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Dress Rehearsal #(2021)

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

  • Title: Dress Rehearsal
  • Author: Zoe Thurner
  • ISBN: 9781921696671
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
Dress Rehearsal By Zoe Thurner,

[PDF] Read ✓ Dress Rehearsal : by Zoe Thurner - Dress Rehearsal, Dress Rehearsal This term we ve had a bank robbery an abduction and this crazy show You kids are running wild Lara It s too much Lara Pearlman has an appetite for life She loves acting vintage clothes and her best

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The boards bounce beneath us, and the stars, the air, his smile, my heart vibrate in tune The set ends in a guitar solo that unzips the night and ruptures the edge of the world It takes the dancers by the tip of the spine and whips them around the pier.Nice huh Truly magical writing with a bit o edge to it.But the story behind me and Dress Rehearsal has been a long drawn out one I would go to the bookstore Dress Rehearsal would stare at me I would stare back Then I would make advances towards a [...]

After reading the first five sentences, I was instantly hooked to Dress Rehearsal The story started out as light and hilarious then it became conflicted, sadder and darker This twist was intriguing and surprising I never expected it to turn out that way But I love surprises especially the ones in contemporary novels The writing was marvelous It brought out the beauty of ordinary things and even ugly things I don t usually read contemporary novels but I enjoyed this one I laughed, hurt, groaned a [...]

I was thrilled to win a review copy of Dress Rehearsal as part of First Reads, so thank you to Ms Thurner and Fremantle Press I would definitely class this novel as Literary YA Fiction, because there is a clear focus on good writing as well as storytelling I read a lot of lighter, less polished YA books, and get a lot of enjoyment from them, but it s always a refreshing change to find something aimed at a younger audience that gives teens credit for being able to understand and enjoy writing tha [...]

The first book I ve ever won through First Reads, so firstly I d like to thank Zoe Thurner Dress Rehearsal was like a breath of fresh air I don t normally read contemporary fiction I ve recently realized that most of the books I read are the usual paranormal crap Lara is instantly likeable, and I was hooked by her honest and straightforward telling of her life Thurner flawlessly shows the angst that come from being a teenager The story starts of innocent, but progresses towards deeper themes The [...]

I was tossing up between giving this two and three stars, and I feel bad for eventually going with two but I just didn t love it all that much I was hooked in until the end and never skimmed, but I wasn t overly enjoying myself or anything either I guess my problem was that I didn t really like any of the characters I didn t dislike Lara, Oggy or Nathan, but I didn t care greatly for them either Actually I think I did start to dislike Oggy as the book went on Things like the bank robbery and the [...]

Dress Rehearsal is a bittersweet novel of secrets and friendship Lara wishes she felt confident about herself, her friends, and her school activities, but that s hard when her mother criticizes everything Lara does But when a serious of incidents happen, Lara starts to realise just how loved she is Can she get the confidence she needs to move on and be happy with her life

The main problem with Dress Rehearsal was how much was going on at once.A lot of authors can get a million plotlines and somehow make all of them equally entertaining, but this book just didn t fit in the criteria The minute I started reading this book, I thought it was going to be 4 5 stars, because I loved Lara s narration and her strong, crisp voice which I don t see much in YA I also love how, despite being a big girl, she still has confidence in herself.But then the narration began getting [...]

4.5Life is what you make of it.The book is a blend of a play, finding about yourself, and knowing that being a teenager, is the whole process of growing up all in a perfect confection.Being a teenager, Lara is wild, a bit rebellious, and her own self whatever she takes it She takes everything everyday in strides, flawedly, and with a bit of chocolate.I couldn t seem to pinpoint what the book was about throughout the time I was reading it But that s how life is, there are no summary to pinpoint i [...]

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Dress Rehearsal