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The Children on the Top Floor #(2021)

The Children on the Top Floor

The Children on the Top Floor

  • Title: The Children on the Top Floor
  • Author: Noel Streatfeild
  • ISBN: 9780440412243
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
The Children on the Top Floor By Noel Streatfeild,

☆ The Children on the Top Floor ↠ Noel Streatfeild - The Children on the Top Floor, The Children on the Top Floor When popular TV personality Malcolm Master says during a broadcast that he envies his listeners the sound of children s pattering feet they will have on Christmas he does not expect to find four babi

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The bones of this book are familiar Streatfield formula, but the premise is delightful You have the talented diva, the young, serious child, the unruly boy, the mothering nanny, the young and wise governess And then you have a famous, single TV personality who announces on Christmas Eve how jealous he is of families with children, and his housekeeper finds four babies on his doorstep the next morning The four babies grow up with an agent and advertising experience, because Malcolm Master s secre [...]

Lovable foursome, each with a distinct personality Streatfeild does a terrific job painting the picture Reading her books it was easy to envision myself taking daily constitutionals in the gray English countryside and returning for a spot of tea and a platter of scones.

When a television personality says on the air that he is envious of viewers surrounded by children, he wakes up on Christmas morning to find that four babies have been left on his doorstep As an adult, one sadly thinks of real life abandoned children but this is quasi fantasy so it is fun to read this orphan story, in which siblings must fight to stay together when their adoptive father disappears.

Not one of her best It was bit convenient and predictable Ballet Shoes did something similar, but better The Cobb Circus cameo made my day.

This was an enjoyable read which I bought from abebooks Malcolm Master a famous tv presentor says in a Chirstmas Eve broadcast that he wishes he had children to go back to for Christmas The next morning he wakes up to discover that 4 babies have been left on his doorstep The babies end up being named Thomas, Lucy, Margery and William.This is slightly different to Streatfeild s earlier stuff as television gets a big mention and she has clearly done her research as she mentions technical terms lik [...]

This was my favorite of all Streatfeild s books A beloved British TV star says he envies his viewers hearing the patter of little feet coming down the stairs on Christmas morning, and wakes the next day Christmas morning, in fact to find not one, but FOUR babies on his doorstep He decides to keep them, mostly as a publicity move, and the children spend most of their days in the top floor nursery of his posh house Of course, being famous, they are much in demand for commercials and tv guest spots [...]

Wake up, sir Merry Christmas, sir We ve had quads, sir I forget sometimes that this is really one of my absolute favorite of the Streatfield books And sometimes I forget how much I love Streatfield until I re read this book Formulaic sometimes, and definitely stretching credulity, but so much fun My current quibble I ve always been able to hand wave that the grownups just matter of factly accept that 4 babies were abandoned on their doorstep as Christmas presents But on my recent re read, I was [...]

When a television personality casually mentions during a Christmas special that he envies people who have kids he does not actually mean that he wants his fans to leave him numerous babies as gifts.Although the personalities are quite different and it s set later, the base story reminded me quite a bit of Streatfeild s classic Ballet Shoes.

I have always loved Noel Streatfeild s books and as a child I got my library to ILL them for me or hunted through second hand book stores to find all of them She tells the perfect girls stories I was always able to find one character in each book that was my favorite They definitely stand up to re reads.

It was fun to read a brand new to me Noel Streatfeild since I somehow missed this one as a child I have to say it wasn t one of her best there are others that have fuller and less formulaic characterizations But it was charming, all the same.

I loved this book when I was little, and I love it still I m so glad I had a chance to reread it

Sweet, but the formula dried up Streatfeild s creativity.

Definite shades of Ballet Shoes but not quite as good.

Holy mackerel This book ranks up there with The Lonely Doll for weird and creepy book premises.

Not in library

Still a favorite, and now my kids love it, too Though some of the things were a little old fashioned, like the descriptions of clothes, this book holds up well It s the hilarious and charming story of four children who are left as babies on the doorstep of a famous TV personality, after he says on live TV that he wishes to hear the pitter patter of little feet in his home on Christmas morning The children are taken in and raised, mostly by his staff, and mostly as a PR opportunity The quads are [...]

When television personality Malcolm Master regrets his childlessness in his Christmas address, he should not have been surprised to discover not one, but four babies left on the doorstep the next day Brought up as siblings, they rarely see Mistermaster as they call him, but earn money posing for advertisements and commercials Each child develops his or her own personality in this enjoyable book about an unusually blended family.

  • ☆ The Children on the Top Floor ↠ Noel Streatfeild
    273 Noel Streatfeild
The Children on the Top Floor