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Minor Snobs #(2022)

Minor Snobs

Minor Snobs

  • Title: Minor Snobs
  • Author: Daniel Amory
  • ISBN: 9780615444321
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
Minor Snobs By Daniel Amory,

É Minor Snobs ✓ Daniel Amory - Minor Snobs, Minor Snobs Minor Snobs is a portrait of a new generation coming of age in the st century Pulsating with the rhythms of contemporary America it is the story of competing dreams colliding in a chronicle of yout

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I really wanted to like this book, but in the end I didn t I couldn t even finish it The one thing that really annoyed me was how the author wrote he said or she said almost every time a character said something and listening to it with text to speech was even worse the books itself might have gotten better but I just couldnt take readin it any

Thanks to Daniel Amory and his book Minor Snobs, I finally understand all of the exasperated k 12 teachers that ranted about passive voice in class Amory found a way to put almost the whole book in passive voice And it almost put me to sleep The excess of passive isn t the extent though, at certain points it feels as though he has run out of words At that very moment, an expression of infinite hope gripped his face, and though I didn t quite grasp the gravity of the moment at the time, I realize [...]

I really liked Minor Snobs This was a good find It is a story about the present generation graduating from college law school and entering a world in a financial crisis The characters are sliced in ways that depict how much the world is changing before their eyes Tom, the narrator, leads the story through the summer Tom s friend, Griffin, who just graduated as well, is the cynic He is not so sure of the path he will follow As the summer progresses, he falls behind the others with the study sche [...]

Well written, entertaining and very enjoyable How good this book is really is for the reader to discover It is told through the voice of Tom Sanders, a recent law school graduate The story follows Tom in a coming of age it is compelling, the language the author Amory uses is skillful, and all of the characters are rendered beautifully The result is a beautifully crafted debut novel Read it.

Though extremely unmemorable, this book is still an interesting one and proves that the author has a definite talent for prose.

Minor Snobs is a book I enjoyed reading For those of you who are looking for contemporary literary, this is for you I won it on First Reads and I started reading it and what you need to know about it is that it builds The characters are woven throughout the summer until the climax at the end And there is a much deeper meaning overall than what the surface of the summer projects to show From a character standpoint, I liked several everything is seen through the eyes of Tom, the narrator The class [...]

This was a quick read I read it in one afternoon The story focused on a group of friends and law students in the summer before their state board law exam All the characters seem to feel a huge amount of pressure which makes me wonder why anyone would want to be a lawyer The stress does not seem worth it.The writing style was better than a lot of self published books that I have read The sentences did seem overly long at times, as the author was being very descriptive in his writing The narrative [...]

For me this story was a character study I still am conflicted with some of it and also how the title of this book fits the story Tom Sanders is just about the only normal person in the story and the people who surround him are to put it nicely a bit interesting It really makes me wonder about this generation of people and where we are heading in the future Some of these people in the book were so undecided with their life and trying to be happy I liked the Authors descriptions of the city and th [...]

Minor Snobs was recommended to me by a friend who had read it and loved it I am so happy she told me about it because it was such a great book My sister read it recently and felt the same My mother is now reading it The story is filled with beautiful descriptions and the characters are extremely well written Throughout the book, the author Daniel Amory weaves fascinating characters in an intriguing plot that has dramatic highs and lows I know I will read it again.

This was a great read I picked this up a couple weeks ago It s a coming of age story and its contemporary I m glad I got it I felt very much into the story I know a lot of people who are like the characters depicted I read it pretty quickly too I think in three sittings.

I won a copy of Minor Snobs from the author in a giveaway when it was released and I thought it was really good It is a depiction of the present generation graduating from law school and finding themselves on the outskirts of a world that holds no guarantees for them The themes are obvious and not so obvious but it is apparent that they have been playing by the rules yet jobs are hard to come by since the great recession Characters the story follows Tom as he studies for the bar exam all of the [...]

I won this in a first reads giveaway about a month ago Minor Snobs is a portrait of a new generation coming of age in the 21st century Pulsating with the rhythms of contemporary America, it is the story of competing dreams colliding in a chronicle of youth Set in Chicago, Minor Snobs introduces Tom Sanders, a handsome, conscientious, and astute young law graduate Amid a vivid, fevered summer following graduation, the story follows Tom as he becomes a witness to obsession and tragedy, hate and lo [...]

I won this book in a First Reads drawing and really enjoyed it The characters distinctive personalities made it easy to get swept up in their angst y end of law school lives I was so wrapped up in Gwynn talking about dog grooming and Connor s schemes to lose weight for Madrid that the pages flew by On the negative side considering the awesome cast of characters Tom the main character was bland and sometimes I had to reread sentences to catch the meaning like As it was still early, a glut of nois [...]

This is a first reads win I found this book to be an interesting look into the lives of future lawyers and the stess of passing the bar Slow at first but gains momentum as the story progresses Friends all begining the next step in their lives their lives are interwoven I liked the style the author wroter with i for one like discription and i enjoyed reading the authors discriptions although slow i did not get bored and i enjoyed reading this book Different in a good way

I honestly I don t think I would have finished this book if it were any longer It was like reading some guy s boring diary he kept during law school The end finally got a little interesting, but I just didn t really connect to or care about any of the characters And as someone else said on here, the constant he said she said was driving me crazy

I really liked how the book started The story was just enough to hold my interest and I really enjoyed the pace of the read But, I felt the characters lacked depth I didn t feel a connection to any of them I didn t get wrapped up in the story At the end, I felt a unattached distance to the characters and story sort of like listening to the news.

2 5 Also available on my blog I don t think I really have a lot to say about this book.It was a bit below average, I didn t really enjoy it, I m glad it was so short Not a lot happened throughout the book, I didn t really get to know any of the characters, and the ending just kind of jumped out of nowhere.The characters didn t really get expanded on, I didn t form a connection with any of them, and so I didn t particularly feel anything for any of them We met a lot of characters, too Daniel, the [...]

FirstReads WinI feel like this book has the potential to be a good book, but it needs some editing before it s there Characters could have been developed better even though it was told in Tom s voice, I never really felt like I knew Tom or connected with him A lot of the other characters seemed to run together and weren t really distinguished I think the coming of age angle is a good idea, but again, it needs to be developed What seemed like the climax of the plot was almost breezed over withou [...]

I won this in a first reads giveaway.Minor Snobs is a portrait of a new generation coming of age in the 21st century Pulsating with the rhythms of contemporary America, it is the story of competing dreams colliding in a chronicle of youth Set in Chicago, Minor Snobs introduces Tom Sanders, a handsome, conscientious, and astute young law graduate Amid a vivid, fevered summer following graduation, the story follows Tom as he becomes a witness to obsession and tragedy, hate and love, violence and p [...]

A novella length coming of age story, Minor Snobs explores one of the tradeoffs many people struggle with in life, the push and pull of finding the right balance between a career and the quest for financial rewards versus quality of life and adequate leisure time A recent law school graduate who is serving an internship while studying for the bar exam, the protagonist, Tom Sanders, is in a quandary and weighing his options, as he observes friends and acquaintances and evaluates the repercussions [...]

I just couldn t get into this story at all I notice one reviewer was put off by all the he said she said but for me it was the I was like She was like in the dialogue that was annoying Also, try as I might I can t think of one good reason why there would need to be 68 words in one sentence.

I really wanted to like this, but I got 30 pages in and gave up It could be a decent story but the name place dropping and what seemed to me to be a needlessly heavy use of adjectives just left me cold That coupled with poor writing techniques the he said, he said, he said over and over was maddening forced me to abandon this one unfinished.

hmm this book seem interesting but it didnt go the way i planned when i read it im starting to understand life and death i feel so sorry that jerry died so soon i mean he was so ready to move someone he just bought and btw i will never be a lawyer from my point of few they study way too much and never get a break i thank the author for letting the deaf girl read this interesting book

I won this book on First Reads This is a difficult book for me to review as it took until page 63 to actually start getting into the story I think it was written like a diary, and most peoples diary, if read, are not that interesting The last half of the book did get a bit interesting but by then I didn t really care I m sure it would be to somebodies taste but not mine.

I won this in a first reads giveaway, and I rated it 3 stars because I think the idea was good, but I just couldn t get into it Minor Snobs didn t have the substance and details that I am used to and enjoy It was almost too vague for me, and if it would ve been longer, I would ve probably given it a lower rating.

Did not like this one I won it in a giveaway and now I can t remember why I even thought it would be good in the first place Don t even bother with this book It s getting sent to the used bookstore.

In the end, it wasn t what I expected For me, it was difficult to get through, but the writing was well done I wouldn t recommend it to everyone, but I know a few people who would definitely enjoy it.

it was definitely different not really that interesting hard to keep track of the player

Just won this in a First Reads giveaway, so I m really excited to read it

I really liked this book at first but towards the end, i just couldn t finish it I got really bored with the characters and just wanted it to be over.

  • É Minor Snobs ✓ Daniel Amory
    209 Daniel Amory
Minor Snobs