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Psychic Academy Volume 1 #(2021)

Psychic Academy Volume 1

Psychic Academy Volume 1

  • Title: Psychic Academy Volume 1
  • Author: Katsu Aki
  • ISBN: 9781591826217
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
Psychic Academy Volume 1 By Katsu Aki,

Free Read Psychic Academy Volume 1 - by Katsu Aki - Psychic Academy Volume 1, Psychic Academy Volume Ai Shiomi is pushed into attending the Psychic Academy where he must live up to his older brother s heroic reputation a The Man Who Stopped the Evil Lord To make matters worse his brother is now a t

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One of the worst mangas I ve ever read.The plot felt very jerky and not well transitioned I know it s just the first book but it did not manage to give the characters any actual character personality There were boobs where there really did not have to be boobs And I m not one to really complain about boobs, but man, these characters are teenagers Blagh Though I guess this is common in Japanese works Also the plot was not even interesting or engaging Not worth reading or continuing with the serie [...]

I promise I ll read something wholesome soon Haha, so my friend from school bought this and let me borrow it My first thought Awww, he bought a shojo His recomendation was not to read it at school, and later, when I started reading, I was like Holy crap, that s why xD I mean, obviously there s worse fanservice out there, but yeah Don t even google this if it bothers you you will be overloaded with exposed chests and behinds But yeah shojo style ecchi.The story isn t deep at all so far, and is [...]

Ai Shiomi attends the prestigious Psychic Academy where his older brother teaches He faces deep insecurities while he tries to live up to his brother s fame for stopping the Evil Lord While the premise is interesting, the plot line is underdeveloped what s the story here So far, Ai attends school, goes on some mini adventures, and feels inferior to his older brother The series quickly and regularly falls into fan service the girls all have massive boobs, nobody s wearing enough clothing, boobs, [...]

This series had a great premise Psychic kids need training so they go to special schools Unfortunately, there is a lot of fan service All the girls have giant boobs and short skirts The main character and his perverted rabbit see way too much action for my taste, but the idea was so good I kept hoping the end would make up for it The end was good, but not quite enough

As I continue my discovery of the graphic novel connection, I want to take a minute to be real here I would not call myself a fan of manga I like graphic novels and comic books but the backward reading always drove me nuts Only, not really What I have learned through the years is that a good story is readable in any format When I was looking through books I ve read in the past decade, there were some manga series that stuck out I liked R.O.D and Hellsing, Princess Ai and Monster I know that it i [...]

This is an oldie but a goodie I love manga, but rarely is it in the budget these days to purchase them, they are after all quick reads Luckily I found the first seven installments on ebay and I snatched them right up quick Just as I remember them, the story is fun and light hearted it focuses on the younger brother, seemingly un special when compared to his older brother Zero, the savior of the world As he goes to school in Japan, honing his psychic abilities if he can even find them we get to s [...]

So my cousin Spencer suggested this series to me, thanks The covers are wacky, especially the inconsistent color on this volume The art is in the classic 90s manga style It s not my favorite, but I don t hate it, probably because of how well Zero is drawn He s the best character and the way his hair flops in his face, his super confidence in that ridiculous super hero costume, is what pushes him past Mew for me I do like Mew as she seems to be comparable to Zero, like a female version I enjoy he [...]

I am extremely picky about manga and I am so happy I can say I loved this one.It has all the usual elements of a love triangle, but I think the characters are really easy to like I normally don t like the fluffy side characters, but the Master Boo is hilarious Outside of reading the story, when I think back on it, I remember it as watching an anime, which is interesting for me I like to imagine colors on the pages and I guess that means the pictures play through my mind as if I were watching a s [...]

Ah, yes, a manga back from my novice days, back before I had ever heard the term ecchi I naively picked the series up on the premise alone, trusting it was just a story about kids with psychic powers Man, was my fresh out of middle school self surprised at all the ecchi scenes My original review, back from 2011 Weird manga it s kind of confusing and very obviously written by a guy My kind little self read this whole series and gave it three stars, which I ll keep for old time s sake Honestly, b [...]

I loved reading this as I haven t read a manga in a while and I do love the fluidity of them Didn t have any expectations when I started The fantasy plot caught my eye but the bit of fan serving put me a little on guard as I don t usually like fan service only manga So I d had to wait to read and see what was the genre of it.

I ve had these books since I was a pre teen and I think they suited me then The art drives me mad what s with all the hair and the clothing folds Gah The story is okay Lots of romance and pining Fanservice Love triangles There s a bit of action I don t wanna do it a disservice, but it s a lot harder to read now that I ve grown up.

I m already in love with this series, and this was just the first volume I can t wait to read So very cute I loved the characters, especially Ai and Orina And Zero was freaking hilarious, as was Master Boo Gotta love it when a manga has nothing but interesting characters But wow, so much fan service Soooooooo much fan service Love it anyway, though.

It was really funny and good First off, it at times was STEAMY Not just a little but a lot For example, the girl in the bathtubher boobs showing, not other privates though Ages 12 13 because of that.

I really didn t understand this and I don t plan on ever reading any of the series I felt that it was stupid and childish and rather boring.

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right to left manga

really gooood the whole lot of em

This is for all Psychic Academy books They are amazing, and at first they are corny, but they are truely wonderous Katsu Aki is an amazing Artist, as you would see if you read the books

Have only read the first book in this series, seems ok so far.

  • Free Read Psychic Academy Volume 1 - by Katsu Aki
    431 Katsu Aki
Psychic Academy Volume 1