laugh.

Muddled plotlines, confusing storytelling, screwing in the asterisks Not my favorite kind of yaoi, not my best purchase, but whatever.

  • [PDF] Stolen Heart | by ✓ Maki Kanamaru Yukine Honami
    380 Maki Kanamaru Yukine Honami
Stolen Heart