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The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians #(2021)

The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians

The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians

  • Title: The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians
  • Author: Philip Marsden
  • ISBN: 9780006376675
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians By Philip Marsden,

[PDF] Download Ü The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians : by Philip Marsden - The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians, The Crossing Place A Journey Among the Armenians After centuries of prominence as a world power Armenia has withstood every attempt during the th century to destroy it With a name redolent both of dim antiquity and of a modern world and its tensi

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3.5 stars.More than a million Armenians died in the last years of the Ottoman empire, a half on Anatolia s total The Turks had managed to do what numerous powers had tried before them they managed to finish Armenia, though not the Armenians In most of the world s cities you can find Armenians Armenian newspapers in Armenian script, Armenian restaurants In exile the Armenians are curiously resilient only the Jews have resisted assimilation as fiercely In the mountains of Colombia there is a small [...]

A wonderful and quite charming book I read it on a recommendation and although the title didn t really appeal, once I opened the cover I found myself entranced It is exactly as it says a journey among the Armenian peoples whose present is utterly bound up with their troubled and turbulent past Remarkable

The Armenians are an ancient race, and like the Jews, have resisted assimilating into the cultures around them As a result, their language and culture have survived mostly intact, though many conquering groups have attempted to wipe them from the face of the planet, most recently in 1915 Armenians are scattered all over the world I myself noticed a poster hanging on the side of a building in Springfield, Mass, just last week, regarding the 100th anniversary of the 1915 massacre , but their heart [...]

This is a travel history cultural religious book about the Armenian diaspora which is spread across many, many countries particularly in the Middle East, South Central Europe and the South Caucasus, mostly as a result of people fleeing an attempted genocide in 1915 by Turkey about 1.5 million did not escape I found the opening chapters of the book compelling and strangely empty and eerie The Armenians that Marsden met are like a ghost people spread around the surrounding countries of the region [...]

lacking proper descriptions and historical depth , please.

This is a powerful narrative about Armenians, about travel, about history and memory One of my favorite books.

sad but interesting, and yet another place I d like to visit

Getting to the bottom of ArmeniaDetectives and divorce lawyers like to probe into their cases, pulling out causes and motivations, faults and crimes They talk about getting to the bottom of it all Maybe they can do it too When authors of novels build characters, tell their stories, they can succeed in getting to the bottom of everything if they want because, after all, they ve created everything from scratch On the contrary, I know as an anthropologist that you can never, ever get to the bottom [...]

4.5 Great travel writing about Armenian history and Armenian diasporas through the ages Really enjoyed learning the history and absorbing the anecdotes of Armenian survival.

This is a readable book and if you know nothing of the Armenian Genocide you ll learn something Mostly, though, it is a record of Marsden s travels aimed at encountering Armenians, with the suggestion that he s trying to find out something deep about why they have survived and what the spirit of Armenia is Much of the book is composed of snippets about individuals he s encountered in wandering through various disaporan communities in Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania He finally gets to Armeni [...]

Philip Marsden s lyrical book describes the lives, trials, defeats and triumphs of these people, who are still scarred from their genocide in 1915, and the loss of the centre of their spirituality and faith Mt Ararat to the perpetrators of that slaughter, the Turks The Armenians, like the Jews, are an ancient race They have been scattered across the world, and like the Jews, have established for themselves an influence entirely disproportionate to their population in almost every region they inh [...]

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The Crossing Place has a different approach to most of the other books I have read recently It has been a real insight into the lives of the Armenian people, both past and present Their struggles, persecution for daring to be different and at times not play by the expected rules Aided by a short time spent in Jerusalem living amongst Armenians and learning their language, in this book the author throws himself into their journey with the only solid plan being a confirmed route If you are interes [...]

The author starts his journey with the assumption that he knows the most important thing about Armenians that they are exiles forever pining for their lost land This assumption is his overwhelming obsession throughout the whole journey so than the Armenians he meets But, he doesn t seem to really care about finding out anything else about the culture or history of the people.

This is a cleverly written book telling the story of the Armenian people for the last hundred years at the same time writing about his travels around the land the Armenians have had to flee to I have some special Armenian friends and they have shared something of their story with me The tragedy of the genocide is important to remember.

A captivating travel adventure and a sad window into the latent savagery of human nature A book that will inspire you to explore.

Fast Fun Read.

  • [PDF] Download Ü The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians : by Philip Marsden
    303 Philip Marsden
The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians