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Avatar Book One of Two #(2021)

Avatar Book One of Two

Avatar Book One of Two

  • Title: Avatar Book One of Two
  • Author: S.D. Perry
  • ISBN: 9780743400503
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Avatar Book One of Two By S.D. Perry,

[PDF] Read ✓ Avatar Book One of Two : by S.D. Perry - Avatar Book One of Two, Avatar Book One of Two RETURN TO THE EDGE OF THE FINAL FRONTIER As the Federation prepares to launch a counterstrike against the Dominion Colonel Kira Nerys searches for a way to prevent another galactic holocaust But when

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The Relaunch Universe starts here The term Relaunch has been used on Star Trek to denote the novels written to expand the history of the TV spin offs series set on the 24th Century of the franchise, namely Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager and even you can include Star Trek Enterprise, which it was set on the 22nd Century This Relaunch term applies to identificate those novels considered canon in the franchise and they serve to continue the stories of [...]

Having read S.D Perry s work before I suspected I would not care for this book To my surprise, it wasn t as bad as I thought it would be Taking place 3 months after the last episode and set to relaunch the book series, this could have been a great book It isn t Instead of giving us an update as to where our favorite characters are, the book starts with a dry, incomplete chronology of what happened in the series The book is structured badly The Enterprise crew s story should have started sooner a [...]

RIGHT FROM THE explosive beginning, through to the potentially cataclysmic and cliff hanger ending, AVATAR BOOK ONE is a pure joy to read For fans of the series, it feels like a perfectly natural bonus episode in literary form, and one can imagine how DS9ers the world over will be treating this read as an awesome opening to the eighth season we were never going to get in short the book is perfect Characterisation is divine The action scenes are awesome The plot of the book twists and turns like [...]

I really enjoyed the start of the Deep Space Nine Relaunch I always thought that it was a shame that this great show ended after only 7th seasons So I was really excited about being reunited with Kira, Bashir and the others.It was a fast and easy read with an interesting story and it was well written I really like the new characters Especially Commander Vaughn and Shar But I have to admit that I am not so sure about Ro Laren as new head of security I never liked her that much and I don t even kn [...]

A perfectly acceptable geeky Star Trek book When DS9 ended it was pretty obvious that there was no chance in hell they were ever going to get a film franchise, so the cast disbanded pretty much entirely I was curious to see how a post series novel would feel with no Sisko, Odo, Worf, O Brien, Garak, etc The answer Bring in the Enterprise and Picard s whole crew Doesn t make for the most inspired book ever, but it works And honestly, if you re looking for inspired literature in a Star Trek book y [...]

no idea why these weren t just one book, they re not very long they are, however, entertaining and good.

An excellent early book in the ds9 relaunch Must read part 2 asap

Couldn t have asked for a better relaunch to DS9.

So you re planning on relaunching DS9, one of the most breakthrough TV shows of the latter half of the 20th century, and you ve got at least a decent budget to get authors Why in God s name would you go for SD tell tell TELL don t show Perry Look, I like navel gazing in a novel Toll the Hounds is my favorite novel, and basically even the people who like it agree there s probably a bit too much empty philosophizing in it But Jesus, everything in this book is people just thinking about stuff rathe [...]

SF media tie in novels usually have the awkward problem of giving extensive accounts of the thought processes of characters designed for a visual medium who don t need or bear that, but this is murica, if you re jonesing for DS9 plot after 7 seasons, then, by god, you can buy .On the character front, it s mostly satisfying Kira Nerys is one of DS9 s stronger characters her in command makes an interesting dynamic especially the suggestion that her religion leaves her exposed to manipulation from [...]

Almost 16 years after the relaunch novels first started, I decided it was about time to embark on the next chapter in my favorite Star Trek series Avatar, Book One picks up several months after the events of series finale What You Leave Behind , charting Colonel Kira s difficult transition to commanding officer of Deep Space Nine.With such a large proportion of the principle cast scattering in different directions when the TV series ended, author SD Perry does a nice job of rebuilding the sense [...]

Surprisingly, not bad I was missing my DS9 pals and decided to try these with extreme reservations, I should add But Perry has done a decent job, at least with the characters It s short, it s punchy, and it does feel like DS9.

Hmmm I liked what there was of this book, but nothing happened

Not good as a stand alone book, but a really strong start to the series Lots of cliffhangers Can t wait to get the next one.

I enjoyed this book, though were it the first part of a teleplay I think it would be a little too muted in scope to be overly successful Still, things are setup well for a concluding part which I can only assume will pick up the pace.I somehow dig the DS9 relaunch series a little than Voyager I suppose Voyager was always about the crew, as well as the ship whereas DS9, though of course very character driven, is about Bajor and the surrounds first and foremost The interactions of the people on [...]

Avatar is set after the DS9 series went off the air I never got a chance to watch enough DS9 to be familiar with the Dominion or much of, well, anything DS9 related other than I remember a handful of characters names So, having said that, the novel started out and continued giving me the impression that Sisko would return from the wormhole did he go there during the series Actor leave the show or what since everyone seemed to miss him so much and some having visions of him Then a side story slow [...]

Deep Space Nine had always been my favorite Star Trek series The complexieties of the characters, nuances of the storylines, and terrific acting combined to make it than I could have expected until the last season, when it got a little too soap opera for my tastes.Anyway, Avatar is than a worthy continuation of the series It utilizes the flexibility of the novel medium by including characters in the Star Trek universe outside of the normal DS9 cannon It does not do so gratuitously, however The [...]

