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Your Day in the Barrel #(2021)

Your Day in the Barrel

Your Day in the Barrel

  • Title: Your Day in the Barrel
  • Author: Alan Furst
  • ISBN: 9780689107276
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
Your Day in the Barrel By Alan Furst,

[PDF] Your Day in the Barrel | by ✓ Alan Furst - Your Day in the Barrel, Your Day in the Barrel From the inside front Roger Levy is an enterprising young man in business for himself In fact his is a kind of modern American success story although it just happens that his business is dealing dop

Recent Comments "Your Day in the Barrel"

An early Alan Furst novel No WW2 Central European intrigue just hippie pot dealing and paranoia Some funny, clever stuff, but a bit antic and ultimately silly Worth reading if you re a Furst completist or want a 70s literary artifact Fans will enjoy the smarts, but will likely miss the sobriety of his recent books.

Really loved this book So glad I read it

Fast moving I read it within 2 days and entertaining Lots of action Dialogues were sharp, sometimes funny A little short on character development, but in the other hand there was no melodrama, or excessively adjectival or adverbial descriptions Reminded me a little of Dashiel Hammett or El Leonard, but definitely not as good Will probably read of Furst s early stuff.

Fun, if dated It was interesting to read Furst s earlier work The pacing of this book was phenomenal and it actually had a handle on just how little you need to really sustain a good thriller I m still partial to the novels in the Night Soldiers cycle.

A fun, easy read

Wasn t really sure what to expect when picking up this book It is Furst s debut novel, and somehow Elmhurst s library has managed to hold on to a first edition all these years meaning enough people checked it out before Furst got famous to keep it in circulation I find that hard to believe, but hey, what do I know It is quite different from Furst s Night Soldiers series It is set in the late 1960s America The first person narrator is a smart hippie the way I dress, the hippies think I m a busine [...]

Furst claims that his early work is embarrassing I disagree I remember reading this book back in the 80s and enjoying it Picked it up again and it was still fun The prose has a lot energy, zing, than the elegant construction of the WWII novels Decent plot Interesting characters A guy in trouble a theme that will reappear in all of his work Worth looking at if you want to see where Furst came from.

  • [PDF] Your Day in the Barrel | by ✓ Alan Furst
    225 Alan Furst
Your Day in the Barrel