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Zamanya #(2021)



  • Title: Zamanya
  • Author: Yiğit Kulabaş
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Zamanya By Yiğit Kulabaş,

Unlimited Zamanya - by Yiğit Kulabaş - Zamanya, Zamanya D nyaya pazarlanmak zere dakika hafta saat takvim m zik para gibibirbirinden nemli r nler geli tiren Zaman isimli irket pazar pay n art rabilmek daha fazla b y yebilmek i in geceye odaklan r ve

Recent Comments "Zamanya"

The ones who read and liked Momo by Michael Ende will adore the book They both mention time as a company An amazing book written by a genius mind

This book really changed my mind and my awareness of time Really interesting and fastmoving book, i didnt understand how fast i finished reading it I can say that if there is a company really called Time Company , this book is real than everything An amazing book from a Turkish genius

One of the most amazing book ever i have read recent times.

awesome fiction and powerful characters

My fantasy world comes true in this book I cannot recognize how time passes on when i was reading Everyone should read it

I cannot describe this book only as a science fiction The writer dreamed that the time is a company It s a really genius story.

ok de i ik bir kitap Bir tarafta Zaman pazarlayan Zamanya isimli irketle i g r mesi yapan Kerim, di er yandaysa kendini hayat n monotonlu una kapt rm Selim.Kerim bir g n i inde d rt ayr k tada, 12 ehirde dola maya ve m lakatlara girmeye ba lar Hem de g z a p kapay ncaya kadar gitmektedir bu yerlere Gezdik e hem i g r mesi devam etmekte hem de zaman hakk ndaki ger ekleri renmekte.Selim ise olduk a s radan biridir Her sabah ayn saatte kalkar, ayn vapura biner, ayn saatte i e ba lay p ayn saatte i [...]

I ve started to read it at night My aim was to read few pages and than sleep.But I couldn t give it up I didn t go to work the next day to finish it.It is a magical reality and the book really makes you really believe that reality Also Zamanya underlines the world of Marketing in a wisely way.Easy to reach s ref nb_sb_nos

mindblowing eye opening.

This book is really different than the other books You can change your mind and life style by reading this book Don t miss it

the most impressive book i ve ever read in my life A different way to look to your own life and time A different perspective.

To all who didn t read this book You have to read it as soon as it is possible, you will change the view of your life The time concept idea is brillant

  • Unlimited Zamanya - by Yiğit Kulabaş
    357 Yiğit Kulabaş