Look, there are lots of reasons I could give this 2 stars some not buying it battle outcomes a don t get it fight between Julian and Ezri some missed opportunities for foreshadowing that turned out not to be foreshadowing after all and so, so, so much internal monologuing Like, surely 80% of the book is 3rd person limited thinking, spelled out for us If Hemingway edited it, you d have about 2 chapters left.So it s not for everyone And yet, I find myself not regretting reading it, but I guess mos [...]

The beginning of this was not much to my taste, hopping about and detailing battles and other space conflicts However just after the 1 3rd mark at the point where I was about to put it down it picked up and got interesting There is decent character development and conflict internal and between characters here and it was well drawn I was eager to begin book 2 at the end yeah the cliffhanger caught me Basically once the author left off with the space maneuvers which in my opinion could have been e [...]

Deep Space Nine was always my favorite Star Trek series and, although it s been than ten years since this book was first published, I m glad I finally got around to reading the relaunch Since many of the most interesting original characters departed the station in the series finale, author S.D Perry faced a major challenge in replacing them She succeeded both at reintroducing the old cast and bringing in some new faces It doesn t hurt that the crew of the Enterprise E is on hand as well.As the [...]

The story picks up after the end of the television series, and takes the characters and station we know in interesting directions The Bajorans have discovered a new, very controversial religious text, and a Jem Hadar soldier s trying to destroy DS9 Meanwhile, The Enterprise E has stopped by to assist.The new characters introduced were interesting and seemed to fit in well I especially liked Commander Elias Vaughn formerly of Starfleet intelligence and Shar, a young Andorian The author could have [...]

Deep Space Nine was always my favorite Star Trek series and, although it s been than ten years since this book was first published, I m glad I finally got around to reading the relaunch Since many of the most interesting original characters departed the station in the series finale, author S.D Perry faced a major challenge in replacing them She succeeded both at reintroducing the old cast and bringing in some new faces It doesn t hurt that the crew of the Enterprise E is on hand as well.As the [...]

I ve recently rediscovered Star Trek Deep Space Nine the television show and I have decided that when I first watched the show I may have been a little to young to fully understand the depth of the characters and the amazing plot lines told Given that I have watched the entire series over and have begun watching a second time I thought it would be a good idea to test the waters in the literary form This book is very well written and the character development is easy to follow and enjoyable The s [...]

Absolutely outstanding Star Trek novel one of the best I ve ever read A perfect follow up to the DS9 series finale The characterization, plot and pacing are excellent No character is given short shrift we get to find out how everyone is feeling and thinking, without detracting from the urgency and mystery of the story I particularly enjoyed getting to see Ro and Kira butting heads since Kira was originally supposed to be Ro and obviously the two characters are really similar but it s pretty accu [...]

It s clear from the beginning that the DS9 relaunch has a winning formula, and retains just enough of the original feel of the television series to be a very welcome addition to the world of Star Trek novels The voices of the remaining original characters are there, and the new characters are compelling enough to earn their place alongside their old guard counterparts Much like most of the Deep Space Nine television series, Avatar, Book One was a tightly plotted and engaging story, the conclusio [...]

Lettura consigliatissima ai fan di DS9 La storia inizia pochi mesi dopo la fine della guerra con il Dominio, introducendo alcuni nuovi personaggi tra tutti la gi nota Ro Laren in veste di capo della sicurezza e Elias Vaughn, personaggio ancora misterioso ma molto promettente.La trama avvincente e ben ritmata, ma il punto di forza la caratterizzazione dei personaggi, molto curata e fedele alla serie tv.Ho avuto a tutti gli effetti la sensazione di guardare un nuovo episodio della serie tv.

Another Portland based Trek author I really enjoyed the simple readable prose in this trek novel No fluff, sometimes tie in authors tend to pad the books and it was refreshing that this one was not SD Perry had a tough job of pushing the wonderful saga of DS9 past the 7th and final season This story also includes the Enterprise E crew It is a well done story, not sure it is as grand and epic as I was hoping but I have a feeling the authors and editors are planning an arc that will stretch over s [...]

Un nuovo, coinvolgente, inizio Con questo libro prende il via una serie di romanzi riguardanti DS9, post conclusione della saga televisiva L autrice, sapientemente, miscela elementi noti a elementi nuovi, e titilla in tal modo il lettore a continuare la lettura, un po come uno spettatore di soap opera che giorno dopo giorno continua a seguire le vicende dei suoi beniamini E per chi ama le bajoriane, non c solo Kira Nerys ma anche Ro Laren Recensione originariamente pubblicata su libreriauniversi [...]

Read it as part of the Twist of Faith collected volume This is the perfect thing to read after having finished a marathon viewing of Seasons 3,4,6 and 7 The character are perfectly captured from the tv appearances and the new cast additions are interesting, especially the Andorian and of course Ro I thought the NG addition was a bit much, can t it ever be another ship Also at one point, Riker is described as a young manum, this is after ST Insurrection so I don t think so This book captures the [...]

Unlike most Star Trek books that I have read, this book is not just a stand alone story for people who want Trek This is the first in a series of novels after the end of the Deep Space Nine TV series It is meant to be the direct continuation of the tv series and picks up where it left off It also relaunches the DS9 series by introducing new regular characters The book also crosses over with the Next Generation crew Because it is considered Season 8 of DS9, it is not entirely accessable to casua [...]

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Avatar Book One of Two : by S.D. Perry
    206 S.D. Perry
Avatar Book One of Two