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X-Men: Lifedeath #(2021)

X-Men: Lifedeath

X-Men: Lifedeath

  • Title: X-Men: Lifedeath
  • Author: Chris Claremont Arnold Drake Barry Windsor-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780785155249
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
X-Men: Lifedeath By Chris Claremont Arnold Drake Barry Windsor-Smith,

Uncanny X Men Vol Marvel Database Fandom Publisher Marvel ComicsType Ongoing Series Team Genre SuperheroFeaturing X MenStatus FinishedPublication Date February, January, Nos s Nos s Nos s Nos No See Also Uncanny X Men Best X Men stories of all time GamesRadar Jun , Lifedeath I II Uncanny X Men , Image credit Marvel Comics Strong women have been a mainstay since the beginning of Chris Claremont s run Marvel Comics series starting with X Comic Book Realm Marvel Comics X men Forever Lot Nm Modern Comics . Ends pm The Spectacular Spiderman Marvel Very Nice Holo grafx Foil Giant Size Comic Book Legends Revealed History CBR Jun , John Byrne s X Men The Hidden Years was a finite series designed to replace the issues of X Men that were reprints during the early s before the All New, All Different X Men took over Jack Kirby s New Gods characters were originally intended as Thor characters. The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection also referred to as The Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection is a fortnightly partwork magazine published by Hachette Partworks The series is a collection of special edition hardback graphic novel, collecting all the parts in a story arc for one of Marvel s best known superheroes, often a fan favourite or important story from Marvel comics lore. Lost Love MARVEL COMICS VF MDCU COMICS On revient sur Krakoa pour un pisode qui sera srement charnire dans la saga qu est en train d crire Jonathan Hickman On retrouve Orchis et Mystique qui doit mener bien sa mission mais a aussi des ides derrire la tte. Apartment Apartment Directed by Rudolf Buitendach With Gabriel Olds, Frida Farrell, Matthew Marsden, Lew Temple Based on a true story Isobel goes for a job interview, gets locked in and sex trafficked for consecutive days.

X-Men: Lifedeath Best Read || [Chris Claremont Arnold Drake Barry Windsor-Smith] - X-Men: Lifedeath, X Men Lifedeath Revolutionary artist Barry Windsor Smith takes on the Uncanny X Men The original X Men go toe to toe against Blastaar deadly menace from the Negative Zone Storm and Forge find themselves trapped on a

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This will probably the first and last time you ll ever read this from me as per a comic book review, but this one is all about the art It s another Marvel Premier Edition hard back, shiny protective cover, extras in the back But this one is artist centric, it takes a look at some of Barry Windsor Smith s X Men art for Marvel comics You can see his work evolve from towing the Jack Kirby esque company style of the late sixties as this to a lovely rendering of Storm from LifeDeath 1 to a mature ex [...]

Starts strong, gets weaker towards the end I see why Lifedeath and Lifedeath II are justifiably classics The Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike story was probably my favorite of the bunch, despite the title Wounded Wolf wolverines are not wolves They aren t even the same family as another reviewer so aptly put it, Wolverine should team up with little kids against psychotic cyborgs often But than anything this book shows off Barry Windsor Smith s incredible range as an artist I mean, I was literally [...]

3,5 Let there be no doubt about it I bought this volume for Barry Windsor Smith only What can I say I m a sucker for the guy.I read the late 80 s issues in my teens and knew what to expect Still, I was agreeably surprised to re appreciate the stories too It s as wordy as Chris Claremont has ever been, with this totally dated way to write long inner monologues in huge thought balloons, cheesy dialogs and long explanatory captions And yet it is not so bad.The 2 first issues Uncanny X Men 186 198 a [...]

Storm is so damn cool The 90 s cartoon really sold her short at first Windsor Smith s art is stunning, and Claremont proves the X Men were perfect for pathos filled character studies Also, Wolverine should team up with little kids against psychotic cyborgs often.


This is a fantastic X Men collection The main focus here is Storm and the 2 issue LifeDeath arc that deals with Storm s personal struggles after a major event in the storyline back in the 80 s is it past the spoiler statute yet Fantastic writing and fantastic art come together for a really good story Worth reading for any X Men or comics fan.We also get a Wolverine one shot, also by Claremont and Windsor Smith I felt a bit lost on this one because I don t know the full context around it, but it [...]

Barry Windsor Smith s art is amazing I was a big Art Adams fan growing up, and now I see where he got a big chunk of his style from The actual Lifedeath story by itself would get 4 stars from me combined with the less good Lifedeath II and all the other ok stuff, brings it down to the 3 or 3.5 star range I like that you get an oversized issue or two just to deal with the emotional ramifications of Storm losing her powers and figuring out what her place in the world is Feels like today they just [...]

Collects Uncanny X Men 186, 198, 205, 214, and 53, all of which were illustrated by Barry Windsor Smith The first two issues tell the story of Storm losing her mutant powers to a weapon created by Forge Issue 198, in which Storm travels to an unnamed African country and assists a famine stricken village circa 1985 is my favorite issue.

Wish this had been a proper collection They keep putting disjoint issues together in these collections The title issues Lifedeath, Lifedeath II, both focusing on a powerless Storm are some of the best out there, and she is the most interesting character at this point in X Men s history Barry Windsor Smith s artwork throughout this is phenomenal.

This is the best Storm story Other Storm Stories Often good, but this one is best, and it is the reason Storm is one of my top five X Men, all time This ought to be made into a film, and were I in charge of those decisions it already would have been I can not say enough about Lifedeath, it is spectacular, one of the most important and best executed X Men storylines of all time.

Fantastic BWS artwork as usual one of my favorite artists , so so stories The inclusion of one of Windsor Smith s earliest X Men stories serves to illustrate just how far his artwork has grown and developed over the years.


  • X-Men: Lifedeath Best Read || [Chris Claremont Arnold Drake Barry Windsor-Smith]
    322 Chris Claremont Arnold Drake Barry Windsor-Smith
X-Men: Lifedeath